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Announcing the newly designed

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The new design is live on (RSS readers, you should check it out).

A couple of cool things: Now you can easily email posts to friends, see popular articles, and for pure vanity’s sake, see what I’m reading. Also, click any post and note the “Related Articles” on the right side.

There are a few other fun things sprinkled throughout the interface–search! finally! and other stuff–so poke around and check it out. (Known bugs: not linked, newsletter signup broken newsletter fixed).

Just a quick tidbit of how the new design came to be: Late last year, I had gone to some design talk and was feeling very inspired, so I spent all night surfing across designers’ sites and found one I really loved. I wrote Wilson Miner and told him what a great design sense he had. Turns out, he reads iwillteachyoutoberich and lives in SF, and that was that. Wilson did a beautiful job. For implementation, Josh Lehman and Ian Warshak stayed up late nights and helped get it done. Thanks, guys. (Josh is currently taking design work and Ian is taking software-development work.)

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  1. Love the books I’m reading section.
    Been thinking about that myself.
    But then, I blog on the books I’m reading
    so I guess that topic is covered.

    The large font will take me some time
    to get used to.
    But once I do,
    I’ll likely be thinking why more blogs don’t go
    that way.

  2. Looks great! Simple and clean.

  3. Ramit,

    Absolutely amazing redesign. I love it. It is so organized and well thought out. Plus, it loads so much faster now! Your team did a wonderful job. Now, back to the classic IWTYTBR advice articles!


  4. Kudos to Wilson – LJWorld and Apple were/are lucky to have him.

  5. It seems like something changed about the font…am I remembering correctly?

    I like the new layout…everything except whatever was changed about the font.

  6. more elegant and uncluttered. Now I’ll come here from RSS more often.

  7. I love the new layout! It’s easy to use, navigate and search. The bigger font is a nice addition also.

  8. Wow, nice redesign Ramit.

    It’s very clean and professional. Has a very inviting feel to it.

  9. Great redesign, like the look and especially the new font. Definitely more readable by far.