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Ben’s book on entrepreneurship is out today, and it’s good

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My friend Ben Casnocha’s book on entrepreneurship is out today. Congratulations for making it to the #1 Movers and Shakers list on Amazon (up 16,578%!).

I read the galleys of My Startup Life. The final book is even better, with tons of insights about entrepreneurship (see below). FYI, Ben founded his tech company, Comcate, at the age of 14. It’s now a multi-million-dollar company, and Ben is 19.

Check out the book to learn how he did this while in high school (e.g., waking up at 3:45am to take a Southwest flight down to LA, and then back up to San Francisco the same day), how to turn an idea into a company, how to fight for respect when you’re young and an entrepreneur, and how to build a team with the inevitable growing pains. I like to think that the people who read blogs about entrepreneurship will say, “Now what?” and get Ben’s book as the logical next step.

As usual, the best authors have great websites. You can sample more about what he has to say on his book site and his blog.

My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley

My Startup Life (imagae from

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  1. I read about ben before in the entrepreneur magazine if im not mistaken or on the site..

  2. I’ve read about Ben’s success previously and noted at the time that the kid was oozing with charisma. Having read just a few excerpts from his book (on the link you provided), it looks like he’s a damn good writer, too.

  3. I love and hate people like Ben. At the same time they inspire me and also force me to evaluate my current state of failure in life.

  4. Read the book tonight at Barnes & Nobles. Actually quite well written; lacking completely of the “you can do it too just go and do it!” attitude of most books of its genre.

  5. My biggest take away from the book was how critical it is to establish good mentoring relationship and build a solid network. I’d heard and read about these principles before, but I didn’t realize how incredibly important they were until reading this book. Recommended, for sure.

  6. […] to be online was not big enough that I could devote my resources and time to it, until I read this article on Ramit’s site. It’s a book review on Ben Casnocha’s new book “MY STARTUP […]

  7. […] learned on his journey through Silicon Valley.  (Perhaps my favorite comment from a reader of  Ramit’s review of the book was “I love and hate people like Ben.  At the same time they inspire me, and also force me […]