Announcing the “Rich Life Giveaway”

Ramit Sethi

Last year, I hosted a bunch of giveaways as an experiment: I was trying to find out if they worked to get more attention for IWT and to change IWT readers’ behavior.

As usual, some of it worked, some of it didn’t.

Can you guess which one was the most/least popular contest of last year?

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  • $1,001 cash for you, no strings attached
  • $1,001 cash for you and your partner
  • Two roundtrip tickets anywhere in the US
  • One month’s payment of your rent or mortgage
  • Two nights in a luxury hotel anywhere in the world
  • Several iPhone 5s


  • Most popular: = Two roundtrip tickets anywhere
  • Least popular: Two nights in a luxury hotel anywhere in the world

Honestly, I have no idea why this is. I’ve always said that money is only a small part of living a rich life, so it makes sense that the flights (freedom, flexibility) were popular. But why the hell didn’t you guys want luxury hotels? Do we have a bunch of ballers who already stay at the St. Regis wherever you travel?

If it were me, that would have been my #1 choice!! But then again, I am a little weird about luxury hotels.

All in all, I liked doing these contests. They got us all thinking about what a Rich Life means, they led to record comments/growth, and they let me give back to the IWT community.

Since 2013 is the year of Taking Control, I’m going to be doing more of these. In fact, to give people a taste of living a Rich Life — like so many successful IWT students now have — I’m making this a regular feature of IWT.

Every month, I’m holding a simple contest with a chance to win something cool. Hopefully I won’t have any duds like the hotel example above.

To start it off, I’m giving away another two roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the US.

There’s no expiration date. Use them this month, at the holidays, for your honeymoon, whenever.

Click here to begin:

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  1. Steve

    Lake Tahoe. With my Wife

  2. Erik

    Hawaii, with my wife

    • Ramit Sethi

      Good choice.

      FYI, in a past contest, I didn’t specify whether Alaska/Hawaii counted, but for this one, I am 100% allowing ANYWHERE in the USA — including Hawaii and Alaska.

  3. CL

    Hawaii. I don’t have a wife. 😉

  4. Kelly

    Ha ha CL, take me!

  5. Ed

    Having given it 30 seconds of thought, there are a couple of possible reasons people were more interested in the plane tickets vs. the hotel nights. The first is purely financial. You can go cheap on hotels if you want (or visit someone and stay for free), but there’s a limit to how cheaply you can get from Point A to Point B, so if you want to minimize out-of-pocket costs, you’re better off going with the plane tickets. This approach might not max out the pure dollar value you realize by winning–depending on where you go, the hotel might cost high 3 to even 4 figures a night–but if minimizing costs is more important to you than maximizing “value”, then you’d go with the plane tickets.

    Second, people might not really know how much a luxury hotel can go for, or what high-end hotels are like, so they might just think “Whatever, who needs free nights at the Holiday Inn”.

    Then you have people like my wife and I. We like fancy hotels, but have come to realize that in the end, no matter how nice they might be, they’re just places with rooms. For example, we took a trip to Venice last month. We spent 2 nights at the Hotel Danieli, one of the most famous hotels in Europe. We also spent 7 nights in an apartment that ran us a whopping 50 euro/night (this was borderline theft for Venice). Even though we’re glad to have visited the Danieli, I think we enjoyed the place we rented at the last minute on VRBO a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to throw 2 free nights at us, I’ll take them, but if it was a choice between the two (and maybe for some reason people thought it was), I’d take the plane tickets and wouldn’t think twice.

    We do have some pretty nice pictures of the Danieli, though, if that’s what gets you excited . . .

    • Karen

      Hawaii – my 12 year old son to photograph birds

  6. Maciej Binkowski

    LA, with my wife.
    I have some friends there whom I worked with but never had a chance to meet them in person.

  7. Kelvin Kao

    I would’ve thought that the cash is the most popular one, since you can do whatever you want with it. But I guess airline tickets are expensive nowadays and worth more than the cash price?

    Actually, now that I’ve looked at the list again, several iPhone 5s might be worth more. Another question is, once I get the price, do I get to sell it for cash?

  8. Kelvin Kao

    I totally used “price” in place of “prize” in the last comment. Perhaps I should hire someone to proofread my comments. Hm… no.

  9. Agota

    Ramit, I remember that there was a lot of confusion whether your givewaywas are for everyone or for US citizens only, it would be great if you could make it clear this year.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Yes, US citizens only

    • Emily

      Hey Ramit, how do you know if we are US citizens?

  10. Jennifer

    It’s obvious, where’s the excitement in 2 nights in a luxury hotel ‘anywhere’ if you don’t have the dollars to fly ‘anywhere’?!
    If I was cash-strapped, I’d much rather have as many days/nights in cheap accommodation in an exotic location as I could afford, than 2 nights in the 5star down the road……

    • Ramit Sethi

      I think you might be right

  11. Kevin

    Northern California, to visit friends and family.

  12. Chris Parsons

    I love that you are doing these contests. This is the first one I’ve signed up for.

    You obviously know more about this than me, but I give my opinion for you to consider ways to (possibly) improve. Personally, I am not inclined to share the link after I submit an entry. I don’t mind sharing stuff on FB/Twitter, but I want it to be relevant and interesting, not spammy. And it seems like the link I would be sharing just says to put your name/email for a chance to win a roundtrip flight – there’s no trust established (other than the the logos at the top), no explanation of what this is for, or why I’ve shared it.

    I feel like if I shared this, it would be purely for personal gain (to get more entries), rather than to spread a message I agree with and/or help my friends out…

  13. David

    I would take my wife to Hawaii for our anniversary this year! We’ve always wanted to go and this would be the perfect opportunity for us!

  14. Kelly

    I’d go anywhere in the US with my boyfriend and be happy because we’d finally be able to take our first vacation together in the four years we’ve been together.

  15. RNO

    Hawaii with mom

  16. Andrea

    Definitely Vegas, with my husband.

    • Ramit Sethi

      After being there last weekend for a bachelor party, I can only say….good luck

    • SJR

      March Madness gets in the way of enjoying vegas. But any other month should be fine i think.

  17. veggiesattva

    We’re moving this year, so either Oregon to check out apartments and set some stuff up, or back east after we move to visit family for the holidays – which we won’t be able to spend money on this year after we move 🙁

  18. Christina

    No questions asked .. ALASKA!! I’d love to see the lush nature, the amazing glaciers & wild life, plus the aurora borealis.

  19. Erica

    I would fly to Washington DC to visit my best friend and I would bring my boyfriend with me!

  20. Emily

    I would fly to NYC with one of my best friends to attend a continuing educational conference.

  21. Bryan Mitchell

    NYC with my wife.

  22. Randi

    Somewhere tropical with my husband for our 10-year anniversary.

  23. Sharon

    Washington D.C., I’ve always wanted to see the White House.

  24. John

    I would take my family to 140 N. Kalaheo, Kailua, Hawaii.

  25. Murphy

    I work overseas for 7 months of the year while my girlfriend is in law school in the U.S., so I’d take her on a weekend trip this summer… Hawai’i?

  26. Hilary Corna

    Hawaii, with my mom. She used to live there as a child and has always wanted to go back.

  27. Jason

    I’d either take my kids to go meet my grandparents and extended family on the other side of the country, or take my wife on a vacation away from the kids. Which one probably depends on how much of a break we happen to need when we decide to use the tickets.

  28. bethany

    Alaska or Hawaii with my husband.

  29. Emily Graham

    Colorado, for skiing or hiking with my dad.

  30. HNR

    I would fly from the West Coast to the East Coast with my partner, because it’s getting so expensive! Or maybe fly my parents out to me, since I’m not at the point that I can treat them like that on my own. But, I love the idea of the person who said Alaska above!! So maybe there!

  31. Eric

    Wherever my wife wants to go. She deserves a nice break.

  32. Sheena LaShay

    I’d fly to San Francisco with my best friend. OR
    I’d fly to some yummy retreat on the coast of Cali with my mommy. OR
    I’d fly to Maine to a gorgeous B&B with my lover.

  33. Allison

    I would go back to Sedona, AZ in a heartbeat! It is in the golden ratio and I am very energy sensitive. The hydrogen in those red rocks helps reset DNA and the energy vortices (or vortexes as they call them there) make one feel awesome. The trees even grow in a spiral! I would take my very dear Grand Aunt who has just been diagnosed with cancer and has the most positive attitude-she is my inspiration!

  34. SA

    I’d move to London. MOVE. I will always regret it if I didn’t. The other ticket would either be a visit home or for my mother to visit me. 🙂

  35. Emily Greene

    I would take my friend Nick to Santa Anita this fall for the Breeder’s Cup races.

  36. Sharon

    Could I choose 2 different destinations for myself so I may visit my kids and grand-babies that live in different States? My son and family live in Colorado and my daughter and her husband live in Texas.

  37. Heather

    Portland, OR with my hubby for a good friend’s wedding.

  38. Scott romansky

    I would go to Hawaii and I would bring my girlfriend, we hardly travel and love the beach.

  39. Kristen

    Hawaii sounds lovely. Or maybe Washington DC, to go to the Guggenheim! With my pug of course. Just kidding! Probably take the boyfriend.

  40. Rosaline Cain

    Vancouver with my partner.

  41. SA

    Whoops. I see it’s a US ticket only. Haha. Ok. I’ll fly to New York and buy a cheap flight to London from there. 🙂

  42. Angela

    I would fly to Athens, Greece for a new adventure with my beloved. We have the best time together…like happy children. We would play, laugh, explore.

  43. Emily M

    I’d take my Mom & let her choose!

  44. Jeff

    Italy – the wife and I are looking at a trip to Venice/Florence/Rome and Naples for this fall, and this would make that entire excursion much easier and cost-effective.

  45. Gale

    Hawaii, for my honeymoon with my future husband, whomever that might be…

  46. Anna

    I would take my best friend from high school to DC to visit the third member of our high school three musketeers posse. The three of us were inseparable, but now the two of us live in CA, and we see the third only once every two years or so.

  47. Meg Hathaway

    I’d fly myself and my long-distance boyfriend, who lives in the exotic land of Indiana (yes, Indiana, not India – although Himachal Pradesh would be a nice change of pace), for a vacation hiking around the tide pools in Washington state. I’m trying to agressively pay down my only debt (student loans) while still investing in Roth IRA, etc, and this would be a nice reward.

  48. Abe

    Arlington, Texas – site of the 2014 Final Four with my best friend

  49. Sonia

    So just to be clear,all of your contests are US-citizens only?

    It may sound like a dumb question, but today was the first time I ever saw it mentioned in a post.

    • Mz Maddy

      Me too–haven`t seen this limit before. I have a US postal address and can leave from a US airport, and can take a US friend. I hope that is enough to qualify.

  50. JV

    Florida with my girlfriend

  51. Juan Pablo Cangas

    I’d go with my wife to San Francisco in April this year to attend Ad-Tech, just to do business and network like crazy.

  52. Stuart

    Either Hawaii or Yellowstone National Park with my wife & son.

  53. chatel

    Hmmm….I’d love to fly to Paris or Switzerland with my Mum to visit family. & Eat. Eat lots.
    California/San Fran on a solo voyage to discover the west coast for the first time
    Bali. To just do nothing for the 1st time in a long time

  54. Cheryl

    Do U.S. Virgin Islands count as U.S.? There or Alaska, and I may have a contest to see who’ll join me. 😉

  55. desertdragon

    Hawaii fer sure!

  56. Nicole C

    First, thank you Ramit for this giveaway and it is very interesting to see where people will go, who with and their thoughts and/or reasons. Like many, the first place that came to mind was Hawaii and take my husband. We will be able to enjoy the beauty of the islands, the ocean, the mountains, the coffee and the pineapples while still being connected and managing our “4-Hour Work Week” goals.

  57. Danielle

    Definitely Hawaii! I live on the East coast so it would be a great value 🙂

  58. Celeste

    Oahu, Hawaii with my long time friend

  59. David P

    I’d take my wife on a trip to New York where she was born, but she hasn’t been back in a long time to see her family. Then we’d act like tourists because I’ve never been.

    …. or we’d scrap that plan and live it up in Vegas or Hawaii!

  60. Patricio

    Anywhere in Alaska with my girlfriend.

  61. Jeff

    I would take my wife to San Antoino, TX so she could visit her family and we could check out the river walk.

  62. Terese

    Hawaii! Or Maine! With my hubs.

  63. shane

    Wherever the girlfriend would like to go would be okay with me. But probably Hawaii or Florida. Somwhere nice to get away from this cold weather.

  64. John T. Carr III

    I’d go to Las Vegas because I’ve never been there and I want to see the city that figures so prominently in the movies and fiction books that I love. I would take my friend Jim because he’s been going through a rough patch over the past few years and deserves a *real* vacation as opposed to a “busman’s holiday”.

  65. Marie Leinberger

    I will go to the Big Sur and Northern California wine country with my partner, Steve!

  66. Janet K.

    Maui with my boyfriend.

  67. Bryan

    I’d go to a friend’s wedding in CA with my wife.

  68. Elliot

    hawaii with my partner to visit family

  69. Kevin

    Bozeman to Seattle. And I would bring my girlfriend.

  70. Tony Matteo

    I’ve always wanted to visit Austin so I think I’d go there . I’d bring my college roommate Logan with me.

  71. Lauren Grace

    Paris, I know its cliche, but I’ve never been and I’ve been dying to go for years. And I’d be taking my best friend with me, she’s the perfect travel companion : )

  72. Susi

    It depends.

    My first reaction was Hawaii with my boyfriend.

    However, I spend the holidays with my family every year, and if it has become increasingly more difficult for me to afford going, so believe it or not, flying to Minnesota in the middle of winter trumps Hawaii if it means I get to spend the holidays with my family. 🙂

  73. Beau


  74. Paul

    Monterey CA with my wife. I went there once on a work trip and loved it, I would be extremely happy to go back there with my wife this time.

  75. Shane McCabe

    Hawaii – with my fiance – we need to learn how to scuba dive and surf while simultaneously doing the properly dressed hula with a volcano in the background.

  76. Erica Lohrey

    New York City for my brother’s college graduation. Probably fly my Mom out with me.

  77. Sarah B.

    Cambodia with my husband. I’ve always wanted to see Angkor Wat.

  78. Greg P

    Either New York or Hawaii and I’d be bringing my girl friend along for the ride.

  79. gracem

    I’d fly to Israel with my fiance to see his family that I’ve never met and see the sights!

  80. Scott G

    I would fly to Seattle for the Sporting KC vs Seattle Sounders soccer match with my girlfriend.

  81. Elizabeth K

    With the two round trip tickets I would take my Mom on a vacation. Recently she has been under a lot of stress with my Grandmother being hospitalized and her cat becoming ill. She cannot drive so she would never go on a big trip without me. We would probably go across the Country to Seattle, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles.

  82. Layne

    To Boston at Christmas to see my family, and bring my son so that he could see snow for the first time 🙂

  83. Jessica

    My husband and I are attending two weddings this year, one in Buffalo and one in Colorado Springs. Since I’m between jobs right now, I’d put these tickets toward one of those trips rather than using our savings for them.

  84. Jey Pandian

    I’d fly to South India with my wife 🙂

  85. John

    Hawaii, with my wife for our honeymoon.

  86. Luis

    I’d use the tickets to travel through rural America! I live in rural Mexico and have always been curious about life in America’s small towns.

  87. Rachel

    I’d go visit my nieces in Washington DC.

  88. gracem

    I just realized I didn’t read properly. We’d go to New York or Miami.

  89. Stefanie

    I would use my roundtrip tickets for me and my fiancée to fly to California (via Philadelphia) to meet my family and visit wine country!

  90. Alfredo Lopez

    Hi Ramit, we met in Los Angeles last week. I hope all is well.

    I would go to Chicago with my wife. I lived there for 2 years and I would love to show her around the city.

    • Alfredo Lopez

      Come to think of it, we would use the money we saved on the plane tickets to stay at a nice hotel on Michigan ave 😉

  91. Norman

    I’d go to Colorado or Utah and I’ll be bringing my wife.

  92. Abby

    I’d surprise my man with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate paying down $70K in debt in less than two years. We haven’t been on a trip since we had to (sadly) bid farewell our study abroad phrase in college, and it’s time to celebrate being debt free along with a 38% raise here at my first “big girl” job. WOOP.

  93. Joe

    Budapest with my girlfriend.

  94. angelica marquez

    Chicago with my mom. It’s my favorite city, she’s never been and she has sisters that live there.

  95. Britney Jo

    San Francisco with my sister.

  96. Charis

    Hawaii with my husband (so unoriginal!)

  97. Brandy

    Tuscon, AZ for the Gem and Mineral Show! Or Denver, CO for their big gem show in September. I’d take my husband. (he is the gemologist, after all)

  98. Rachel

    I’d fly to San Fran and bring my Godson.

  99. d w

    id love to fly with my wife to beautiful kalamazoo, mi to visit family.

  100. Emani Coulthurst

    Hawaii with my CEO.

  101. Rosalyn Roy

    A couple of years ago I promised my Mom a trip to Vegas for her 60th birthday. Plans fell apart and I still haven’t taken her. So easy choice!

  102. Jordan

    Portland, OR. With the wifey. It’s hipster time

  103. Kim

    I’d fly round trip from Miami to LA. I live in Latin America and my parents live in Southern California. Getting home to see them is a financial expense I can’t afford too often. Flying to Miami is okay but it is the various domestic legs that can really add up.

  104. ChaRo

    I’m going to Hawaii to see my mother-in-law for the last time. I would bring my wife of course.

  105. Susan

    I was going to go to California to visit my sister, but my daughter wants to go to Florida – and, SHE’S THE BOSS!

  106. Victoria L.

    I’d fly to Alaska to go salmon-fishing with my dad.

  107. Tehane

    I would either go home to Hawaii to see my mom since I work so far away and don’t get to see her often or go to Lake Tahoe in September for my friends wedding.

  108. Karen

    My son is studying Japanese, I’d go to Japan and take him with me.

  109. justine

    alaska. with my husband, we just celebrated our first month of marriage yesterday =)

    always wanted to see the northern lights, explore the arctic circle and maybe go dog sledding =D

  110. Jan

    Sedona…with my husband. Thanks, Ramit!

  111. shannon

    I’d fly home to see my family in MT.

  112. Sarah

    I’d go to San Francisco with my husband! It’s our favorite city and we tend not to spend money traveling because we’re working on building up an emergency fund and trying to contribute more to retirement savings. We could use our AmEx Starwoods points to get free nights at a cool hotel for a really low-cost, fun vacation seeing sights around the city and visiting our numerous family members in the Bay area!

  113. Bobby Berry

    I would love to travel to Vermont in order to do the Vermont Inn To Inn trail with my wife.

  114. Keith

    Hawaii for sure.

  115. Simone

    I would fly to Miami for some sun and relaxation with my husband.

  116. Daniela

    I would travel to a state that my family and I have never been to and I would take my mom because she loves to travel to new places, its just really expensive. So I hope I can win this and surprize her

  117. Michelle Christina

    If I win I’m bringing my man to Peru so he can see his Grandpa before that’s not an option anymore. Thanks for the contest Ramit!

    • Michelle Christina

      Oops, I failed the social experiment! I didn’t see the USA part.

      San Francisco with my man to see my beautiful nephew and browse the incredible vintage and Tibetan gift shops!

  118. Kim

    Would fly to Cali with my fiance to visit my sister!

  119. Olga

    I would love to visit Hawaii with my fiancé.

  120. Aboud

    Guam, with my partner.

  121. Jessica H.

    I would go to Orlando, Florida to go to Disney World. 🙂

  122. Amy

    I’d fly to Chicago or LA and bring a friend.

  123. Jess

    Seattle with my boyfriend to visit his brother and see the Pacific Northwest.

  124. Aaron Kelley

    I’d go back to Hawaii with my wife. By far one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  125. Ron

    I’d take my wife on a 20th anniversary trip to Colorado. I’d find a luxury riverside cottage to rent for a week or two.

  126. Susan H.

    Tucson with my husband.

  127. Erik

    NYC with the wife.

  128. Annie

    I’d go to New York City with my sister. We’ve never been to the East Coast before and we’re city girls. We live in Austin, which tries to pretend like it’s a big city but living here all our lives, it really feels like a small town.

  129. Lucas

    Hey Ramit!
    Love your emails – they’re always so full of amazingly practical yet easy-to-overlook information. I’m glad I got on the list.
    I would love to got to Thailand – I have several friend who has gone, and loved it! I’d bring my girlfriend, and just take the opportunity to CHILL in a big way, splash around in the surf, and generally enjoy the climate and culture. How about you?

  130. Dennis

    Concrete Jungle…NYC with the fiance! \m/

  131. Kathryn Vai

    Home to Portland with my spouse….so he can see for himself how freaking FANTASTIC it is in the great Pacific Northwest!

  132. Paul Higby

    1 way to San Fran with my wife (and kids) to get a job there and live in the Bay Area again!

  133. Erika

    I would love to take my dad on our dream trip to Hawaii.

  134. Mariana

    Kauai, Hawaii or the Florida Keys with my husband because he has been working so very hard with this new company startup and I can see the stress building.

  135. Devon A

    There are so many places that I would like to go – but I think the winner would have to be Alaska with my partner, Josh. (Although Washington State or Oregon would also be amazing…)

  136. Timothy Eyrich

    I would go to Alaska with family. Alasaka is still a RAW untouched wilderness that we would like to see before its gone or we are gone.

  137. Katie V.

    We’d visit the Southwest (Grand Canyon) for the first time!

  138. Brandon Carroll

    San Diego to visit a friend! Or Europe to travel for fun!

  139. JD

    I would do Portland to visit old friends, I would take the highest bidder out of my top 3 best friends.

  140. JB

    Anywhere my sister wants to go. She has been hassling with State Farm for 3-1/2 years now over her house burning down. It’s time to get her out of here.

  141. marina

    Washington D.C. or Hawaii with my husband and kids (hopefully using miles for the other 2 tickets).

  142. Christie

    I would fly, with my boyfriend, to Austin Texas. We are currently on a trip in South America learning Spanish and trying to make our money go as far as possible. Our car is in Texas waiting for us to come get it and drive it back home to Vancouver, Canada!

  143. Steve

    I’d go to Hawaii for a little lava surfing with my brother. BooYAH!

  144. Karl

    I would take my girlfriend to visit my family in Seattle, WA.

  145. Wendy

    The Grand Canyon with my husband.

  146. Kelly

    LA, with my brother

  147. toni

    When I wiin I will go to Hawaii and take my mom. She works so hard and really needs a break. I want to explore the islands and learn and adventure and swim in the ocean and see the beautiful flowers and feel volcanic ash. I cant wait!

  148. Sha'ul Newman

    If I win, I will visit the man who has been my online pastor for many years so that we can finally meet in person. He lives in Indiana. I would take my daughter with me on the trip.

  149. Michelle

    I’d fly to California or Washington State with my husband.

  150. Julia

    Arizona to visit my friend Jessica, I don’t have a spouse either

  151. Stephanie T

    Boston with my boyfriend!

    I’m from Texas, and I’ve always wanted to drive around New England, half for the history and half to be able to drive through multiple states!

  152. Cristina

    I would go to Zion National Park or Captiol Reef National Park with my Husband and foot the bill for my kids to come along too. Camping, hiking, star gazing in nature – perfect.

  153. Larissa

    I would fly to Hawaii with my best friend.

  154. mika

    amsterdam with my mother to visit her birthplace

  155. Craig

    Miami, Florida, with my wife. We have always wanted to drive out to Key West from the mainland.

  156. Shivani

    I would pick anywhere in the US and go to Cali

  157. Elena

    I’d go to New York with my boyfriend to watch “Wicked,” and then enjoy some biking around town.

  158. Mel

    Alaska is of interest to me. I would take a former roommate/friend who desperately needs to relax.

  159. Amy

    CA with my bf, so that I can interview for a new job!

  160. Kevin

    Great way to drive more traffic to your (extremely high quality) site and newsletter!

    I’d use the tickets to go with a business partner to California to pitch to VCs, then visit Big Sur for a silent meditation retreat before returning home.

  161. Chris Bates

    I would like to take my wife to New York.

  162. Angela

    I’d go to Alaska because it’s been on my bucket list for too long!

  163. alf

    vegas [for biz & pleasure] with my wife!

  164. LaurS

    My hubby–somewhere warm! San Diego I think. We’re in the middle of a looong New England winter.

  165. Robin

    Seattle with my mom to visit my sister and my niece, who is 18 months. My niece is talking a lot now, and we don’t see them often since they live across the country. We’re in Florida.

  166. Allison

    I’d bring my boyfriend to NYC so he can try all the best food the city has to offer! I’d hit up Momofuku, Ippudo and Shake Shack to start.

  167. Dee

    Hawaii with the hubby!

  168. Alexandra

    My fiancee and I are planning a trip to Redondo Beach, California this fall to attend a wedding, then road trip it out to Buttermilks to go rock climbing, and then up to San Francisco to visit two of my wonderful friends from college and study abroad, respectively. Of course, it’s just an idea right now – pending finances – so having the flights taken care of would be amazing!

  169. Monica

    Alaska, with my boyfriend, so he can go fishing (one of his true loves) and I can experience the midnight sun or aurora borealis.

  170. Richard

    Take my wife to San Francisco

  171. Michael DeFries

    I’d take my Granddaughter to Hawaii !

  172. Jeremy

    Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard in the summertime. I have never been and only heard pleasant things. Of course I would throughly enjoy a trip to the Napa Valley, as I enjoy making new wine friends.

  173. Andrew

    San Diego with my girlfriend (when I get a girlfriend!).

  174. Kasia

    Hawaii 🙂

    • Kasia

      With my husband, of course 🙂

  175. Emma

    Grand Canyon with my best friend who loves the Grand Canyon.

  176. Aaron K.

    I’d fly to Hawaii with my friend Jess who might be teaching at a pro-social pre-school co-op in south Kona.

    Or I’d fly to Hawaii with you – I’m pretty sure I’d learn a lot more on that flight than I would in most other situations I’d find myself in.

  177. Artist Aaron

    I’d send both my parents to Greece. They deserve it for pushing me to pursue art despite my business success.

  178. Hartwell

    Puerto Rico – with my fiancée, because Bad Boys 2 was shot there.

  179. Justin

    I’d warm up in FL with my new girlfriend.

  180. Joanna L Smith

    random, but Michigan/Ohio for my cousin’s wedding in October. i would love for both me and my partner to be able to go, but it’s pretty expensive to fly there out of phoenix 🙁

  181. Sylvia

    Thank you Ramit!
    I would either fly to Denver or Montreal to hang with my BFF (depending on where she is at that time) or take my sister to Puerto Rico. We had an amazing time there a few years ago, but unfortunately we both had to work so did not get to enjoy and explore the city as much as we’d liked.
    Pick me, pick me, please!!!

  182. Arnie

    Amsterdam, with my girlfriend, she wants to see all the crazy flowers and who can deny a girl that ; )

  183. Jennifer Shearin

    Portland OR, because I’ve always wanted to visit the PNW, and it’s really far away from me (I live on the east coast). I would take my 15 year old for a mother/teen bonding trip.

  184. Steve T

    I would take my wife to San Francisco/Napa.

  185. Priscilla

    Since I’m sick and tired of the cold and rain, I’d go to Hawaii with my boyfriend.

  186. Bob

    Hawaii – always wanted to go there

  187. Keet

    Pretty simple choice here. I’d fly from Alaska to take my daughter to see a Seattle Sounders game, but one of their away games, like to Chicago or Denver so I can double down and see some good friends.

  188. Inci

    Istanbul with my brother

  189. Jay Trotsky

    I would take my brother and go to New York for a family reunion with my other brother and our cousins.

  190. Nate

    New York City with my girlfriend. She’s never been and we have some friends from there that would be a blast to explore with.

  191. Kim

    Anywhere with my boyfriend. We need some time alone together.

  192. Derek

    New York! And my gf

  193. Dinali

    Hawaii with my hubby

  194. François

    San Francisco with my wife:-)

  195. Adam L

    I’ll be taking my wife to my friend’s wedding in the SF Bay Area! Can’t wait!!

  196. Martha

    Kauai for my honeymoon!

  197. Jill W

    I would either go to Utah in the winter (for skiing), or Hawaii (any time), probably with my sister.

  198. Taylor

    With two airplane tickets I would go with my husband to Croatia. He will be graduating with his PhD in chemical engineering this year and I would love to take him on a big trip. We love history and I hear the beaches are also pretty amazing so you can’t go wrong.

  199. Deb

    We’re from Texas, but live in Maryland right now. My son may want to go to college in the Seattle area and we might use the trip to fly out there and check out the schools and see the sites! It (flying) would be too cost-prohibitive and driving would be time-prohibitive.

  200. martha

    . . . Another reason folks might not have chosen 2 nights in a luxury hotel . . . I don’t spend much time in my hotel/motel room, because I’m out doing. Just sleep, maybe read a little before bed, and do work when I have to. All I need is a clean room, comfortable bed, hot shower . . . the rest doesn’t matter.

    I would fly, twice if I could, to spend time with my folks in another state. If both tickets have to be the same at the same time, my husband and I would fly out to camp/hike in a National Park out west, thought we’d have to decide which one if the opportunity presented itself. Or, NYC!

  201. Rachael Wells

    Hawaii with my boyfriend!

  202. Robin

    I’d take my husband on a trip to Boston (and drive out to Cape Cod). History!

  203. Shir

    Arizona, with whichever one of my closest friends is available. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon 🙂

  204. steve

    I will take my wife to New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival.

  205. Trina Glezman

    Hawaii or New York with my husband.

  206. Joel Klein

    Easy: I’d take my wife to Paris.

  207. Eric

    Thanks, Ramit. My wife and I would fly into San Francisco, spend some time there, drive up the coast, at least hit Portland, and then fly out of Seattle after a friend’s wedding this summer.

  208. Ronnie

    I would take my son to Los Angeles to meet his grandparents, then some fun!

  209. Rob

    I’d go to Portland with my girlfriend. We love new experiences and neither of us has been there before.

  210. Kathryn Vai

    SHARED! And I would take my spouse with me to Portland so we can look for a place to MOVE HOME!!!!

  211. anne

    Well, Minnesota. I’ve been trying to scrape together enough to see my cousin get married and don’t have enough yet…Just starting my new freelance career 🙂

  212. Jen

    Taking my husband and jetting to Barcelona…

  213. Anand Shah

    Hawaii with my brother. We haven’t been there for a really long time and have been wanting to go again.

  214. Ryan

    I would take my wife to Washington state to visit my brother and nieces, who I very rarely get to see. While over there, I’d probably go explore the west coast too.

  215. Heyward

    I would go to Hawaii and take a surfing lesson!

    I would bring…well, hrm. Probably my brother Grayson. Or my brother Lawrence.

    When I win, I plan on sobbing with joy like the guy in that viral video, when he got those BCS championship tickets.

  216. Mala

    Hawaii, with husband. New baby and unemployment have taken their toll and we could use a recharge.

  217. Beth

    Austin with my mom for my cousin’s open heart surgery

  218. Caitlin

    NYC with my best friend. I’ve never been and she is in love with the city.

  219. Elaine S

    I would take my wife to Maui. We have a baby, and related expenses have limited vacation plans to last-minute, driving-distance, short weekend deals. But trying to get away that way just leaves us never far away from the next workweek and the stresses of life. It would be a real luxury to be able to fly to Hawaii with her and really get away for a bit.

  220. Jose Medina

    I would go to machu pichu in Peru. Of course I would take my beautiful wife and mother of our son. She definitely deserves it. It looks really beautiful to be up so high atop of the mountains where this community of people called home. How do you even build up there. Truly amazing.

  221. Louis

    Hawaii with my wife. We have not been on a vacation since our honeymoon in 2008.

  222. Kenneth Westgaard

    I would take my wife with me to Miami or LA!

  223. Todd

    My wife and I would most likely fly to Chicago to see some old family friends of hers.

  224. Charles

    Likely Hawaii with my wife, it could be just the thing to help us reconnect.

  225. Michael

    The Atlantic Coast of Maine or San Diego, California.

  226. Kelly Osborne

    I would take my boyfriend to San Diego, CA to visit a friend who is stationed out there.

  227. Meghan

    Alaska with my similarly outdoors-loving husband.

  228. Rory Sullivan

    Having visited most of the lower 48 states every year for music touring, I sure would love to visit Alaska or Hawaii. Either one would be a fantastic place to take a ‘break’ and a powerful environment for getting outside my own head-space.

  229. Betsy

    I would fly to Hawaii with my husband.

  230. Anika

    I would use the roundtrip tickets for my fiance and I to take our honeymoon. We would go to South America.

  231. Megan

    Hawaii with my husband and our little girl

  232. Moana

    I’d visit my mom in Hawaii and take my boyfriend – she needs to meet him to approve, but it’s so hard to make that happen! And I totally agree with everyone else – staying cheap at an exotic locale beats luxury rooms, anytime.

  233. Olivia

    California with my husband before our new baby comes later this year!

  234. Kimberly

    I’d fly to New York, on two separate trips with my husband (both tickets for me!). He gets to go there for client meetings every few months and can expense it to his company. I’d like to go get my city fix, as well as visit my sister who lives in Manhattan. My husband and I adopted three kids almost two years ago, and the thing I miss the most about my old life is travel. I think I could convince the grandparents to come stay with the kids for a few days so I could go whoop it up in NY. I’d eat great food, absorb the Manhattan energy, go to a museum, maybe do a little shopping. Maybe in the fall. The fall is so lovely in NY!

  235. Deb

    I would take my husband to Las Vegas…it’s somewhere we’ve both wanted to visit and since he’s disabled, so we are single-income household, it’s a trip that normally would be outside our budget…

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  236. Renuka

    I would love to visit Hawaii with my husband and kid ( I will pay for him :o)

    Thanks for making this contest Ramitji.

  237. William Ng

    San Francisco, CA with my brother for an academic excursion into ecologically sustainable development ideas for municipal governments

  238. Susan

    Sunny Florida – with my daughter!

  239. John

    I’d fly to LA with my best friend.

  240. Tessa

    New York!

  241. Sarah G

    Seoul, South Korean with my husband

  242. Amber

    California/Oregon – with my husband. Book a music tour up and down the coast highlighted by stops with friends and family we don’t see often. Fly back home to northern Indiana afterward.

  243. Michelle

    I would fly to Miami and take my mom!

  244. Laura

    NYC or Hawaii with a friend.

  245. Dan

    I’d go to Florida or Oregon with a friend of mine. We have mutual friends in both places so we can stay with them. The perfect opportunity to check out the tango scene in those areas!

  246. Cody

    Napa with a date.

  247. Jinah Jung

    I would take my boyfriend to New York. He loves coffee, especially NY coffee. I want to go there for the show “Sleep No More.” Heard about it from a friend, and it sounds amazing: a unique, immersive experience where you follow the actors around, or do whatever the hell you want. You can return to the show again and again and have a different show everytime. Other than that, I’m curious about the people, whether they’re really as rude as they’re said to be 😉 and if the traffic is that insane. Oh, and Times Square!

  248. Marco Pineda

    Hawaii Maui or Waikiki. I’d bring my girlfriend

  249. Nicole

    Maui with my best friend to visit a brother I haven’t seen in years.

  250. esther green

    Hawaii. I don’t have anyone yet I’d like to take, but that’s today….

  251. Emily

    San Diego with my husband–it’s been too long since we’ve had some sunshine on our sorry vanilla hides. 🙂

  252. Kelly

    Hawaii with wife

  253. Becky

    I would take my husband and two school-age children to Hawaii for a stay at the Disney hotel, with a layover at one of the other islands for a few days so we can get the most bang for your buck! 😉

  254. Conor

    I’d fly to Portland, Oregon and drive down the coast

  255. Cornelius Allen

    New York, New York!

  256. Mark W. Guay

    I would fly to Moscone Center, San Francisco with my wife to multi-task in May.

    1. Attend the Google conference to network and get my foot in the door for re-designing the learning environment in schools.

    2. Go to the John Muir Forest with my wife. Then, see who can get the best bottle of red wine for the cheapest price.



  257. Malee

    I’d fly to Hawaii for a vacation with friends!

  258. Arthi

    I’d fly to Australia with my friend Maggie

  259. Tammra

    Thank you for the opportunity Ramit.

    I choose Alaska to see my brother and his family who I have not seen in in several years. I would take my husband who has never been to Alaska.

    Thanks again and good luck to all!

  260. Will H

    Definitely back to Hawai’i to visit outside of the holidays and all the craziness!

  261. Jeremy

    I’d love to take my son to visit his cousins in DC (not to mention taking in the Smithsonian a life long dream for me)

  262. Sendhil

    Santa Fe, New Mexico – with my wife. (This could be like the Newlywed Game… I wonder if she will have the same response?)

  263. Rebekah

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii or Alaska or maybe California!! There are so many wonderful places to visit!

  264. Jackie

    I’d take my girlfriend to LA to try to meet her idol Chelsea Handler, and my idol, Ellen Degeneres, or at least go to their shows. Then we’d check out the music scene and scope out the neighborhoods, since we both would like to move there soon to pursue our music dreams, we’re both in bands. Thanks for doing these giveaways, Ramit. You’re generous and so knowledgeable! You’ve helped me a lot, almost have reached 1K with my freelance graphic design work so far, so thank you!

  265. d sibblies

    Anaheim, CA with my Dad, we have never traveled to the west coast living on the east coast

  266. Richard

    I will fly to Honolulu with a special friend

  267. Kristen

    San Francisco with my best friend. I’ve never been to the west coast!

  268. Karina

    Hawaii. Or Napa. With my fiance.

  269. saade

    Alaska. I’d bring my friend who makes documentaries – try to surf and ski in the same day…with locals and film it.

  270. Debbie

    I’d go to Miami with my daughter. From there we’d jump on a cruise somewhere fabulous! Great way to spend some time with my girl and show her a bit of the world.

  271. Holli Koster

    I was thinking somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, but Alaska sounds appealing — with my husband! Our honeymoon was laundry, caring for the kids, and going back to work the following Monday. It would be nice to take a belated trip.

  272. Kate

    DC, with my husband, to visit the friends we miss.

  273. Chris Hess

    Taking my family back to NY/NJ for vacation this summer. We are going anyway but two tickets would mean we could fly instead of drive the 32 hrs!

  274. Loralee

    I would love to be in NYC for New Years, Napa Valley to go on a winery tour, Seattle just because, or fly out to Maine in the fall.
    I’m really not sure who I would bring with me…I suppose I can figure that out once I win.
    Fingers crossed!

  275. Casey Armstrong

    A common theme here, I would go to Hawaii, as that’s where my soon-to-be-wife and I planning to go on our honeymoon. Can’t wait!

  276. Kelsey

    I’d be taking my boyfriend to a national park we haven’t visited yet. Maybe Denali or Glacier!

  277. Jessica

    I would fly to CA to see our friend compete in a half ironman triathlon or Alaska!

  278. Heather Ross

    Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, to see our son’s “new” house.

  279. Mevonnie

    I would go to a spa retreat in California with my wonderful husband

  280. Wcm

    North Carolina with the fiancé.

  281. gwendolyn

    I’d fly with my husband and son to NYC. They’d love to see some baseball games, my 9 year old son wants to see the Statue of Liberty, plus one of my closest friends lives on Long Island, and her twin is in Manhattan! If I can get some wine blogging in, even better!

  282. Anne Marie Engel

    I would go to a border town in Texas and I would take Ramit Sethi with me.

  283. Vanessa

    I would take my boyfriend of 4 years to Alaska! He believes we have everything we need here in the Indland Empire, Ca. This would be such an adventure.

  284. Jim

    I’d take my new wife to see the new pope in Rome.

  285. Ian M.

    I would travel to Texas to see a friend from my Army training, whom I haven’t seem since graduation.
    I would bring a colleague of mine from work who is in desperate need of some time away.

  286. Tepoe

    I would take my husband somewhere in Polynesia, either Tahiti, Fiji, or Hawaii!

  287. Anna

    I would either go to Hawaii with my husband or go to Connecticut to see our two grandchildren. It is a tough choice and depends on how long it was since we saw the girls last.

  288. Matt B

    Hawaii with my wife!

    We were there a few years ago with my parents at their timeshare. It wasn’t as romantic. this would change that! =]

  289. Kate

    I would fly to Boston, MA with my husband, to visit my brother and eat fresh, delicious seafood.

  290. Lisa Shock

    LA with my dancing daughter – She keeps winning and I keep working!

  291. Shelley

    Southern California – to visit my kids.

  292. joel

    Go to New Orleans!

  293. Minna

    Seattle, WA because I have two friends there whom I’ve never met face to face and it’s somewhere my dad wanted to go before he died.

    I would take my best friend so she can see some of the family she hasn’t seen for 15 years.

  294. Daniela Nomura

    I would definitely take a flight to Hawaii any day!!!
    (your blog is awesome Ramit, it’s helped me a ton)

  295. Rose Petruzzo

    It wouldn’t be for me, but I would love to send my mother and father to Fiji. My mother has been wanting to go back to the place she was born for 40+ years now.

    Good luck, everyone! Thanks, Ramit!

  296. Leon

    Panama City Beach!
    I’ve always played baseball my whole life and in college.. I’ve never ever been on spring break.
    Freedom, to me, is going on Spring Break.

  297. Simmi

    Cali, never been and am from DC. Would bring my best friend!

  298. Reese

    To Hawaii, and I would take my boyfriend.

  299. Jeremy

    Oregon with my close friend. The place has a lot of nostalgia for us both.

  300. Krissy

    I’d take my mother. She’s worked her butt off for her family. Nonstop. Only to have been laid off last year with no work in sight for her. Not exactly the break she should have gotten. I’d take her anywhere she wanted to go in the U.S.

  301. Chris

    I would go to either Utah or Colorado (to ski of course) and take my girlfriend.

  302. Janire

    San Francisco!

  303. Casey Cichon

    A romantic getaway to San Francisco (from Chicago) for our 10 year anniversary next year.

    • Casey Cichon

      A romantic getaway to San Francisco (from Chicago) with my wife for our 10 year anniversary next year.

  304. VNB

    Alaska with my husband for our anniversary!

  305. Yervant

    I’d use one ticket to visit friends in Montana and one to take a vacation in Hawaii!

  306. Margaret

    Arkansas, with my husband to finally take my parents’ ashes to the little church’s memorial garden in northern Arkansas where they wanted the ashes scattered. They lived in Colorado, we’re in Virginia, and Arkansas isn’t really on the way to anywhere we’ve been headed.

  307. Bill Spees

    I’d take my wife to Portland, ME. Thanks! We’ll be ready!

  308. Jay

    Montana or Wyoming (the West is one of the most expensive places to fly to from the E. Coast. Cheaper to fly to LA than Bozeman.), one of my daughters and I’d buy a ticket for the other.

  309. Susan Welch

    I would take my husband to San Fransisco for a surprise 40th birthday trip. Neither of us have ever been at it’s next on our bucket list!

  310. Konstantinos Siozios

    Hawaii with my wife!

  311. Kathy Harrington

    I’d take my son to Florida and visit the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.

  312. Claire

    I’d take my boyfriend to San Francisco – he is not from the US and I’m in the process of trying to take him to see as much of America as possible! We’re also both big foodies and San Francisco has some of the best food in the world.

  313. Valarie

    Probably Irvine, California for KCon later this year with my best friend. (My geekiness is showing.)
    If not, then Hawaii with my mother. She’s always wanted to go there.

  314. Eduardo Almonte

    L.A with my girlfriend to visit friends we have not seen in years!

  315. Jessica

    Portland. for the World Domination Summit. It is going to be super epic with thousands of incredible people.

    I would bring my brother because he would absolutely love being in the presence of all of the crazy awesome people who will be there!

  316. Emily

    Hawaii with my boyfriend, Lucas 🙂

  317. Megan

    I’d go on a ski vacation in Stowe, VT, for Christmas with my partner!

  318. Brittany

    Paris, France with my husband!

  319. Michael

    Haven’t been able to see my family in over two years. I’d head out to Detroit and bring a friend who’s family is out there as well. Glamorous, I know.

  320. Rebecca

    LA …and I’d fly myself so I could go twice. (:

  321. Sabrina

    Wow, this is so generous of you! My husband and I LOVE to travel and we have been dreaming about Hawaii for a while now… so I think that’s where we’d go 🙂

  322. Dave

    Bali with the girlfriend. I may not require the return flight.

    • Dave

      I’m also terrible at paying attention to details, apparently.

      I’d do go to the City of Sin, New Orleans.

  323. Thea

    I’d fly to San Francisco with my sweetie.

  324. Caitlin

    I would fly to Coeur d’Alene, ID this summer for my grandmother’s 80th birthday! i would bring my partner and my daughter. We would be meeting ALL of the family up there: cousins, aunts, uncles, and more distant relatives!

  325. Joy

    I would go to Hawaii with my sister. I need a break from this Vancouver rain. I need some sun in my life 😉

  326. CJ Wilson

    I would fly to NYC, and I would make my friends compete to go with me.

  327. Alexis

    Sequoia National Park in California to see the giant redwoods, with my best friend! It’s on both our bucket lists!

  328. Kim

    Hawaii with my husband.

  329. Dona Collins

    Honest to goodness? I’d take airline tickets over a luxury hotel stay because a luxury hotel stay means nothing to me if I can’t GET to the luxury hotel. It would be silly to go to the closest major city, and I wouldn’t have had airfare to get somewhere special.

    The airline tickets, on the other hand, can help me to plan a budget-friendly trip ANYWHERE, with or without luxury. Yea!

  330. Jeanine

    Boston! I have friends long overdue for a visit out there.

  331. chrissycm

    i’d go with my husband & to NYC to see the city & then go backpacking in the adirondack mtns – woo hoo hooo!!!

  332. Cassie Baron

    I’d use it to see friends I never see anymore (who happen to live in fun places). So, depending on who is free/time of year, hello San Fran, or Vegas, or Salt Lake City, or hey, maybe a ski trip in Montana!

    As for who I’d bring…any friend who is around and up for an adventure!!

  333. Adam

    The wife’s always dying to get back to Hawaii, plus we can usually arrange a stopover in PDX to see her family. A win-win-win.

    I’d love to go to Alaska though. I’ll let her enter too, and whoever wins gets to pick.

  334. Sam

    Vegas, to get a wife.

    • Sam

      : ) just a joke – but still Vegas!

  335. Nicole

    I’d travel to San Francisco (from Wash, DC) with my friend James.

  336. Jonathan Steinklein

    I’d go to San Francisco by myself.

  337. Stephanie

    I would go to to Hawaii or San Diego with my boyfriend. Somewhere warm and beautiful!

  338. Paul Hartley

    Seattle, my wife

  339. Maureen S

    I’d love to take my mom to San Francisco! She is the mother of 6, works full time, volunteers with several organizations, and is completely selfless. She never takes time for herself. I would love to take her to a place she had always wanted to go to show her how much I appreciate everything she does!

  340. Chai

    Casper to visit family.

  341. VP

    Miami for pleasure / or San Francisco for fundraising with fun in between 🙂 I’d bring my mom so she can have a well deserved break.

  342. Daniel Zafar

    Hawaii with a girl

  343. Caitllin

    With my awesome sis, to anywhere she wants….! Nowhere cold.

  344. David

    Hawaii sounds like a great idea after a long cold winter in the midwest!

  345. Dan Calle

    Grand Canyon, with my wife. We moved to Austria 2 years ago and we love travelling all over Europe. We’ve realized that there’s tons of awesome places in the US we’ve never been to, and we’re going to take the opportunity to travel to them when we move back.

  346. Lesley

    Hi Ramit~ I would take my family to the East Coast (we’re in California) to visit my grandparents, whom my son has never met.

  347. Amanda

    Telluride, CO area…

  348. kristen

    New York with my husband

  349. Sabah

    I’d fly to Austin Texas with my boyfriend, and go to some gigs!

  350. Mary Little

    I’d bring my husband to La Jolla to visit our best friends! I’m not a US Citizen, though Ramit, in this competition I’m sure you’d include a Permanent Resident living in Connecticut – I worked hard to earn that status!

  351. Ramesh

    Hawaii, baby – with my wife and this happens to be our 10th anniversary year! Would love it if we won 🙂 !

  352. Cathy

    Hawaii sounds really good.

  353. Beth

    Alaska with my husband. Absolutely one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  354. Vince

    Hawaii with the wife!

  355. Ryan

    Tokyo with my Navy friend so we can see what Tokyo is like without the military restrictions.

  356. Kirstin

    North Carolina to vist best friend and new baby.

  357. Greg

    Either NYC or Hawaii, with my wife.

  358. Larissa

    I’d go to LA with my husband.

  359. Josh

    California and Miami. With my best friend.

  360. kim vong

    hawaii with my boyfriend

  361. J.R.

    I’m not sure where, but I’d want to go somewhere I’ve never been before, and get lost, have time to reflect, and eventually find myself.

  362. Gina

    New York City

  363. Jeff

    Sicily, Italy…with my girlfriend. We’ve explored the northern parts of Italy, down through Rome…time to explore the southern parts!

  364. Matt

    Southern California with my wife. It’s on the bucket list, but we currently don’t have a plan for making it happen.

  365. Joe Cassandra

    Sam and I would head out to California (I’ve never been there, and she’s itching to go back), we haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet, so it’d be perfect!

  366. Elaine

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii, cause he has never been and we need a good vacation. Not vacation time being used to visit family, but a vacation!

  367. Mike

    Costa Rica with my wife

  368. Louie

    I would fly to New Orleans and I don’t care who I take!

  369. Brian

    I would travel to Hawaii with my girlfriend. I have never been on an airplane and that’s as far from New Jersey I think we could get.

  370. Emily

    I would go to either New Orleans or Hawaii because I’ve never been to either place! And I’d bring my good friend Marie because she’s the best to travel with.

  371. Deborah

    Santa Fe, NM – with my husband – so we can decide if that is where we want to move next. It is on the very short list!

  372. Kelly

    First thought – Seattle. Never been there, it’s on my list. Who to bring? A friend – I would expect to have ask several before I get a taker.

  373. Liz Matus

    Baltimore with my girlfriend, to visit her folks.

  374. Jeremy

    I’d go to NYC with my wife.

  375. Jon Buksbaum

    Hawaii to catch up on some quality down time with what would be a very lucky friend

  376. Dana

    I would take a friend to Miami for sun and good food!

  377. Blanca

    I’d take my 2 year old son to visit my sister and her family in Austin, Texas.

  378. Kara R.

    I would fly out to Puerto Rico with my father. My grandfather lives there and his health has been failing but my father hasn’t had a chance nor the money to go visit him yet.

  379. Margaret

    I have a great friend from college. We don’t get to see each other much, and we’re both desperate for a vacation. We’d go someplace beautiful, maybe Colorado or northern California.

  380. Tim

    San Francisco with my wife. We’ve been married six years but never really had a honeymoon–we’ve both fantasized about going to SF if we had the chance.

  381. Ryan

    Boston for a game at Fenway Park. I would take my younger brother.

  382. Allyson L

    California or NYC with my sister (and maybe my dog too).

  383. Tipper

    Easy, I have a friend deploying in May that I haven’t been able to see in 5 years. I would love to get out to Arizona to see her, with the third of our trio, before she flies. 🙂

  384. Traci

    I’d go to the Hawaiian islands with my best friend, or Paris with my sister! Or give them to my pastor so he and his wife could go to Greece.
    Aw, dang it, I want to go everywhere!

  385. Georgina Lambert

    Orlando Florida with my son.

  386. Jamie

    I’d probably go to Las Vegas with my husband. He has family there that we rarely get to see.

  387. Jeff Camp

    I would take a trip to explore New Zealand. My best friend would be coming with me no doubt!

  388. Mei

    Make some wonderful family memories in Hawaii with my other half and baby girl.

  389. Kelly

    I’d take my mom to visit my sister in NYC!

  390. Alec

    It would have to be Hawaii with the girlfriend!

  391. Pam

    I’d fly to boston with my partner for her sister’s birthday and to visit her family. I went to school in boston and would love to be back and experience winter again.

  392. Cynthia Kulikov

    My overworked best friend Kathryn for a mini-vaca in Hawaii, to visit another friend who has moved back there to be with family. I’ve never been!

  393. Anne

    I’d fly to Chicago with my Best Friend Scott. To see the sights and to go the my buddies Bollywood wedding that I have been counting down the days for a year for! Plus, it would be cool to catch a Cubs game.

  394. Stasia Todd

    San Francisco with my husband

  395. Shari

    Pittsburgh to Hawaii — so my mom could come vist paradise for her birthday! 🙂

  396. Eric Oleson

    I’d take my wife to Colorado or Montana. Finding myself longing for big skies lately. Of course, it would have to be when the weather is warm. She gets cold easily.

  397. Keith Pascal

    My wife, daughter (have to buy and extra ticket), and I would like to travel to NY. We live in Oregon. We have relatives in Rochester, dear friends in Toronto, and Broadway musicals to see in the City.

  398. Courtney

    Maui (Hawaii) with my Husband for our 18th anniversary.

  399. Carol

    Colorado. Skiing with my husband! 🙂

  400. Art

    Hawaii with my wife. I hope that originality in reply is not a requirement for this contest!

  401. Adam

    Hawaii with my girlfriend

  402. Maria Cedeño

    I want to visit Texas or New York… and I can ask for a refund of the other ticket to find a nice Hotel

  403. Eugenia

    I would fly to Vegas on May 10th with my friend Lee for his 27th birthday! He made it a goal to earn 100k salary before his 30th bday and he achieved it! I’m really proud of him and free tickets would be great! I used to be his personal trainer 3 years ago and he lost 50lbs in 6 months and reduced his body fat from 24% to 10%. He has maintened it ever since. In regards to luxury hotels- we’re just like you Ramit-5 stars all the way!!! 😀

  404. Lanita

    I would go to Los Angeles with my best friend. I have only been to California once and never to LA. I’m due for another trip west.

  405. Hector

    I’d take my girlfriend and myself to somewhere on the eastcoast.

  406. Angela

    I would keep both tickets, use one to fly to the outer banks of North Carolina, and the other to fly to Montana, so I can photograph wild horses.

  407. jane

    San Francisco with my husband. A few years ago we started a winery. My husband is the main wine maker, and travels to wine country often to monitor our wine; usually a 48 hour turn around. That’s a tough trip from Cleveland, OH, especially if the flight is not direct or because we pay out the wazoo for a last minute flight when the grapes have ripened. The round trip air fare for 2 would free up funds to permit us both to go and stay a few days. We would then not just tend to our business but experience wine country and renew our original commitment to the business more fully and together.

  408. Nate

    I’d go to San Francisco. With my mom.

  409. Lindsey

    Hawaii with my boyfriend! But if it helps, I’d take you, Ramit.

  410. REV

    I would go meet a friend I’ve had for 5 years and never met….

  411. adam

    colorado for some late season snowboarding, and one of my bros to ride with.

  412. Alejandro

    Minessota for christmas with my wife and kids

  413. Pooja

    time to go to Austin again! take my best friend along…!

  414. Deidre Scott

    I would take my daughter to Los Angeles for college tours this summer. Winning this contest would solve my greatest challenge in making that happen.

  415. Joy

    I would travel with my husband and I would love to go somewhere unexpected, maybe some place we have never heard of or even considered before.

  416. Rigel

    Hawaii. I want to start a smoothie stand on the beach there, but the cost of flying exceeds the cost of everything else, and I’m not in a position where I can afford to go there, try my business idea, and still be able to fly back if it sours. This way, I can invest my bottom dollar and still have Ramit as a safety net.

  417. Nathan

    Florida. Always wanted to go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios.

  418. Gail

    Hawaii with my husband, because in my dreams, I have a dream home there. Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Arizona. Guadeloupe to relive our honeymoon. Tahiti to taste kava kava. I could go to all the wonderful seminars and events that Ramit and others like him hold. It would be so much fun!

    • Gail

      Guess I’d have to pick one of these. Any of them would be wonderful!

  419. Victoria

    New Orleans with my boyfriend.

  420. Ana

    Hawaii, with my boyfriend. Are permanent residents allowed in the contest?

  421. Ms. May

    I’d go to Hawaii with my husband – after parking the babe at grandma’s.

  422. Laura

    Ramit, is Puerto Rico being considered as part of “anywhere in the US?” Might be a stretch, but definitely worth clarifying 🙂 !

  423. Jessica

    I would choose to take my husband to Maui, Hawaii! We were able to visit Oahu four years ago to attend a friends wedding and loved it! He works long hours six days a week and loves his job, but I think he deserves some time off enjoy some pampering.

  424. Nadia Chaudhry

    Hawaii, with my best friend, Zehra!

  425. Katie

    To visit family on the east coast with my husband and kids (two free tickets would cut the cost in half)!

  426. Holly

    Puerto Rico with my sister. She didn’t get a chance to have a honeymoon, instead they are having a baby, so I’d like to do something nice. If you don’t count Puerto Rico in the US, then Flordia.

  427. jennie

    I would go to san diego, with my friend. It is somewhere I want to visit and I would like to spend some time there with my friend.

  428. Erin

    Bali, with my partner. We’ve never taken a vacation and I need some heat!

    • D

      Hawaii too. For 25th Wedding Anniversary;-)

  429. Joy

    My husband and I would go explore D.C. and visit our god-daughter!

  430. Andy

    How could you say no to Hawaii? I’d try to surf and catch some good hikes among other things. People always say I look like I am from Hawaii, so I guess I’d better make a visit, haha.

  431. Dave

    I will go to a city I haven’t been before and take a female companion, yet to be determined.

  432. Andrea

    Hawaii with my husband!

  433. Luiza

    Seattle with my Fiancee!

  434. Greg L

    Denver, Colorado, and on to Boulder, the most educated U.S. metropolitan area. So much to do so and so much to learn. 🙂

  435. Paul

    Pennsylvania so my inlaws can meet their first grandchild born a few months ago (by a surrogate in India) to their youngest child at age 45.

  436. Vladimir

    The Grand Canyon. I’d like to be able to see the whole universe light up the sky.

  437. Deidre Scott

    I think that the hotel giveaway wasn’t successful because luxury accommodations are useless when you don’t have the means to get there. Most of your IWT students are probably your students because we aren’t (rich) yet, but striving to get there. Although, I’d be one of the ones who stick around once I reach my goal so that you can remind me how to stay there!

  438. Stacey B

    Take the kiddos to disneyworld. 🙂


    LA with my hubby!

  440. Whit

    South Africa with my girlfriend.

  441. Breanna

    Funny enough, I just finished a small string of dance gigs where the band and I spent half of the time in the car playing “Top 5”, and we all had to do our “Top 5 Places in the US to Go To”.

    The one that was on my list that I’ve never been to but have been dying to visit is Savannah, GA–I’ve been told multiple times that I would probably love it down there, and I’d love to go down in the late spring to see all the greenery, fantastic buildings, and enjoy the balmy Southern air. A free set of RT plane tickets would be more than enough incentive to get down there in the spring!

  442. Devin M.

    Hawaii to look for a new job!

  443. Karolyn

    Before my son goes off to college, want to take him to Hawaii!

  444. M.T.

    Boston, MA with my husband!

  445. Carly

    I’d fly with my husband to Kauai on our annual vacation. Wouk save us a ton and give us the freedom to spend more on lodging/food/activities!

  446. Jesus Magana

    My wife and I will go to Hawaii to celebrate our aniversary, I’ts next week so don’t waste your time Ramit and select us.

  447. Becca

    South of Spain with my husband.

  448. Elizabeth

    Hawaii, of course. I’d bring my husband, of course!

  449. Heather

    Hawaii. I would take my mother.

  450. BB

    Fly to Kauai with my best friend to hike the Kalalau Trail.

  451. Jaclyn Bohanan

    NYC for our 3rd anniversary! Hubby has never been!

  452. Elizabeth

    I’d go to Key West with my boyfriend, Dirk Kingston, who is a struggling actor (I’m a struggling artists, myself), and get in a little snorkeling, sailing, and beach lounging in, to revamp our souls to move ever onward and upward. (And we’d definitely be reading your book on the hot sand as part of the healing/take charge direction change. Thanks for writing it!)

  453. Monica

    I will take my sister and we will go to LA!

  454. Robyn p

    I’d go either to Alaska or California (probably Alaska) with my boyfriend, James.

  455. Marie

    Hawaii with my Mom. She yearns to, but doesn’t have the funds to travel and she would LOVE the beaches & sunshine.

  456. Krishna

    If I won, me and my boyfriend would fly to South Carolina for the weekend to visit with my parents and my moms sisters family who will be visiting from California at the end of the month. We haven’t seen them in over 10 years and it’s a really big deal to me for them to meet the guy I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

  457. Brandon

    San Diego, with my wife. Loved it there when I got to visit for work and want to take her so she can experience it with me.

  458. karl stelter

    Chicago for Thanksgiving to A) See family and B) Get some sweet sweet revenge on the 5k I ran last year / have been training for ever since.

  459. Lys B.

    Hawaii, with my partner. Or perhaps NYC with my son???

  460. Michelle

    My husband and I have had to make a lot of trips home for family reasons recently, leaving no money to go on a vacation before summer hits and my job goes from “dead” to “non-stop”. If we had two tickets to anywhere, we would probably fly to Los Angeles to meet with some friends that we’ve both known for years as a part of the online web series community, but that he has never had a chance to meet in person.

  461. Ellen

    I’d have to choose Hawaii with my husband because I’m getting ready to start an accelerated Nursing program in May and I’m told we won’t see much of our loved ones during those 14 months.

  462. Revanche

    Italy, and spouse can come too 🙂 It’s been too long since I was last there.

  463. Herb A.

    I would take my wife on a trip down memory lane in Boston.

  464. Khyati

    To Alaska or Hawaii with my husband.

  465. Julia Dunigan

    I am probably one of the few people that will actually be leaving FROM Hawaii if I win since I am fortunate enough to live here.

    New York, with my Mom. For a week long pub crawl to do research for the NY style pub I plan to open here.

  466. Michelle Law

    Someplace tropical and far away, Fiji or Tahiti
    My husband

  467. Carla

    Fiji or Maui…. or costa rica with my partner and our new baby.

  468. Andrea

    North Carolina (outer banks) with my boyfriend.

  469. Bruce

    Hey Ramit,

    I deeply appreciate all the tips and techniques you revealed to your readers. And I am using them along with others I’ve learned to create a online mentorship progam with another well known thought leader…

    That said, I’d fly my Grandma to Las Vegas and take her to Freemont Street …

    The last place she was in her life without bladder cancer. I’d just sit with her, rub her hands and hope this bout of bladder cancer isn’t the one that takes her from me.


  470. Samantha

    Hawaii with my boyfriend.

  471. Jason Brenizer

    I’d fly to Hawaii with my wife to relax and take some surfing lessons.

  472. Cecilia

    I would fly to Hawaii! That’s part of the US!

  473. Jason

    My fiancee wants to go to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. I keep telling her its a waste of money; we should go somewhere half as expensive and use the rest of the money for a down payment on a house.

    But if I win this, we’re going! You only get married once…hopefully.

  474. Michael

    I’d send my parents to Hawaii.

  475. Cecilia

    I would fly to Hawaii with my husband! We couldn’t afford a honeymoon when we got married last year so this would be perfect!

  476. Celia

    Depends. I’d take my husband, and buy two tix for the kids. We’d probably fly to Hawaii or Alaska, depending on the time of year.

  477. Tina

    I’d either take my mom to California or my little sister to Texas… To visit family in both places.

  478. Cheyenne

    I would want to send my parents to Atlanta, Georgia. My Dad is an expert on the Civil War, he would be able to see the remnants of that part of history for himself and at his own speed.

  479. CJ

    Alaska or the Keys, for the Northern Lights or a beach getaway, with my boyfriend. In other words, as far as possible!

  480. Alexis Yelton

    Hawai’i for sure and San Francisco to visit all my friends.

  481. Amy

    Ireland, I’d take my boyfriend

  482. Sayil contreras

    Hello Ramit to answer your question I would travel alone to have 2 round trips. I would use the first trip to come meet you, I enjoy all of your writing, you are very fun, intelligent, sarcastic, practical, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing what you know with us, and for doing it in such an accessible, and fun way.

    A very thankful fan

  483. Mleanie

    I would fly to SF, with my old roommate, to visit a friend who’s working out there

  484. Natasha Waisfeld

    I would fly to Indonesia ( Bali) with my Mother. All I want to do is give my mother something amazing. She has given me so much. More than she ever could. At this point my motivation for becoming rich has nothing to do with me. I just want to give her tranquility and a home to live where she never has to worry about the cost of living.

  485. Ryan Hanchett

    I would probably go to Boston or New York as I live in a small town north of Seattle. I would go with my mom to visit some of the colleges I plan on applying to and hopefully get a better feel for them.

  486. Victor Leading Horse

    California. There’s a krav maga school there that does weekend certifications if you have the background training. I wanna take me and my star student to get certified… since that’s what we train. Also.. beaches!

  487. Alex L

    Hey there! I would fly to see Yellowstone park and bring my wonderful girlfriend (who is also an avid Ramit reader).

  488. Mo

    I’d go to Sedona, Arizona with my best friend. She’s been having a really hard time lately and I’d love to take her on a little vacation!

  489. Ellen M

    Either Hawaii or Alaska…. with my partner.

  490. Andie

    New York with my little brother!

  491. scott dobos

    I would fly to Bali, and bring my girlfriend with me!

  492. Jessica R

    I would go to Europe and backpack around several countries. I’ve always wanted to do it but never took the time.

  493. scott dobos

    I obviously can’t read. So first I would buy a reading comprehension book, and then would fly to Hawaii!

  494. amanda

    I’m going to fly to Austin, TX with my daughter to check out the town and see if we’d like to move there 🙂

  495. James

    I’m in NYC too, so i’d wait until Ramit needs to fly over to San Fran, then I’d book a ticket on the same flight so i could ask him questions the whole trip. (He can take the middle seat since he’s smaller). I’d use the tickets one at a time so I could do this twice. I’m sure after 4 flights together we’d be great friends!

  496. Laura

    Hawaii – to finish up my goal of running a marathon in every state. And I’d bring you, Ramit! A friend told me once that I’d be a good case study for you so I think it would be fun to chat with you on the long plane ride.

  497. Tanis

    Alaska with my husband!

  498. Sara

    totally sucks it’s for US citizens only.

  499. Jessica Thurman

    I would fly to Cairo,Egypt. I would take my husband and two boys. Our eldest son’s name is Cairo and we always dreamed of going there. He would get a first hand of where his name comes from. That would be a dream come true to take my family somewhere most people can only read of in books. To actually go would really be a blessing!

  500. sara

    Hawaii, with my daughter.

  501. Zach

    I would fly to Red Rocks in Colorado this summer and see one of my favorite bands play at a venue that is on my bucket list

  502. Kristina

    Boston, to visit my parents.

  503. Janis Taylor

    I’d fly to California with my boyfriend to visit my new family that I was reunited with at age 53.

  504. Jessica Thurman

    Ooops! I misread …i thought it said anywhere in the world. Lol maybe its what i wanted it to say. Well, i would still take my husband and two boys but we would go to NYC. I used to live there and loved it. My husband has never been there and has always wanted to go. Plus, his favorite team, NY Yankees , would be a dream come true for him to see! Perhaps he would want to live there!

  505. Rachel S

    I’d go with my husband to either Hawaii (for our 1 yr anniversary), or Seattle (have always had a gut feeling I’d love it there but have never been).

  506. Tony

    I would take my 15 year old son Michael to Memphis, TN or New Orleans, LA for the food. I want him to experience authentic regional cuisine outside of the Seattle area and the southern cuisine I make for him.

  507. Win

    Hawaii – never been. Second choice Florida!

    • Win

      With my lovely child bride

  508. Lorena F

    I would use then to go to Miami with my husband. So we dont have to drive when time comes to go on a cruise my parents in law gave us as a wedding present.

  509. Jennifer Lockhart

    I would bring my fiancé, and it would be after our wedding for honeymoon. He would have to help choose between Hawaii or Florida.

  510. Lisa

    New York with my boyfriend

  511. Sunny

    Hawaii with friend

  512. Marion

    San Diego with my partner/ and or mom

  513. Jen Kelsey

    Miami, FL, my husband.

  514. Julie

    I’d like to go see my grandparents again while they’re still alive, and visit other far-away family. I can’t decide if I’d take my husband or one of my kids. I’d love to take them all. 🙂

  515. Manya

    Hawaii of course! with my daughter… or my dog. Best behaved girl wins! 😉

  516. Michael Patzer

    I’d fly to Oregon to go hiking with my brother.

  517. Vivian Bullion

    Alaska with my boyfriend 🙂

  518. Kris

    NYC, with a friend

  519. Chris G

    I would fly with my wife to San Francisco.

  520. Jen

    New Orleans with whomever of my friends who begs the hardest and bribes me the most

  521. Judith

    Hawaii with my husband – and our two kids who are still small enough to lap infants 🙂

  522. Jared

    My wife and I would fly to Jackson, WY to ski next year!

  523. ashley

    washington, dc with my mom

  524. Samantha

    I think I’d have to go to Seattle for GeekGirlCon. I suppose I’d have to take the hubbs, for a little spouse-sanctioned Nerd-Girl-Ogling. I’m the best wife ever. And humble.

  525. Katie McGoff

    I’d go to Hawaii with my husband. We’re planning the trip anyways for next spring, so this might bump it up to autumn instead.

    Thanks for all the great info you share with us, Ramit!

  526. Robyn

    I would fly with my grandpa to San Francisco or to D.C. to visit the U.S. Mint. He is a retired banker who loves old coins and dollars and has never seen how they’re made so I’d like to take him.

  527. Katie

    I would go to either New York or Hawaii with my boyfriend!

  528. Aigerim

    I’d go to Bali with my best friend

  529. Desdemona

    Didn’t realize Alaska was so popular, but I’d love to go there and bring along an extremely close friend of mine, because she deserves a getaway.

  530. Katie

    Off to San Francisco with my husband. Fine dining, jazz, a jaunt to the wine country.

  531. Jamie

    Hawaii with my Mrs.
    Thanks for the opportunity Ramit!

  532. Remi

    Alaska with my boyfriend! (never been)

  533. Kayleigh

    I’d take my roommate and best friend with me to Hawaii – after all the experiences we’ve had with health issues, financial instability and family problems, we’re both long overdue for a bit of R and R!

  534. Anne Bohl

    US Virgin Islands, w/my man.

  535. Rebekah

    I would go to Maui then island hop from there. I would bring my friend Liz. Yes I definitely sent her the link too.

  536. Tee

    I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii. He’s always wanted to go 🙂

  537. Adria

    Alaska with my best friend who’s twin just died.

  538. Kimberly

    Would like to use the ticket to attend a continuing education class in Seattle.

  539. Sage

    West Coast or New England. With my husband.

  540. Alicia Baldwin

    I’m Alicia Baldwin and my love, Kaleb, and I would be truly blessed for this opportunity. We are currently saving money so that we are able to buy a truck and a truck camper to travel around the United States. We’re doing pretty well thus far, but we’re not there yet and could use a break from our day-to-day jobs for an exciting adventure! I/we would love (and deeply appreciate) this opportunity for the following reasons:

    1. Kaleb works really hard all week and is the most sweet and sensitive man I’ve ever met. We met in a park nearby with our dogs and we have been inseparable since! He really deserves an awesome vacation and it would be so much fun to surprise him! He would be in shock (so would I). He doesn’t know I’m entering us to win.

    2. We would like to buy land, build our own “green” home, and have children, but before then we want to see the world! We haven’t traveled enough to know where we want to settle down. We plan to have all of this done in 5 years or less, so we can use all of the help we can get when it comes to traveling.

    3. We both feel we have yet to experience the richness of what life has to offer. Traveling creates a remarkable change in people, especially in my life; there’s something about seeing some place new. We work all of the time (go to school) and struggle to save, but we’re getting there! We’re making changes toward bettering our future.

    4. We would like to start our own business. A vacation would really give us the needed break and enthusiasm to help make it happen. That’s one of the big reasons we’re saving to buy a camper, too, so that we can focus on our business and becoming financially free from our 9-5 jobs. The sky is the limit! We have great ideas, we really do. 🙂 Also, I am planning on starting a travel blog on the side, but we have to start traveling first.

    5. Honestly, this year or so has been great, but also a downer. My closest aunt passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease and it was truly a devastating time in my life. Kaleb found out his mother is living on the streets again and addicted to drugs. You see, we could really use some more positive things happening.

    6. We appreciate everything that comes into our lives and would be eternally grateful. I would be so ecstatic to say, “Hey Kaleb, where do you want to travel in the US? Pick anywhere! We’re going!” (I’m thinking he would say Boulder, CO) I would record his reaction, too, for everyone to see. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone.
    Alicia Baldwin

  541. Darlene Bush

    Since I just had major brain surgery a few weeks ago and need to digress a bit, I would fly to a nice tropical island/area to relax for a while (Fiji, Bora Bora, New Zealand, etc.). Prefer to go alone and be by myself, but if push comes to shove I would bring my best friend with me.

  542. Nell Ubbelohde

    I would fly to Cleveland with my husband to see my mother.

  543. Tanya

    California, with my best friend

  544. Christen

    I’d grab a girlfriend and go to Hawaii for a vacation – haven’t had one in 5 years!

  545. Josh H

    Great contest! I’d head to Alaska or Montana and take the girlfriend for some solid hiking.

  546. Karen

    Chicago, with my husband.

  547. Maggie

    My daughter is a US Citizen …Does that count Ramit?
    I would give my daughter & her Dad ( she doesn’t see him much) the trip.
    We live in Australia. He lives in RI.
    Or my hardworking tech guy in the USA that never gets a holiday ( I am a slave driver!)with his wife…

  548. ross

    Hawaii – my wife.

    We lived there for almost 6 years, moved back to mainland to be closer to aging parents and “growing up too fast” grandkids. Thing is, there’s a piece of us that will always live there & we’d like to go back & visit that piece of us more often than we are currently financially able to!

  549. anisbenmoussa

    ’d take my roommate and best friend with me to Hawaii – after all the experiences we’ve had with health issues,

  550. Claire LYELL

    I am NOT a US citizen! So, I cannot be entered in this contest…. hoping that the next one will allow me to be part of it! In the meantime, I would vote for a visit to New Mexico or Arizona – bits of the US that I forget to go and explore usually! Great ideas, these contests! I certainly find they push my mind open a bit further, and get my creative juices flowing! Thank you…

  551. Jp

    I´d be doing a weekend New York with my mom.

  552. Kurt Hauck

    I would take my wife to Hawaii.

  553. Roxi

    I would like to go to San Francisco, California. I have been there before but my husband has not so it would be a great opportunity to check it out together; especially since we are thinking about moving from VA to a place in the States that is more eco-friendly, where we wouldn’t have to drive and have access to fresh, organic produce easily.
    Last but not the lease, Ramit, thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  554. Roxi

    I would like to go to San Francisco, California. I have been there before but my husband has not so it would be a great opportunity to check it out together; especially since we are thinking about moving from VA to a place in the States that is more eco-friendly, where we wouldn’t have to drive and have access to fresh, organic produce easily.
    Last but not the least, thank you for this opportunity Ramit! 🙂

  555. Taylor

    Getting married in October and a flight for two to anywhere in the US would make our honeymoon so much more affordable! Although I have been working on earning extra income on the side thanks to Ramit and his wonderful, inspiring emails, 2 tickets to the island of Maui, Hawaii? Yes, please!

  556. Elise

    Adventuring along Route 1 in California, meeting new people, and making music with one of my great friends/partner-in-crime/travel buddy

  557. Keely

    Washington or Maine with my fella to visit friends.

  558. Irena

    I’d use it for our honeymoon to Hawaii or Alaska! We love the outdoors, so the rest would be simple…plenty of camping and hiking around!

  559. Eric

    To L.A. With my girlfriend to watch the crossfit games in July

  560. Lisa Stansbury

    Blogher conference in Chicago with my partner in Crime Connie McLeod. Or maybe just escape to Napa Valley for the wine country tour with my Frank…- have never been able to do this before and believe it would be awesome!

  561. M C

    I’d fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota. I’d drink my favorite microbrew in the world with old friends in spectacular dive bars and gorge myself on Ethiopian food; I’d watch groundbreaking theater; and then I’d head up to the Superior Trail for some hiking. If I had any luck left over, I’d keep an eye out for the aurora borealis. And I’d take my best friend with me, because then I’d want for nothing.

  562. CayBay

    Kauai, Hawaii with someone special

  563. DKL

    Take my future fiance (saving up for the ring right now!) to Hawaii where its warm and we could go kayaking. Maybe go for a boat ride or two.

  564. Nicole

    Grand Canyon with my husband – Sounds silly, but no matter where we travel in the world it never fails that foreigners ask, “have you been to the Grand Canyon?” Frankly, it’s become embarrassing when you haven’t even seen the iconic landmarks in your own country.

  565. joe carter

    Either Hawaii or NYC with my wife

  566. LR

    Wow crazy how many people are listing destinations outside the US. it’s not even the fine print, it says so up front. eh, let them dream big.

    I was wishing I could’ve gone to SXSW after reading about it, so maybe I’d go there next year. Or I’d just hold on to the tickets until a really good opportunity comes up- I’m sure one will in the next couple years, and they don’t expire!

  567. Allison

    I work super hard serving kids with disabilities, and I’m graduating my masters program in may. I would use my ticket to go somewhere to celebrate, and one to treat my mom as a “thanks” for supporting me through undergrad and for being an all around awesome mom and person. 8 weeks of stress/no sleep to go!!!

  568. yvonnek

    My dream is to visit the USA , Indiana…

  569. Mickey

    My wife and I would go to San Francisco. That is unexplored territory by us and we would have to take advantage of free tickets to travel far from our home in CT.

  570. Craig Weisz

    Hawaii, with my wife.

  571. Khady

    I’d go with my best friend to Hawaii. I’ve never been and I know he loves that place and has not been back there for a few years now.

  572. Ryan Mammina

    Fly myself, wan and martin to L.A or san fransisco so we can try to work on our tech start up and network with others. It would be a good “internship”…

  573. Ashley Jones

    Denver, Colorado or somewhere in CA with my husband 🙂

  574. RuthAnn Spike

    Kobe, Japan, with my daughter, to see Himeji castle!

  575. Erin

    I’d go to Bosnia with my boyfriend so he can see his family that he hasn’t seen in 16 years since the war. We’ve been trying to plan a trip, but the airfare has been the hardest factor to work around since flights are so expensive. This would be great!

  576. Valorie

    I’d probably fly to Portland and take my best friend with me. We’ve both always wanted to go but never had the chance!

  577. Carmen

    New York City with my mom.

    Always wanted to go to NYC.

  578. Patric

    Anchorage, Alaska. I’d bring my wife – we both have family history in the area, and we’ve never been there.

  579. Noel

    I would fly to Alaska, with my Dad. We’re Native Alaskan and he hasn’t been back to his homeland since his family moved away when he was 5.

  580. Debra

    Hawaii, with my husband.

  581. rw

    If you consider the US Virgin Islands “in the US”, then that would be the place! Having my wife (who’s also the love of my life; my best friend, compass and confidant) by my side – immersed in the warm, turquoise waters lapping on the pristine white sand – what better way to Getaway to the Rich Life?!
    If USVI is out-of-scope, then fly us to San Diego, CA with the zoo as our next stop, only after checking into a luxurious hotel!

  582. Brittany

    O’ahu with my fiance 🙂

    One of my best friends lives there… Visit an old friend, with my fiance, in paradise. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  583. neal

    alaska with my wife

  584. Kathy Burrows

    Anywhere in the US, I’d fly to New Orleans, and bring one of my four sisters. I’d then see which of my other eight siblings could join us. While I was there, I’d meet with two business contacts to talk through some ideas our next project with me as an independent contractor. Fun and business in the same trip.

  585. Harman Singh

    Hey Ramit,

    I would go to Hawaii and take my sister. She needs it haha.

  586. Kimberly

    I’d fly from Denver to Oregon to visit my brother. Him and his wife just had their first kid and I’m anxious to meet him.

  587. Allison

    I would want to go to Hawai’i and take my best friend Annaliese

  588. Cristina

    New York, with my best friend.

  589. Nathen Storness-Bliss

    I too would choose Hawaii, and I suppose I should bring my wife. Or maybe I’ll just go myself twice. Is that cool?

  590. Mayra Suarez

    Alaska, I’ll bring my dad.

  591. Lorie

    NYC – It’s home and I miss NYC/Brooklyn friends !!!!!! And, I would interview while there!

  592. Laura Hansen

    Maui with my boyfriend for our first big trip as a couple. Fingers crossed!

  593. Ruth

    I would fly to New York City to visit w my husband as we live it there, or Dallas TX to visit his family there who we see only rarely.

  594. Erica

    Alaska, then Yosemite…either with my dad or sister

  595. leslie

    alaska! to see the northern lights… with whoever will come with me! i’d try to pick a friend who hasn’t been very many places to share the travel wealth 🙂

  596. Ariel

    I would fly to Honolulu to visit my brother at his university, then go WWOOFing (work on an organic farm) for a few weeks. It would be an amazing college graduation celebration!
    Staying in a luxury hotel is of minimal importance to me since I spend little time staying in while traveling. I prefer to indulge in experiences to soak in the local culture, like great food or going to shows.

  597. hanna

    Europe with my husband!

  598. Elizabeth E

    As I’m not from the US, I’d first have to get there and would likely have flown into LA. So, from there I’d head to New York with my partner to eat Ruebens and see the city!

  599. Brian

    Phoenix, AZ …. with my girlfriend …. to visit family, and enjoy the outdoors (especially when it’s cold around here in the Buffalo-Niagara-Toronto region.

  600. Jessica Knueppel

    Hawaii to meet family I’ve never met, with my husband…sure do wish our son could come to! Or seattle…or alaska?!?

  601. Anjum

    Hawaii, for my honeymoon with my soon-to-be husband! it’s a cliched honeymoon destination, but for good reason.

    for me, flights > hotel because I have plenty of Hilton & Marriott points 😉

  602. Bradley

    I would definitely go to New York and take my sister – it’s a city which I’ve wanted to visit for a long time!

  603. Scottie

    I’d take my wife and visit Portland, OR — never been to the West Coast!

  604. Tyler Priest

    Hawaii with my brother

  605. Nicole

    Hard to say, there are so many good places to go, but either way, I’d be taking my husband for sure!

  606. nancee mcpherson

    Cincinnati with my grandson.

  607. Grace

    Korea to visit family that my sister and I havent seen in more than 10 years!

  608. Veronica Pospis

    St. Augustine, Florida with my mom for her birthday. Love the culture and pristine beaches!

  609. Jeffrey Rosan

    So I am taking a trip? Anywhere in the USA? Hawaii (never been) with my wife, to have a vacation, which would be our first in 24 years, or perhaps Florida (never been) to see our son play baseball, or perhaps New York (been) to enjoy all that Manhattan has to offer.

  610. Asya

    100% Hawaii, with my boyfriend, if he’s lucky 🙂

  611. Kathryn

    Portland. Then I’ll be ready in case I am picked for a ticket to the World Domination Summit! I would bring my best friend Kris to enjoy the fun. Thanks for the chance Ramit.

  612. Aja

    Hi Ramit! Thank you for hosting the contest. I would fly to Aspen, Colorado with my husband. I have always dreamed of going to the Food & Wine Classic.

  613. Eric

    I’d take my wife and daughter to Hawaii.

  614. Robert Johnson

    I would take my Mom to Hawaii. She deserves it, and so do I! 🙂

  615. follr

    I would like to go to New York with my wife.


  616. Joshua Valdez

    NYC with my mom. She loves travelling and I’d like to treat her to a fun vacation.

  617. James Rodriguez

    Venice, Italy and I’ll bring my girlfriend.

    I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Education and I would love to travel to Venice, Italy one day because of its important role in music history. It is also known to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe!

  618. Matt

    Back home to Detroit w/ my gf. Haven’t been back in a while.

  619. Katelyn

    I would go to CA with my best friend before we leave for college and wont see each other much

  620. Garrett

    Hawaii with my wife would be my first choice. Although, New Orleans or New York are both on our list to get to soon as well. New Orleans for Jazz Fest and some great food would be a blast!

  621. Jonathan C

    I would fly to California with my brother. We have not been able to spend quality time together in many years. He wants me to teach him how to surf and I want to show him. I also want to help him test his prototype scuba diving light and help him start his business.

  622. Nancy

    I would love to go to Alaska. I would take my son with me.

  623. Vivian

    Three options:

    – Denver to help my brother move back home to Chicago (and take advantage of his living there to do more touristy stuff in the area)

    – Europe because I’ve never been there

    – Argentina because it was the only vacation I’ve ever been on where I wasn’t ready to come home at the end of 2 weeks.

  624. Judy

    Tahiti with my husband.

  625. Amanda

    Hawaii, to reground and discover newness after the battle of Art School.
    Graduation is this May.
    Then I am in Business.

  626. Laura Lester

    I would go to Seattle/ Portland with Matt Lester.

  627. Katelyn

    I am pregnant and due in late May. My brother is getting married in Nashville in mid May. If I continue to be healthy and feel well, I would use this to buy last minute flights to go to his wedding with my husband. If I were unable to go to the wedding, I would fly up to St. Louis, also with my husband, sometime after the baby is born to show him off to family and friends.

  628. Lauren K.

    My husband (Adam TH) and I would love to go Savannah. Great food, southern hospitality, what could be better! I will make sure that he’s entered soon also.

  629. Jasmine

    Stowe, Vermont!
    No, wait, that’s where I live… (Lucky me)
    I would share a flight to anywhere in the US with my husband for his birthday, and let him pick the destination! (It would be central coast of California, his favorite place on earth; but who knows… he could surprise me!)

  630. Jennifer

    OAK to HNL with my son!!

  631. Donna

    Boston with my husband. Spent an amazing week with two of my sons and fell in love with the history, food and people. I want to follow the footsteps with him beside me.

  632. steve drumm

    I would like to go to Chicago (from Costa Rica, which is where I live).

  633. Lisa

    I would love to go to New York City with my best friend.

  634. Susan

    Pokhara with a competent hiking partner.

  635. Ms Hanson

    Maui, Hawaii, and I’d bring my dear departed Mother, who has been a bookend since she passed. She fell in love with the warm waters there, and wnated to rest there for eternity. That’s been my promise to her ever since.

  636. Luke

    I would be taking my girlfriend to either Hawaii or New York

  637. Brenda B

    I would love to visit Singapore. I would take my good friend Susan G, the same person who referred me to you. I think we both deserve it! 🙂

  638. angela criswell

    I would fly to Maine with my husband. I’ve never been and he loves it there.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  639. Jennifer

    I would visit Hawaii with my best friend, who’s never been.

  640. Amy

    Anywhere my sweet husband wants to go. He’s been amazingly supportive as I build my business even though he’s dealing with his own issues. He deserves a great trip somewhere and HE gets to choose.

  641. Sylvaine Francine

    2 choices…. either Hawaii for the sun and the beaches and the time to relax!
    Or…. New Orleans for some serious music! Would go with my Honey, he is cool.

  642. Gill

    I would go to Hawaii with my wife for us to enjoy our fiftieth state together for the first time for both of us to visit Hawaii.

    Thank you for your kind generosity in offering these round trip tickets.

  643. Nancie

    New York City or Boston with a friend.

  644. Sheiler

    Dear Ramit,

    I would fly to Denver and then catch a cheapo bus to Boulder wherein I would hang out with my unwashed masses of friends who still live there, sit at the meditation hall on campus of my alma mater (can you use Latin to describe a Tibetan Buddhist school? hm….) and then go with the unwashed masses to a small mining town high up in the mountains that has underground caves with natural hot springs to soak all the B-S out of me (so that I can fill it all back up with B-S), sitting naked with people and soaking. There will probably be a few intergenerational Japanese women there. You know, daughter, granddaughter and old lady. I know you’re squirming right now. But, yes, that is indeed what I would do. And I would emerge not only victorious from this trip; I would emerge salted down and emptied as though I were a carp or something.

  645. Kir

    India with my husband and son

  646. CJ

    LA to see our grandchildren; I’m guessing my hubby would be willing to tag along!

  647. Katrina Wolfgang

    I would fly my dad and his girlfriend out so they could meet my son and I, or go back there. (Mount Morris, NY)

  648. Danielle

    Just within the US….awwww come on now Ramit…just kidding….hmmm probably Alaska..for some wilderness R&R!!!

  649. Heather

    France with my boyfriend– I’ve never been to Europe!

  650. Dave J

    San Diego with my wife

  651. cate

    Hawaii, and stop over in San Francisco, with my son who is 14. I want him to get the travel bug in reality, not just what we dream of, and I wish I could afford to do this WITH him.

  652. Alex

    New York with my girlfriend!

  653. Christina Jones

    I and my partner would love to visit California, and while there, get legally married!

  654. Rhonda

    San Francisco with my husband

  655. Merrick

    I’d fly to Guantanamo Bay, with a cameraman to film “Bad Boys III: Tapia’s Salvation”

  656. Lin

    Florida. To go the walt disney world resort with my younger brother who would be totally excited!

  657. GerovaniBlackshear

    I would fly to Hawaii with Leonard

  658. Christine Bevard

    Absolutely will fly with my son to Seattle to attend a CreativeLive course. Thank you Ramit for introducing this amazing educational resource to us creatives! Would take along my son, then drive up to Vancouver to visit long time friends, attend something with Danielle LaPorte, and ski at Whistler. Have a funny story of how I learned to ski there by skiing down from the top of Mt Blackcomb.

  659. Tennille

    I’d like to go to New Orleans and attend their Jazz Festival…one because I’d like to support and be a part of re-building their tourism, and two because jazz is like silky butter for the senses. 🙂

  660. Pam

    Ireland, and it’s just be me

  661. Rianna Hardesty

    I would take my sister to California to try to jumpstart our acting careers or visit my best friend in South Carolina- we’ve been best buds for years but never met in person. I would really love to meet her.

  662. Brian

    I would travel to vegas for the weekend with my friend

  663. Veronica

    I’d be off to Australia with my friend that’s been battling cancer.

  664. Phil

    I would go to Hawaii with my wife.

  665. Jon

    Wife and I are going to Ireland.

  666. Teri [a foodie stays fit]

    I’d be on my way to wine country in Italy with my boyfriend.

  667. Jon

    Sorry, I said Ireland, but then I realized that it was just in the US. Wife still, this time Seattle, or Jackson Hole, or Austin.

  668. Courtney Lam

    I would fly to Michigan to visit my family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, the whole lot!) I would bring my infant child and my wife.

  669. Veronica

    Ah, just the US? Then Sedona with my friend as recommended above (maybe it would help her fight those cancer cells, afterall.)

  670. leighanne

    alaska with my boyfriend to see the northern lights

  671. Jennifer Sanders

    Hawaii for sure! I’d bring my best friend.

  672. Thomas

    Lake Tahoe. With my wife and two sons.

  673. Summer

    Take my brother. Wherever Alabama Shakes plays next!

  674. Barbara coon

    To Eugene OR with Jaime Coon

  675. Alyssa

    Alaska, with my boyfriend.

  676. JoAnna C Powell

    When I was younger, I had “working ” vacations. I would pick a place I’d want to visit, apply for a job and go. In that way I got a chance to live in New Orleans for 2 years (first as a Park Ranger, then as a budding pianist) and St Thomas US V.I. as a veterinary technician, as well as other places. As long as I have a private clean place to sleep, I just need the funds to get there. I travel to see the sites, not a hotel room. So yes, I would rather have the round trip tickets, than free nights at a luxury hotel.

  677. Beth

    I would go to Hawaii with my husband!

  678. Catherine Harrington

    Las Vegas with my husband.

  679. Stephanie

    I would fly to San Francisco, CA with my boyfriend

  680. Peter

    Inside the USA: Hawaii.
    Outside the USA:Taiwan.

    With: my girlfriend

  681. Dee

    Kauai, HI w/my husband for our 18yr anniversary this year.

  682. Shannon Walsh

    I would go to Chicago with my fiance’ to visit my extended family.

  683. Angie

    San Francisco with my husband!

  684. Gabriel

    I’d go to NAB in Las Vegas from Cancun Mexico with a sotfware guru friend so we can meet all the high rollers in the film / video industry and get to expand our profesional network.

  685. Heather

    I would take my husband to Alaska to go whale watching and just enjoy the beautiful outdoors. He would probably try to talk me into going to Maui, so I suppose we would have to flip a coin.

  686. Erin

    London here I come!

  687. Erin

    I’d bring my husband to London

  688. Kurt Daw

    I’d take my wife to NYC. Broadway, here we come. (We’d have taken you up on the luxury hotel deal, too! Lots of those in New York.)

  689. Virginia

    I would fly to Hawaii with my boyfriend!

  690. Janet

    I’d go to San Francisco with my teenage daughter. I’ve been to California a few times but never made it to SF and several of my favorite shows have been filmed there and I always wanted to visit it.

  691. Noel Anderson

    NYC with my best friend 🙂 We try to meet up every summer in New York City but it always depends on how much extra money we have. It didn’t work out last summer, here’s to hoping it works out this summer!

  692. Sean

    Florida Keys. with my wife. Just love the island breezes.

  693. Susan

    Hawaii with my boyfriend.

  694. Daya

    I’d take my other half with me to Kauai

  695. Rae

    Corpus christie tx to visit my family. Just me.

  696. Alisha Palagi

    I would take my Mom to Hawaii for all she does for me.

  697. Naomi

    Hawaii with my Husband =)

  698. peter

    hawaii with wife

  699. Greg

    Phoenix AZ with my wife.

  700. janel

    Alaska or New York or Florida! With the hubby in tow 🙂

  701. Lisa

    After more research into forward thinking and high income western cities, I would go somewhere out west, like Seattle or Santa Fe by myself and save the other ticket for a 2nd trip or bring my friend Terry. I’m working on a 4th career as a hypnotist.

  702. Michael DeFilippis

    First, I’d ask if I could split the 2 roundtrips up so that I could send myself – yes, alone – on 2 different trips. I’ll assume it’ll be allowed (don’t see why not), so I would go to:
    1) Hawaii – like the dude in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    2) San Fran, to see one of my oldest/best friends who I haven’t seen in many years

  703. Julie

    Tough choice, but I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii for a long time, Definitely with my husband to celebrate and enjoy!

  704. Brandon

    Hawaii! With my girlfriend.

  705. Samantha Henrie

    I would love to see the big skies of Montana with my bf (and dog….or maybe just the dog).

  706. Kimberly

    I’d go to Nashville and take a friend!

  707. Derek

    I’d hold the tickets and let my wife choose the destination.

  708. stephanie

    Chicago! With my boyfriend… to eat all the famous and awesome food that Chitown has to offer :p

  709. Alice

    Hawaii, with my niece.

  710. John C

    My girlfriend and I have always talked about how awesome it would be to go to Montana and just get out of TN from the everyday crap of law school for a few days. I’d bring her with me so she could watch the dog while I’m fishing…

  711. M Cana

    I will take my roommate and go to San Diego. We have some friends and family there.

  712. Edgar

    Hawaii definitely with my wife for our 5 year anniversary.

  713. Edgar

    Hawaii definitely with my wife for our five year anniversary.

  714. Kara

    Hawaii with my husband

  715. tom

    I woukd love to go to Colorado with my girlfriend

  716. Anita

    Does that include US territories? If it does, I’d choose Guam. If not, I’d choose Alaska and I will take my sister with me.

  717. Karen Taylor

    San Fran California with my boyfriend!

  718. Jennifer

    Colorado with my husband!!! He’s going to teach me to stay upright as I go down mountains! 🙂

  719. Sam

    Oahu, to sit on Kailua beach.

  720. Shanae

    I would fly to San Diego. THis is only because in the last week over 7 people in different circumstances were commenting on how much they enjoyed it. It was really strange, and seems a bit synchronistic… Like maybe I should go there too

  721. dee

    I’ve always wanted to see Hawaii, and I’d love to take my girlfriend.

  722. Leana

    toss up between napa and hawaii with my bf

  723. upma singh

    Probably Hawaii, but maybe Big Sur. With my husband.

  724. Brady

    San Francisco for a Giant’s game with my dad

  725. Matt

    To Egypt, assuming it becomes safe to go there again, to see the pyramids. I don’t know who I’d go with. I’m sure somebody would be interested.

  726. Andrea

    As a way to say “thank you for your hard work and keep on doing great things” i would go with my boyfriend to either Colorado or Alaska

  727. Vincent

    Indy or Colorado, the Love of my Life!

  728. Izzy Palmerin

    Screw this, I need only 1 ticket to San Francisco. This trip could turn out to be a total life-changer for me. Am not looking for a flipping nice leisurely vacation, I’d be busting ass.

  729. Cindy

    I would travel to India outside of the States and Kauai in the states. I would travel with my partner Ty. We are both yoga instructors and feel these two locations are where we can grow and be ourselves. Thank you.

  730. Crystal

    Being kind of boring, I might pick my hometown in Florida; it’s been over six months since I moved away from there and I’d love to see everyone again, especially since I have a few friends who’ve gotten engaged/had babies since I left.

    If I decide not to be practical, my husband and I would finally be taking our return trip to NYC that we’ve wanted to do for a few years.

  731. Victoria

    Austin TX, I want to see what’s so WEIRD about it. Per the “Keep Austin WEIRD” bumper stickers. I would take whatever “man-friend” was crazy enough to be dating me at the moment 🙂

  732. Tony

    Being that I already live in Hawaii, I’d like to travel back to the mainland (Denver, CO specifically) to visit with family. It’s been 6 years since I’ve been seen my cousins and mom!

    • Tony

      I will bring my long-time girlfriend with me to FINALLY meet the fam!

  733. Kimberly

    I’d fly to LAX with my boyfriend.

  734. Andrew

    Kaua’i with a random cute girl in the grocery store check out line.

  735. Heather

    To Greece. I would take my daughter. She told me at the start of middle school that I should take her if she earned “A”s all through middle school. So far so good, almost 3 years later… but the money isn’t there (yet)

  736. Jonnelle

    To Hawaii for a vacation with my daughters. When I win, I’ll just need to buy 1 ticket. 🙂

  737. Bryan

    I would go to South Dakota.

  738. Stephanie Acosta

    I would love to go to India! With my best friend learning the religions and culture!

  739. Steve

    Isle of man. Or pebble beach.
    Golfing w gary

  740. Stephanie Acosta

    SORRY in the U.S. I would love to go to Colorado! I have heard nothing but great things about how beautiful it is. And I love the outdoors!

  741. nancy bowers

    I’d go to CO and I’d take Jay.

  742. Debra

    Salt Lake City, to visit my son, who will be moving there from Hawaii later this spring. Already have two tickets to Hawaii for his wedding, otherwise it would be Hawaii.

  743. Arlene

    New York City with my husband

  744. Hunter

    South Carolina, with my girlfriend

  745. Kristina N.

    I would take my room mate, who is also my best friend, for our first trip to Vegas to visit her brother. We both deserve some serious play time cause all we do is work!

  746. Fernando

    Ramit, I would take my girl to jersey, to her hometown. So I can meet her family and friends. Also, I wanna embarrass her in front of her friends. If she don’t care what her friends think of me, then I’ll marry her.

  747. Scott

    Madrid with my wife.

  748. Scott

    Spain with my wife.

  749. Bryan Schoneman

    I would love to travel to my grandma n’ law’s house in Hilo Hawaii with my wife and have a family reunion.

  750. Corrina

    Vail, CO with my husband and son 🙂

  751. Hank Edson

    San Francisco to Minniapolis / Saint Paul (and if possible to Duluth Minnesota) where my wife and I will rent a car and drive to a lake shore summer cottage in the middle of Wisconsin’s northland woods that has been in my family for 60 years. It’s been several years since I’ve been able to go and to me it is the essence of living the rich life!

  752. Jaqlynn

    I would fly to New York or Seattle and bring my mother

  753. Uma

    Paris with my husband

    • Uma

      Oops didn’t see, the US restriction. So it will be Hawaii with my husband.

  754. Atit

    I live in arizona, so for free tickets it makes sense to fly as Far East as I can. I’d probably fly to savannah ga. Since I’ve seen most of north east.

  755. Dani

    I’d take my husband to Jackson Hole to go snowboarding in 2014 season. I heard the hill is amazing!

  756. Elijah

    Vegas. Take girlfriend

  757. Brian

    I would fly back to the bay area with my wife to visit Stanford and our friends there. We miss the fun of silicon valley and San Francisco. Our friends and relationships there are really important to us, and we spent some of the best years of our lives there.

  758. Mahdi Pessarakli

    I’d go to Miami, Florida. I’d take Cynthia Luois with me 🙂

  759. Eva

    Hawaii, with my partner. I will drag him there if need to 😉

  760. Charlie Harper

    Hawaii with my wife.

  761. Mark

    Austin, TX with a friend.

  762. Jacqueline Dautel

    I’d go to Italy with the love of my life Sam Taylor.

  763. daisy

    This is SO hard! California, Atlanta or Hawaii oh what must one choose, oh dear, oh dear, I am excited,because I know I AM the Winner! lol

  764. Lisa

    I was going to say New York City (my favorite city in the world) but I should take the opportunity to go somewhere new so I will say HAWAII!

  765. Erin H

    I’d take me and my fiancee back home to spend some time with my family. I moved so far away, years ago, and only get to see them once a year when they fly to see me! Would love to afford to go there for a change 🙂

  766. ML

    I would go to Santa Clara, CA with my boyfriend. We are thinking about possibly moving there in a few years, so I would use this trip to check the place out.

  767. Orla

    My husband and I will be married twenty years this July. Financial choices have always flavoured visiting my family in Ireland and Montessori school fees for our three children. However, if I could just fly the two of us, alone, to anywhere in the US, I would pick NYC. When I was a young Montessori teacher in Toronto, my then boyfriend booked a trip to NYC for the two of us. His plan was to propose on top of the Empire State Building. The night before we were supposed to leave I couldn’t find my passport. I tore my home apart looking for it but had to go to work the next day having admitted it was gone. At 11am that day, much to my student’s delight, six red roses arrived to my class with a note saying that it was all okay and that he loved me anyway. At 2pm another six red roses arrived with a note asking if I was smiling yet. When he proposed that weekend, on his balcony, overlooking Toronto’s skyline, I didn’t even have to ponder my answer. It would be a pretty marvelous thing to surprise him with a trip to the Empire State Building this summer to tell him that I know I made the right choice.

    Thanks for your emails and the information your share with all of us. Your energy and enthusiasm comes right through the screen and is a joy to witness, ponder, and act on.

    Take care,

  768. Rebecca

    Paris… w/ my husband and daughter… and my camera… Have been working on my family tree and recently found documents of my french roots… Explains the strong connection I have to it.. would like to go to that piece of me.

    • Larraine

      Although France would probably surrender if we tried to take them, France not yet a part of the United States. Jus’ sayin.

  769. Larraine Lage

    California with my boyfriend/spouse. Home scouting from there, as we’ve been considering moving for a while.

  770. Rex

    I’d have to go with Alaska or Hawaii. Both offer amazing scenery and natural beauty in two completely different settings. Probably Alaska would win because I’ve already been to Hawaii – though I’d love to go back.

  771. Anand Raj Markandu

    My destination would be Los Angeles for sure, and I would take my wife.

  772. Dave

    Agnes Water, Australia

  773. Tara

    I would take my husband- Hawaii (if that was covered) or maybe Florida. We haven’t been on a couples trip in YEARS!

  774. Renzo Meza

    I think I’d go to Wyoming so that I can visit Yellowstone National Park. Who doesn’t love the great outdoors?

  775. Pamela H

    I would fly to some place tropical like the Florida Keys for fruity drinks and scuba with my long time friend Jody

  776. Jin Chung

    SF to break into the startup scene with a friend who has just quit his job to do just that =) (no worries, i’m a coder)

  777. Laura Mahalel

    For something different, I’d fly with my dear hubby to Texas to visit my pal Matt who started a different, awesome tour company called Detour Travel which offers small group tours to cool destinations with a focus on sustainability and FUN.

  778. Larraine

    Is it worth mentioning that all the “I didn’t read the instructions and posted an international destination with potentially more than 1 person” posts were written by women? Is this why we don’t hold any real positions of power, because we like to ignore the salient details?

    I even read the blog post and personal web page instructions three times to make sure.

    Fine, then. In solidarity with the illiterate women reading this web page, my international destination of choice is Antarctica with my boyfriend. I hear the diving’s good, and the penguins are cute. He likes the leopard seals. That eat the penguins. It’s a point of contention, but we get past it.

    • Ramit Sethi


  779. Kathryn Holloway

    New Zealand with my Dad

  780. Sarita

    I’d fly to NY with my husband to visit old friends. I know, sounds boring but from CA it gets costly!

  781. Erica

    Salt Lake City with a friend to do the Ragnar Relay this summer!

  782. Mey

    Florida with my boyfriend!!!

  783. Katherine

    New York City with by husband. Never been and it sounds aswsome!

  784. kathy j

    new orleans, jazz fest with one of my best gal pals.
    because i know what it means to miss new orleans.

  785. Arielle Jordan

    What a great contest and I’m having so much fun sharing it with my readers. Travel really does make your life richer and I applaud you for recognizing and sharing that. Personally, I would take my best friend to Maui to watch the sunrise from the volcano. Fingers Crossed!

  786. Roop

    I would take my sister to Hawaii.

  787. edith russo

    nyc gateway so my husband and I can continue onto Amsterdam for my aunt’s 25th wedding anniversary party which will probably turn into a family reunion! Please pick us!!!

  788. bloo

    i’m going nowhere with no one. i’m Canadian. 🙁

  789. Austin

    Seattle with my wife. She’s always wanted to go there.

  790. Sid

    I’d go hiking in Alaska

  791. Kelly

    New Hampshire. Fiancé

  792. Mary

    I’d fly to Maine, and drive up to Nova Scotia or maybe south to
    Boston with my husband

  793. Scott

    Alaska. Northern Lights, Killer Whales, Salmon Fishing.
    Thanks, Ramit.

  794. Blair

    Peru with my boyfriend ive always wanted to see Machu Picchu

  795. Andre

    My wife’s never been to Hawaii; so that would be the one place I’d fly to.

  796. L

    San Francisco, I think. With my mom, she totally needs a vacay.

  797. Lyle Najita

    I would love to take my son to New York city or Chicago to check out the music scene in either of those cities. mainly because he’s into music, mainly jazz and is interested in music as a career.

  798. Kevin Moreau

    Austin, TX. To show my fiancee how life is awesomely laid back there

  799. JennaFleur

    This October I will be in Hawaii (first time!) for a class that I have eagerly awaited, already registered, and (mostly) paid for. It’s so important to me that I have organized 2013 around doing the required prepwork (a prerequisite class, homework, project, test, and intern hours). I added a third job to increase my income in order to attend.
    I have not yet purchased a plane ticket; I only need one.
    I’d make the second ticket available for another student.
    Thank you!

  800. lorna Castro

    In Dallas, Texas with my daughter to visit my sister-in-law at the same time.

  801. Lisa

    I would hurry up and go to Alaska to see the Northern Lights! Otherwise I’d go to Hawaii and visit my friends. I’ve also lived in NY and visited the Northeast and I live in CA. This minimizes the other places I’d want to go since a lot of the western US is driveable.

  802. Aaron

    San Francisco! My company is growing and I want to see the new place!

  803. David Lloyd-Jones

    Hawaii here I come!


  804. Chris

    Austin, TX. W/ the gf.

  805. Deb

    To San Diego with my boyfriend so we can meet his 2 year old niece for the first time!

  806. James

    Thanks for putting this on, Ramit. Definitely surprised the Luxury Hotel deal wasn’t popular!

    My top pick right now is Alaska with my daughter! I’ve never been and I’m not sure I’ll go outside of winning this contest (isn’t it unusual to choose that then?…)

  807. Nick

    Anywhere in the US is great since I’m living in Japan! NYC here I come.

  808. Beverly Payton

    Upstate New York with my good friend to see my Mother who I have not seen in 25 years!

  809. Swapna

    Would love going to Hawaii bcoz that’s a long awaited trip and would go with my husband

  810. Daniel

    It would be Miami, because that is most likely where the 2013 NBA Finals will be this year. I would take Ramit, because then I would be able to talk to him about the theme of “Taking Control” and other financial topics while were are there.

  811. Bikash Chakravarty

    Orlando,Florida with my wife.

  812. Robert Whisler

    I would fly to San Francisco, and I would take my sister who is expecting her third child. She had two boys in 2011, two in the same year or Irish twins as I was told. She also takes care of her boyfriends other two daughters and home schools them, all while attending school and being a stay at home mom. I just think she could really use a vacation after the busy, hectic last two years she has experienced.

  813. Damian VanHart

    Oahu (Hawaii), and a soon to be girlfriend.

  814. Sandev

    NYC. My dad.

  815. Joy Dean

    I would take my daughter to Hawaii for graduation!

  816. Felicity

    I currently live in France with my boyfriend. I would bring him back to the states with me to finally meet my family and go to my sister’s wedding in San Francisco.

  817. Trevor

    Greece to learn about my heritage. Not sure who I will take.

  818. KAREN

    Yosemite, Calif to see friends

  819. Jamie

    San Diego, hands down. I would bring my wife, most definitely.

  820. Emma Radovich

    New York, New York with a friend.

  821. Connie

    Hawaii! Would go for meditation retreat and eco-tourism. Fun to contemplate who to bring with!

  822. Ognjen

    To the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, with my former circus assistant Pépé. It would be the perfect spot to practice for our quarterly juggling tournament.

    Just kidding, to NYC – with my fiance!

  823. Greg

    Snow Skiing with cheap lodging.
    Or any cheap beach I could sleep on.
    With any Gal who wants to go.

  824. Rebecca

    I’d go to the Grand Canyon with my husband, who is not a US citizen and hasn’t traveled much in my home country. This would be a great chance for us to visit together a place we’ve both only seen in photos.

  825. Kristen

    I would go to Hawaii with my husband for the water sports and eco-tourism.

  826. Karen

    I would visit family members in CA, rent a car take a road trip to see family in AZ and return home from there. I would take my two children.
    Note: I’ll pay for my ticket. ;^) We don’t get to travel like this often enough.

  827. Joseph Cox

    I’d take a vacation to Montana, to write and relax.

  828. Chereen Zaki

    I’d love to go to Hawaii with my husband.

  829. Liz

    Cocoa Beach, FL

  830. Stephanie

    New Zealand. Anyone who can get the time off can come with me.

  831. Jessica

    Either Hawaii or Boston or New York. I would bring either my brother or a friend.

  832. Candy

    New York or Austin, with my husband.

  833. Linda

    I would love to go to CA to see my brother who I haven’t visited for over 20 years. I would take my son, Chadwick.

  834. ranga

    i will go to LA with my sister!

  835. eleni

    Hey Ramit

    I’ never been to US before so I’d love to visit either NYC or Florida. If I’m lucky enough to win, I will bring my boyfriend with me.
    It would be great!

  836. Anna

    Alaska, with my husband.
    We never had a honeymoon, and he has always wanted to go there :o)

  837. iphone case supplier

    i will go to LA with my sister!

  838. Todd Bennett

    I would take my wife, any where she wanted to go!

  839. Einar

    I would take my wife to be (wedding is in July!) to Hawaii.

  840. Jeff

    I would bring my wife to Hawaii to see her brother.

  841. GJ

    My dream is to go to California 🙂 With my best friend!

  842. Shirley

    Bermuda with my best friend!

  843. Julie

    Since the travel is for only one other person, I’d take my 17-year-old son to Alaska.. He has missed so many chances to go on adventures, and it would be a vacation he would love before he leaves home to go out on his own. (I’d love to go there, too!)

  844. Ott

    Alaska with my best friend Jaanika. Nature there isabsolutely stunning, well, from pictures at least 😀

  845. Karl

    Texas with my best friend. Its nice and warm in there and also there ae plenty of things to do.

  846. Jaanika

    I would fly to New York with my best friend 🙂

  847. Megan

    Scottsdale, AZ next February with my Dad.

  848. Pa

    I would love, love, love to go to Hawaii with my honey for a honeymoon that we never had.

  849. Kent

    With the free tickets I would fly to Kona, Hawaii with my nine year old son so we could visit Volcano National Park.

  850. rlk

    I’d go to the West Coast- Cali, maybe Oregon- with my boyfriend.

  851. Rodney

    I would send my mom and dad to Hawaii or the place of their choice. They are 79 and 80 respectively and will have been married 55 years in September. They have had a rich joyous life together with 3 successful children (my brother 46, sister 50 and myself 54).

  852. Annika

    From Estonia with my best friend!

  853. Vallo

    To Hawaii,
    with the love of my life to the destination of my dreams!

  854. Rob

    There’s an annual training conference in Lake Forest, California for the volunteer organization that my wife and I donate our time to every summer. There is a wonderful family that has put us up for our stay and we’d love to be able to go and hang out with their girls to give the mom a rest… sounds altruistic, but it means hanging out at beaches and going to Disneyland plus getting valuable training.

    I’d do that in the summer of 2014.

  855. Sara

    I would travel home, to California. I haven’t seen friends or family there for nearly 5 years. And I would take my wife to meet everyone!

  856. Araceli

    Alaska with my sister. our goal is to travel to all 50 states

  857. J.Gustafson

    Hawaii, of course. There’s a foot of snow here in Maine.

  858. Haouas Chadha

    Thailand with my boyfriend :)))

  859. Carter

    I’d go to Washington DC and I’d take my husband.

  860. Elisa J

    It’s a toss up! Alaska- or Hawaii!

  861. Delilah

    To Tahiti with my boyfriend.

  862. Anna

    To Seattle with my husband to visit my best friend that I haven’t seen in 7 years

  863. Remi

    Well, since It’s for US citizens alone guess I don’t qualify. Anyways, I f I we’re to go I’d choose Bahamas and by myself since it will be a trip to see a top performer I admire.

  864. Robert Kelley

    If the drawing were this week and I won, I’d go to my grad-school teacher’s retirement party this weekend, which I can’t afford to attend. Otherwise, I’d probably go to Hawaii or maybe Portland. I’d invite one of my buddies to go with me.

  865. Bill

    Ramit, thank you for the opportunity to win this trip! When I win I will take my fiance’ on our honeymoon to Ireland. We’ve both always wanted to travel there and can’t wait for this trip to come to being!

    Thanks again and continue with making things great!

  866. Diana L

    I would go to Costa Rica with my grandpa.

  867. Diana L

    Oops. US–I’d go to Maine with my grandpa.

  868. Kate Horrell

    Thanks for doing the contest!

    I would take my husband somewhere we could decompress and enjoy some time together without our kids, or his work phone ringing, or me stressing about work. If I could tag it on to one end of an educational conference, that would be perfect 🙂

  869. jeff

    Hawaii with my wife

  870. Teressa

    I’d go to Hawaii to see my best friend who moved out there four years ago, as for who I’d bring…probably Herminio, one of my best buds in Spain 🙂

  871. Jessica

    Home to WA, with my boyfriend, to see/meet my 93 yr. old Grandma. 🙂

  872. Shaquanna

    Spain with my husband! He has never been before.

  873. Danny B

    I’d want to go to New York with my best friend. Both of us want to be investment bankers so it would be cool for a couple of Vancouver kids to see Wall Street where it all goes down.

  874. kpb

    Scotland with my husband and son…

  875. David Lloyd-Jonese

    Hawaii! My grandchildren, whom I haven’t seen in person yet, are in Japan, and that would get me half way there…

  876. claire

    I was initially thinking San Francisco or LA, but I’d have to give Hawaii some serious thought. Not sure who I’d take. Do you have to use both tickets at once?

  877. kpb

    oops….haste makes waste….anywhere in the states, it would be California!

  878. Carly

    Dallas to visit some close friends I don’t get to see very often. I’d probably take one of my old roommates who are friends with them as well.

  879. Angie

    New York with the husband!

  880. b

    I’d take my partner to France.

  881. Rete Catalina

    USA, Minnesota. With my dad.

  882. Leslie

    Tampa, FL w/ my significant someone.

  883. Melanie

    Alaska with my husband…we have always wanted to go! Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in September! 🙂

  884. danny

    Alaska with with my buddy Christopher McCandless

  885. Elizabeth

    My first instinct was NYC with my boyfriend, but Alaska and Hawaii are tempting too!

  886. Adrianne

    I would invite P!nk, but if she turned me down I would go with my husband to Ireland. I just wouldn’t get into all the cool pubs.

  887. Mitzy Carrasquillo

    Hawaii with my daughter she deserves it.Beautiful sunshine destination

  888. Sylvia

    California , my husband and my baby

  889. KO

    Orlando, with a friend

  890. Christa

    I would take my 13 yo son whereever he wants to go.

  891. Denise

    Back to Hawaii with my sister.

  892. James

    I’d take my girlfriend anywhere she wanted … she is finishing up her PhD and really wants to travel more

  893. Diane

    With my hubby – Quito, Ecuador so we could go to the Galapagos Islands

  894. SD

    Maybe head to Florida for some great diving in the Keys. Maybe go backpacking in Denali. Some kind of big adventure!

  895. Sarah P

    I’d head to Maryland with a good friend, to visit friends from college!

  896. Natasha

    Definitely LA with my man

  897. Sarah G Creative

    I’d be going to Japan with my S.O., because he once lived there and wants to visit again, and I’ve always wanted to go.

  898. Jin Curry

    Were I to win this, I would definitely take my boyfriend as the other person. As for the where, it would either be Wyoming to see Yellowstone National Park because we’ve never been there before, or to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because we love that area and will probably move there next year.
    Thank you for offering us these opportunities to enrich our lives, Ramit~

  899. Sean

    Portland. With my boyfriend.

  900. Kelly

    San Diego. my boyfriend.

  901. Erin Tarumi

    I would go to North Carolina with my husband and baby(under 2) for my family reunion and see cousins I haven’t seen in over 10years..

  902. Samantha

    Alaska with my husband. I want to see some glaciers, whales, and bears.

  903. Nick Varner

    I would take my girlfriend to Disney World, which has been her favorite place. She’s wanted to go there with me for over a year now.

  904. Thomas

    I would bring my brother to Alaska so that we can snowboard together!

  905. Sean

    California with my girlfriend. We drove through Big Sur in the dark and rain last time… Not as fun as it sounds (I know it already doesn’t sound fun). I would plan on rectifying that and staying at a couple fancy hotels on the way.

  906. AMD

    Hawaii or east coast to visit my parents and old friends. Not sure who gets to go with!

  907. Mary

    I would go to NYC with my boyfriend so he can renew his foreign passport there (can’t mail it in). If we time it right, we could attend the wedding of a friend who I haven’t seen in years! We’ve been working for months to figure out how we can make it work and we will make it work! Free round trip tickets would be an absolute relief and dream come true!

  908. Rachel

    Either Hawaii or Yosemite with my boyfriend

  909. Kacie

    I don’t intend to fly anywhere any time soon, but I would like to win these tickets for my parents. My dad has lung cancer (again) and I’d like to send him and my mom on a sunny vacation (maybe Hawaii, where he was born) while they can still enjoy it. :/

  910. Ayesha

    New York City – Take my boyfriend there to show him what it’s all about.

    Shop. Shop. Shop!

  911. Heather Craik

    Hawaii, probably with my best friend / former lover. Never been but he has and it always sounded amazing!

  912. Kate

    Always wanted to see the redwoods, so Portland for sure! Plus maybe a quick trip south to wine country too.

  913. Rinaldy

    Boston, MA or San Francisco, CA would be one of my choices.

  914. Anureet

    new york, with my sister

  915. Mitch

    I would take my wife to visit her childhood home of South Korea.

  916. Mo

    Hawaii w/ my fiance or Napa Valley in California.

  917. Nolan Sinclair

    If I win the tickets my wife and I would fly to Vegas.

  918. Ben Cox

    Hawaii, for sure – been wanting to go for a while now.

  919. Kristin

    I would be flying to Macchu Picchu, Peru with my boyfriend and my camera. 😉

  920. Caroline

    I would travel to Japan. I absolutely love to travel. I am a school teacher and spend my summers taking my kids to different places. I want to see the world and see how people live in different conditions and circumstances. To me… Travel is a part of who I am. I spend my free time thinking of places to go and dreaming of what I will see and experience! I would take someone who would appreciate the experience as much as I would.

  921. Allison Parfenov

    Hard to choose! Hawaii? Alaska? A weekend away to somewhere adventurous and breathtaking with my hubby.

  922. Brittany Rogers

    I’d fly away to NYC with my best friend 😉

  923. John de Marco

    I’m not sure where I’d go- but I would definitely go with my wife. We never went on a honeymoon so this might be our chance.

  924. Michael

    Does the arrival and departure have to be the same city?

    If not, fly out to Seattle with my gf and rent a car to Vancouver…then drive down to Portland.

    If so, I would spend thanksgiving week in San Francisco (& meet up with my sister in San Diego).

  925. Andrea

    Washington DC to visit friends that we only get to see every so often and to take our first baby for the 1st time!!! Also to see all of DC while there.

  926. Alyssa

    the Grand Canyon! with my partner in crime. well, not real crime.

  927. Kandace

    I’d fly with my husband to Japan to visit his brother and his family before they move back to the US.

  928. Marta

    I’d fulfill my dream to see the Grand Canyon. 🙂 I’d probably take a friend with me, so we could experience that together.

  929. Jen

    I’d take my husband somewhere that has great biking.

  930. Andrea

    I’d fly to San Francisco with my boyfriend, borrow a friend’s car and drive up and down route 1. 🙂

  931. Amanda

    I’d go to Hawaii. My dad lived there for 4 years when he was in the Navy back in the 70’s, and he’s never been back since, so I’d bring him with me. I’d love to see the places he used to live and where his base was.

  932. Maureen

    I don’t know where (San Francisco? Alaska? New Orleans?) — but I’d take my best friend.

  933. Deacon Maccubbin

    I’d take my husband, but where? If we’re limited to the continental US, I’d probably pick Key West FL. That’s where we spent the first half of our honeymoon 31 years ago (the other half was in Puerto Rico, but I don’t imagine US territories are included in this case). But to maximize the value of the tickets, we might opt for Portland (we’re fans of “Portlandia”) or San Diego. But Sante Fe beckons, too, since they are premiering a major opera there in July. Decisions, decisions!

  934. Daniel

    Grand Cayman–take my wife and just go cr