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Building Business Mastery as an Artist — with Chase Jarvis

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A couple years ago, I did a 90-minute interview with Chase Jarvis, one of the world’s best artists and photographers. It’s free and it contains some of my best, most hard-hitting material on psychology, persuasion, and marketing, so I hope you check it out sometime.

I intentionally did this video for free because, while I keep most of my best material in my premium courses, sometimes I want to share what I’ve learned with a wider audience. I also hid at least 7 secret strategies in the video. Can you spot them?

One of the cool things about running this business is I get to bring you the best of the best — authors, world-famous artists, Olympic trainers, psychology experts…and on and on.

When I meet the best, I always want to know how they did it. I believe the #1 person in a market knows 100x what the #2 person knows. They’ve been to the top of the mountain, and they can share the path to getting there.

And today, I get to do exactly that with one of the masters. This time, I asked Chase Jarvis into my studio and sat him down to ask the toughest questions on mastery, expertise, and becoming the best.

chasejarvisHow do you stand out when there are a thousand other artists who would take your place for 1/10 the price? How do you get hired by Lady Gaga, how do you charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for one photo, how do you hang out the side of a helicopter and get paid for it?

How do you become the best?

Chase isn’t just a photographer and an artist. He’s also the founder of CreativeLIVE, a company I was so impressed with, I invested in it.

So I invited Chase into my studio to explain the intricate psychology behind positioning, marketing and selling your art (whether you’re a writer, an analyst, even a marketing coordinator, we all “sell” our services every day) — including how you too can become highly-paid and sought after in your field.

Here’s a sneak peek:

In the full interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to relate to prospective clients so that they immediately move you to the top of their “mental list”
  • How to gather the courage to break out on your own and start working as an artist
  • A subtle technique to determine instantly whether you’ve charged the right price for your work (the client won’t even know it’s happening)
  • The “magic words” that buyers say when they are really interested in hiring you
  • How to position yourself as high-value so that you get paid what you’re worth– even if you’re still working on your technical skills
  • How to know whether you should launch your business or you should get more experience first
  • A simple positioning trick that will make even a premium price point trivial and bring clients rushing to your door

This interview is part of my Brain Trust program, where each month I unveil a new interview with my personal mentors, advisors, and confidants each month. Each month, you get access to these private interviews, plus a community of 1,000+ top IWT students. Find 1-on-1 accountability partners, meet other IWT readers in your city, and stop consuming information…and start taking action.

The Brain Trust program is closed right now. If you’re interested in getting on the wait list and getting the full interview, add yourself here:

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  1. […] Building Business Mastery as an Artist — with Chase Jarvis is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich. […]

  2. Fantastic video. I’m impressed he’s able to not look at e-mail until 11am! That’s phenomenal!

    • Yes, it is absolutely fantastic

    • I’m not a huge fan of this strategy. I find checking e-mails first thing and then again at lunch time and once more at closing is the best. It takes all our staff awhile to get into work mode in these times and at least they are doing something productive.

  3. I agree that the CL business model is part of what makes it SO brilliant! Two years ago, I heard you speak, Ramit, at RHH-Live in NYC and I asked you and an audience of 450 women “Who would be interested in a business that helped you make video workshops to help grow your online business?” Very few hands went up, and I was so discouraged I dropped the idea. You suggested I had asked the question the wrong way. (We were talking about testing ideas)

    Not long after, I saw the first Creative Live workshop, and I thought, “That’s it!! That is exactly what I was talking about!!” (but with a better biz model than I ever dreamed of, with free content live, available to purchase after the fact) I would have invested in CL too, if I could have. It is a great great business.

    So now I have to wonder, how do you know when your ‘great idea’ is great and worth pursuing? And when do you just let it go? When do you take action in spite of the feedback? And when do you let the feedback shut you down?

  4. thanks for sharing this so openly ramit.

    @tanya – you never know which ideas are your best. sort of like spending money on advertising… 50% of it is wasted. you just never know which 50%.

    @johnny – I do my best to put it off till 11. I can’t emphasize how much better it makes my day.

  5. Great Content Ramit! I’m really impressed by your setup with Chase as well. I really feel that gaining access to certain types of clients is based on how you present yourself to others and how they perceive you.
    I would like to learn techniques to help show myself and my work in a way that is seen to be worthy of brand name clients. I am looking forward to the rest of the interview. Thanks

  6. Awesome tutorial ramit, i like the setup chain. Its more of showing unique capability of getting quality clients.

  7. Ramit, your content is the best! I really want to see the whole thing. I am a photographer and Chase is a huge inspiration to me.

  8. I saw your interview from over a year ago and really enjoyed it. Waiting to get in the Brain Trust when it opens again. Guys like Chase really inspire you to come to the top of your profession.

  9. Hi Ramit,

    In the interview with Chase you mentioned some email templates for getting meetings, are these still available? I couldn’t find them on the site

    Great interview

  10. Good teaser. I think you really should give chase some pointers on conducting interviews for chasejarvislive.