1. Kirubakaran

    considering that einstein endorsed my humble blog long long ago [here], i think he is doing this a lot nowadays… may be he is a wannabe blogger… or may be he is just craving for attention, now that everyone thinks e=mc^2 is kinda obvious.

  2. LIES!

  3. Still traveling huh? j/k

  4. larry page

    amazing blog!!!! wow u rock!!! @ stanford i didnt know einstein is still alive

  5. I think Einstein found that this blog is relative the universe of personal finance…squared.

  6. When asked what was the most powerful force in the universe, Einstein replied, “Compounding Interest”

  7. all ‘t’s are entirely the same.
    in fact all single letters are copied from the same source.
    maybe piece together in photo shop or other software.

  8. Reminds me of “All your base”

  9. Very bad joke. Einstein is one of Germany’s best scientists of all times. Too bad he’s also kind of “invented” the biggest threat of the world: the A-Bomb.