Announcing the newly designed

Ramit Sethi · June 14th, 2007

The new design is live on (RSS readers, you should check it out).

A couple of cool things: Now you can easily email posts to friends, see popular articles, and for pure vanity’s sake, see what I’m reading. Also, click any post and note the “Related Articles” on the right side.

There are a few other fun things sprinkled throughout the interface–search! finally! and other stuff–so poke around and check it out. (Known bugs: not linked, newsletter signup broken newsletter fixed).

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Just a quick tidbit of how the new design came to be: Late last year, I had gone to some design talk and was feeling very inspired, so I spent all night surfing across designers’ sites and found one I really loved. I wrote Wilson Miner and told him what a great design sense he had. Turns out, he reads iwillteachyoutoberich and lives in SF, and that was that. Wilson did a beautiful job. For implementation, Josh Lehman and Ian Warshak stayed up late nights and helped get it done. Thanks, guys. (Josh is currently taking design work and Ian is taking software-development work.)

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  1. Love the books I’m reading section.
    Been thinking about that myself.
    But then, I blog on the books I’m reading
    so I guess that topic is covered.

    The large font will take me some time
    to get used to.
    But once I do,
    I’ll likely be thinking why more blogs don’t go
    that way.

  2. Bethany

    Looks great! Simple and clean.

  3. Ramit,

    Absolutely amazing redesign. I love it. It is so organized and well thought out. Plus, it loads so much faster now! Your team did a wonderful job. Now, back to the classic IWTYTBR advice articles!


  4. James Adams

    Kudos to Wilson – LJWorld and Apple were/are lucky to have him.

  5. It seems like something changed about the font…am I remembering correctly?

    I like the new layout…everything except whatever was changed about the font.

  6. Ranjan

    more elegant and uncluttered. Now I’ll come here from RSS more often.

  7. sfgirl

    I love the new layout! It’s easy to use, navigate and search. The bigger font is a nice addition also.

  8. Wow, nice redesign Ramit.

    It’s very clean and professional. Has a very inviting feel to it.

  9. A Tentative Personal Finance Blog

    looking good Ramit

  10. Great redesign, like the look and especially the new font. Definitely more readable by far.

  11. jonathan

    Worthwhile design, but how about some more THINGS I HATE posts? How about one post every quarter?

  12. Pamela Slim

    Hey, very snappy Ramit! The Virgo in me loves it! Such clean design and natural organization.

    Now I have one more reason to hate you (ok, not hate, just be jealous) since I have been fantasizing about blog redesign for awhile now and have done nothing about it.

    As you say … I should get off my tush since “perfectionists are losers.”

    How long do you think it will take me to train my 2-year old in web design? It sure would simplify things. 🙂

  13. Kanwal

    Awesome new design Ramit. Its something that I have inspired to with my blog – which is still a work in progress

  14. ChristianPF

    Wow, it looks pretty sharp – and the comments look pretty nice too!!

  15. Finally found a blog that makes sense…no pun intended. Clean, easy to read and navigate, thanks!

  16. Nice, I definitely like this layout.

  17. Richard Wu

    hey ramit, congrats on the new design…i do have 3 suggestions though =)

    1. change the surrounding background color from white to perhaps a very light gray (i think someone else already suggested this in your comments)
    2. the search box UI confused me. it looks like a select box so i clicked on the caret to open it down and submitted the search. but maybe i’m just dumb =P
    3. add a favicon

  18. Richard Wu

    a few other quick bugs:

    1. “Remember My info” in your comment posting form does not seem to work
    2. you no longer seem to have a “thanks for your comment. it will not show up until i approve it” mechanism/page

  19. Richard Wu

    er…me again.

    1. next/previous links do not have a max width anymore. when both are long, the css forces one to go below the other link. e.g.
    2. utilize your wider layout and make this comment box wider =) i dislike when i am forced to scroll horizontally in a comment box

  20. Ramit Sethi

    Another bug: On, if you click “August 2004” (or any of those), nothing happens.

  21. Wow. This looks fantastic. I love how you managed to keep some hints of color from the old site. The design feels like this site has evolved rather than change into something radically different.

  22. Mike C

    Hey Ramit, I like the new layout. One question (in jest), though. How long will you consider yourself a “recent graduate”, as you indicate in the About Me section?


  23. Sirish

    search box that gives hints as you type?…..(over kill?…may be/ may be not)

    if you(or the web) have any modules ready for this..then please use them….other wise…never mind…the site is already rocking…

  24. mapgirl

    Really pretty, but you need a new photo! Smile and shave! 😀

  25. Please, no more gray backgrounds! Now I know why I always felt depressed coming to your site before.

  26. ok looks better

    now all you need is a icon for your site so when it’s in the toolbar i just have the little icon not the whole “i will teach you (blah blah)”

    i’m thinking a dollar sign. I’ll email you a few.

  27. You should view your website in IE 6.0 Your right Panel over there is a bit misaligned.

  28. Andrew

    I’m curious as to why you’ve not written anything of quality as late. Most of the stuff you have written since I’ve started subscribing to the RSS is junk, the real value can be found in your archives.

  29. Ramit Sethi

    Thanks for all the great comments. Tammy, we’ll take a look at that. James, thanks for sending the icon–that will up shortly. Andrew, if you don’t like the content, why don’t you write a guest post and submit it to me? Jack: Thank you for noticing! (Edit: Joe, if you’re going to leave a comment, at least use your real email address.)

  30. I’m kinda with Andrew (although hopefully a wee bit more politely!), I’m afraid to say …. the site looks pretty and all but regular, meaty content (about personal finance, not site updates/employer updates and the like) would be far more welcome. Seems like it’s been a while. Unless I’ve completely misunderstood the mission statement of the site.

  31. Truly an improvement. Kudos to your new design staff.

  32. Jennifer

    I’m new to this site. Is this the old layout?

    It looks great!

  33. Cypherpunk

    The design looks good. Any chance of getting a printer-friendly CSS design as well? An example of what I mean can be found on

    BTW: This is a bug-bear of mine for various blogs that I read, so anyone else reading this who has a blog, please take up the challenge and clean up your print versions.

    Thank you.

  34. steveplace


    So you probably already knew this, but pbwiki has been mentioned by SJ mercury news about how it was developed @ SHDH

  35. marebear

    I like the site design. Don’t think it’s nearly as important to be rich as it is to be ethical.

  36. Douglas

    My name is Douglas and I also live in San Francisco. I find it great to coincidently bump into a fellow San Franciscan’s website. It’s not everyday you just surf the web and find a interesting website and the owner is in the same city. I am looking forward to be rich one day, and I plan to start my own business. I have nothing in mind yet, but I am interested in things you have to say. I like to listen and read about people’s success. I like to read about “everyday people” successful stories, not like Bill Gates. I look forward to reading your success stories as well. Sorry if my comment is irrelevant. I love the site, I do a little webdesign myself. BTW, your “Speaking” paragraph is mis-aligned. I am using IE 6.0.