The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance

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New Challenge: Save $1,000 in 1 week

You know, it’s funny how hard it is to change people’s opinions of you. If you were the crazy partier in college, you might turn into a super-responsible person...but some people will always think of you as the CRAZY BRO who goes out hard all the time (!!!). I see this in my own life. Some people still ...

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Examples of spending on the things you LOVE?

I was reading this Reddit thread where people talk about their biggest discretionary expenses and it got me thinking. It’s so rare to see that kind of honesty, where people talk about what they really enjoy, guilt-free. It’s very different than the finger-waving nagging you see from so many people who tell you what you CAN’T do. ...

“I did all the right things… and look how it turned out”

Imagine someone who “did all the right things” their whole life. They... Studied hard and went to a good school Got a good job Met a nice girl/guy and got married Had 2 kids and bought a house Saved some money as they grew older Now, truthfully, for a lot of people, this works out pretty well. It’s ...

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Best of IWT: Watch these videos

When I was about to publish my book in 2009, I called my publisher and asked if they’d send me to media training. “Why?” they responded. “We’ve seen you on TV and we think you’re quite good.” I nodded, letting my ego grow to even more untenable levels of enormity. I told them that I wanted to ...

What about my fears?

We all have ridiculous things we used to believe (I outlined many of them in Why Do Delusional People Think Their Spending Will Be Different Than Other People's?) Stupidly, I genuinely used to think that "fear" was a physical feeling. So when people asked me, "What do you fear?" I would shake my head and say, nothing really. It took ...