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15 Little Life Hacks

Anyone notice something funny about this text?

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Can you spot the cultural assumption in this screenshot from the SF Chronicle?

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  1. “Home prices falling, but getting better”

    Assumes you’re a home owner losing value. For potential home buyers, falling prices is a benefit.

  2. I think I am missing it! Can’t wait to see what I didn’t work out.

  3. The assumption is that Amazon will be just fine if they have to pay sales tax, but all of the little companies will suffer.

  4. He is in a robe!

  5. Home prices getting better while sales are at an all time low looks crazy, but it sells newspapers!

  6. ‘California wants the online giant…’

    The people or the state government wants the online giant…

  7. that the public at large understand what “affiliates” are?

  8. why don’t you tell us? I’m unsubscribing

  9. Unsubscribing too. FEELs like a scam to direct traffic and clicks on the site. Super annoying. U shouldn’t post for the sake of posting – no value and a complete waste of ur readers time

  10. “California wants the online giant to pay sales tax.” Companies don’t pay sales tax, the people buying from them do.