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Credit Card Debt Calculator”

Today is my birthday — will you do me a favor?

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I turn 28 today.

I know I shouldn’t ask for birthday gifts, but I couldn’t resist.

Will you share one specific thing that I Will Teach You To Be Rich has helped you to do? Maybe it was paying off your debt, or earning more money, or automating your finances. Maybe it was handling money better with your partner. Or maybe something totally unrelated to money.

Just leave a comment on this post (RSS readers click here) or upload a video on youtube and tag it “iwillteachyoutoberich.”

The more specific, the better. Share a story. Share specific, concrete #s. Tell me what it meant to you.

This will be the best birthday gift ever.

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  1. Sathish Paul Leo Link to this comment

    Hey Ramit,

    You taught me to
    1) Negotiate to lower my cable bills
    2) Negotiate a lower credit card rate – just by asking them
    3) Open sub savings accounts in ING Direct – now I have automatic payment plans setup for savings, emergency fund and for unforeseen maintenance (stupid mistakes)
    4) All these put together have helped me repay my credit card debt of 12k

    Thanks for all the tips, info and suggestions. Hope you have a happy, memorable, fun-filled RICH birthday !!!!


  2. I bought your book as I wanted to get my finances in order. I don’t have any debt but I wasn’t putting into a pension plan nor was I being smart about savings.

    After reading your book, I’ve now signed up for my company pension plan (target lifestyle funds too!) and am on my way to automate my savings.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants and happy birthday!

    John K
    London, UK

  3. Happy birthday!!

    IWTYTBR helped me automate everything (I’m SUCH a Type A so it made me inordinately happy to automate it all) such that I’m no longer juggling *all* my income/expenses in my mind, but only the disposable income part. That is, the part that’s leftover after 401(k), various savings, and all bills/groceries/miscellaneous expenses. For me, that’s about $600 a month, and it’s pretty easy to mentally keep track of about how much I’ve spent of that in a month (plus, I can check my credit card statement any time). So money has become pretty much stress-free for me.

    I used to feel guilty and anxious every time I spent money on *anything* — even groceries! I just didn’t know where it was all going. I’ve never had any kind of debt, luckily — not even student loans — and I’ve always lived within my income. But I wasn’t saving as much as I wanted and I was always under this cloud of anxiety that something was slipping away. That feeling is completely gone now.

    So, thanks, and once again, happy birthday!

  4. I am only 1 year older than you, besides our modest home, we have no other debt and never had. We have a decent savings account and thought we were doing well. In fact, many things you would say we were already doing. What I have learned from you is to get my “rough” areas under control by doing cash only for those certain items (out to eat / entertainment). I feel that we have more freedom, no guilt, and we live within the budget sometimes with extra to spare for the next month. Thanks for your help and hope your day is wonderful!

  5. Following your advices, I contacted my bank last month to negotiate my internet banking fees. Nothing big, $3.5 a month, but still. I had never really negotiated anything that “official” before, so I was willing to give it a try, quite anxious I must admit. Not only did they suppress my fee entirely, but they actually saw that I had been paying the wrong amount for 5 years, so they gave me five years of free internet banking (until 2015)! $42 per year * 5=$210 that will go in my savings account instead.
    I will definitely negotiate any fee from now on after this initial success!

  6. Happy B’day .
    Ways IWTYTBR has helped me

    – I got the bank charges reversed 3 times
    – Closed a high expense savings account and opened a on-line low expense one
    – Stop Chasing Stocks use Mutual Funds instead (It gives me peace of mind and also as its Automated , i do not miss investing in month thinking market is too high or too low )

  7. Partly due to iwtytbr I set up a whole bunch of different short term savings accounts and automated as much as I could of my month-to-month economy. Works a treat.

    Next up is index funds and bonds.

  8. You have taught me how to use a high-yielding savings account (opened an ING account!) to make the most of my over-payed salary and gave me the confidence that I can succeed yearly in reaching the max-Roth-IRA contribution limit. Thank you!

  9. You taught me how to really negotiate. I used to get really angry at customer service when they didn’t give me what I want,and in return I got nothing from them, but now I know how to negotiate and ask for things instead of just giving in or not knowing how to get what I want from them.

  10. Happy Birthday man!

    Your book has been a huge help in finally giving me a systematic way to handle my assets. I was doing a couple of things already, but since finishing your book I have now:

    1. set up “sub-savings” accounts for specific savings goals
    2. established a Roth IRA (lifecycle fund) and set a savings goal to fully fund it to cap each year
    3. gotten married debt free (including the honeymoon!)
    4. organized my new household finances around the same principles with my wonderful wife, who recommended the book to me

    I can’t tell you how cathartic it has been to just let go of that gnawing uncertainty when making any money decisions. All it took was someone repeating back to me what I already kind of knew in a clear and structured way.

    Thanks for everything. Party on!