Announcing a new scholarship: I’m giving away 1 seat to Dream Job Elite

Ramit Sethi

I’ve told you before about how my Indian immigrant parents told me that I needed to get scholarships to pay for college.

(It wasn’t a request — Asian/Indian parents don’t ask their kids what they think, they tell their kids what’s to do. I can’t wait to do the same thing to my kids.)

And so I built a system to rapidly apply and optimize my scholarship applications — and paid my way through undergrad and grad school.

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I’ve never forgotten the generosity of the foundations and groups that gave me opportunities I could never have gotten on my own. As a result, I plan to give back far more than I was given over my lifetime.

And today, I’m announcing one scholarship for Dream Job Elite.

If you were interested in the program, but couldn’t afford it — or were prohibited from joining because of credit-card debt — I saved one seat in Dream Job Elite to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ll personally pay your tuition.

There are no catches. No tricks. I’m simply inviting one of you to join my $12,000 course, learning every exclusive technique I’ll teach the others to find their Dream Job, learn in-depth techniques on networking, master interviewing, and conquer salary negotiations, for free. If you succeed, I know you’ll pay it back to others.

I was personally blown away by how many of you emailed me, frustrated that you couldn’t join because of credit-card debt, or being laid off, or having to support your families. Many of you simply signed off their emails saying, “I’ll just do my best with your free stuff.”

But for one of you, I’d like to invite you to get my best techniques, along with 1-on-1 access to me, through this scholarship. Click here to get more information about this program: Full Details of Dream Job Elite (PDF).

Note that because my “Elite” (paying) applicants applied to a limited pool, their chances of being accepted are dramatically better. And since internet weirdos love to jump at the word “FREE,” I expect to be flooded with far more applications than I received for Elite applicants.

That’s why I’m looking for a “hidden gem” — someone who has the same hustle and drive and demonstrated success as my other world-class applicants…someone who is every bit as qualified as my paying students, but who may have fallen on some bad luck.

Here are the details of the Dream Job Elite Scholarship:

  • There is 1 scholarship available for my full Dream Job Elite program
  • You will receive the same instructions, material, and access as Elite (paying) applicants. Click here for the Full Details of Dream Job Elite (PDF)
  • The scholarship fully covers your $12,000 tuition. Note that you will be responsible for travel and accommodations to New York on the weekend of December 3rd-4th, 2011
  • The entry deadline is 11:59pm EST on Friday, October 14, 2011. That’s tomorrow night
  • You’ll be required to fill out the same application as standard Elite applicants, plus two more questions about why you deserve this scholarship
  • If you’ve already applied for Dream Job Elite, you’re not eligible. This is strictly for people who don’t have the financial means to enroll in this any other way.
  • No purchase is necessary to win. I’m the judge and my decision is final.

Here’s the link to the scholarship application — due Friday, 10/14, at 11:59pm:

Good luck.

Scholarships changed my life. I’m excited to do the same for one of you to help you find your Dream Job.

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  1. Jenny Shaw

    This is why I am proud to be a follower and supporter. With guidance from your blog, my husband and I have paid off $16,000 of credit card debt in one year. We are on track, after transferring 90% of the rest of our debt onto a credit card with 12 months at 0% interest (saving by our calculations, $7,000 over the next year in interest alone), to pay off the rest of our debt by next October.

    I hope you will offer this class again. I am not in a place to participate right now and I am not going to try for the free seat; there are people who need it more than I do right now. But someday, someday soon I will be on track to participate in something like this. Until then, I will glean everything I can from your content and I will make strides towards my goals.

    Thank you, Ramit.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Awesome, Jenny. I love it. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Also, to other people reading this: Don’t select yourself out of consideration. When I was applying for scholarships, I watched other people not apply for reasons like:
      – “There’s no way I could get that”
      – “There will be too many other applicants”
      – “My parents are doctors so I’ll never get it”

      Those people were right: They never got the scholarship. Yet I know several scholarship administrators who get ZERO applicants for FREE MONEY.

      If you’re intimidated by the application, you deserve to fail. If you show up and give your best shot, you have a better chance than you can imagine.

  2. Bobby

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Mike

    Originally unable to afford the $12,000 costs, I’m so driven to be given the scholarship and can’t wait to work on my full application tonight. Probably won’t sleep because of the effort this will take and perfection that will be necessary. Good luck to everyone else who submits an application. Doing is the first step. You can’t win if you don’t try.

  4. Tina

    Golden opportunity! I’d be a fool not to take it.
    * starts application.

    Thank you so much, Ramit.

    You have already helped me a great deal in getting my tuition for prereqs waived ($326.00) when I thought it wasn’t possible because I was just a little above the financial aid income cut off.

    Now I can get that latte. And when I get a steady income, I’m setting up automatic transfers.

  5. AD

    I see on the application that the first call is tonight. Would the scholarship recipient miss this one?

    • Ramit Sethi

      We fixed the dates. First call is next week.

  6. Jim

    It sounds like a great opportunity for those who are applying, with careful thought and effort this could be a great way to take anyone to the next level.

  7. Jessica

    I am super excited for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.

    My husband has already applied for the paid course, and we could not pull off the money to pay for both of us to go through it considering we are hoping to buy a house in the near future.

    If you had asked a year ago would we even been able to consider paying for my husband I would have laughed. We have managed to pay off my debt for my masters degree (before I even graduated), all my credit card debt, and a large portion of our student loans. On top of that we have the funds for a down payment on a house.

    None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t taken the advise from I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

    Thank you Ramit!

    • Ramit Sethi

      My pleasure. Thanks for the great comment, Jessica, and congratulations.

  8. Alisa

    Gosh darnit, I was so excited… and then I realised that flying out to New York from here in Australia will cost me quite a lot of money I don’t have, and that’s the weekend before I submit the thesis that I’m currently writing. D’oh! I guess I’m like Jenny, not in a position to apply, so good luck to everyone else who does.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Alisa, I respect your decision (especially if you can’t afford the flight), but I just want to highlight how top performers think about things like this.

      10 years from now, will you regret applying and going to an event that could potentially change my life?

      The very best people I know, in any financial circumstance, will figure out a way to do the most impactful things with their lives. If that means finishing their thesis early, or earning more/cutting back before December, that’s what they’ll do.

      Again, not criticizing your decision, Alisa, but I wanted to take this opportunity to reframe how top performers think about opportunities they believe can be life-changing.

    • Alisa

      Ramit, I think what I regret more is lending my father $11k at the start of this year, which made me run out of savings and beg the university for a loan for living expenses!

  9. Tina L. Zeng

    Video link:

    Hi Ramit!

    My Dream Job would tie the threads between design, business, and non-profit. I am so excited about the intersection between these three paths and learning more, but I just don’t know how I can craft such a career being a recent college graduate and first generation college student. The closest I’ve gotten to attaining my Dream Job is co-founding a community organization in which I devise the Media Strategy and created digital media to market it. While I enjoying giving back to my community, I want to be compensated for my work and to find a professional environment in which I can continue to learn more and push myself to perform at my potential.

    Thank you Ramit for this golden opportunity. I know you will get so many great applicants because you’ve influenced so many people in a positive way. I know you’ll kick ass on your first Dream Job Elite launch! (And if I don’t get this scholarship… I’m going to go for it again if you offer it another time!)

    • Kurt Maloney

      Tina, FYI your video link isn’t working. Wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity because of a minor technical glitch.

    • Tina L. Zeng

      Thanks for getting my back!

      Here’s my video URL:
      Username: tnlnzng
      Video name: Dream Job

    • Maria

      Tina, check your video’s setting you may have it set to private, the link you provided is not working 🙂 Best of luck

  10. Marc Chevrette

    My dream job is definitely in my current field and most likely at my current employer (as strange as that sounds). Currently, however, I feel I’m underpaid (at about 8% less than the median salary for my position) and undervalued (in terms of responsibility). I’m not there because I haven’t really tried. Before I’m ready, I’d need a gameplan to attack this head on, but without that (like where I am now) I feel like I’d get nowhere. I know that I’m more valuable than I’m currently being paid. I need some help in getting my bosses to know that too. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Marc Chevrette

      P.S. I put the video link in the “website” field so you can access it by clicking on my name or by copying this:

      Thanks again!

  11. Rozaliya Abramova

    Hello. I don’t know exactly what my Dream Job is but I know what I want to do. Growing up, I wanted to become a surgeon. However, at that time in Russia it wasn’t safe to let a girl to another city to school so I got my diploma as a Kindergarten teacher. When we immigrated to the US, I was discouraged to go to medical school (cultural constraints at that point as I already was married and had a child) and got my Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Finance. After working for 2 years, I realized that it doesn’t serve my purposed in life, i.e., being able to make a difference in someone’s life, I went back to school and became speech-language pathologist. After working in the field for several years, I’m ready to have something on my own, a school perhaps, where I will be able to apply my knowledge and skills to be able to help children with delays; however, I’m not sure how to go about it and how to overcome financial constraints associated with building own business or looking for another place of employment where I will be able to utilize my knowledge and improve my family’s financial situation. I’ll be very happy if I get the scholarship but if I won’t I will be very happy for the person who’ll get it as my motto in life is that everything happens for a reason. Thank you.

  12. Natasha Smith

    Ramit, thank you so much for extending this opportunity! I’m genuinely impressed with the thought and care that you’ve put into developing such an in-depth program. I’m looking forward to filling out the application, because the questions are so targeted that I’ll have to be completely honest with myself about what I want to do and what’s holding me back. That’s an important step in the direction I want to go, even if I don’t manage to beat everyone out for the scholarship.

    In the description of Dream Job Elite, you say that everyone you accept will have “already achieved significant success in at least one area of life.” Is this something we should address in the “Why I would be the best choice” question? Or should we stick to talking about how we’d take advantage of the scholarship and the program?

    • Ramit Sethi

      Use your best judgment.

  13. Steven Matthew Herman

    My dream job would consist of a multitude of jobs. I have a million ideas. Some of those ideas involve organizing a non-profit business. One of my goals is to do this, and once I have accomplished this and the non-profit is self-sustaing. I would move on to another non-profit idea. I also have goals concerning for-profit businesses. I will follow pretty much the same structuring plan as the non-profit. Once the business is up and running I would have someone else run it, or I would maybe even sell the whole thing as a turn-key. Then after that I would start over on another innovation. My goals are to generate income for my loved ones with the for-profits, and to contribute and help society with the non-profits.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Yeah…that lack of focus is incredibly common. That’s what Dream Job helps with — narrowing down your ideas into a system to TEST to find what you really want.

      The alternative — what many people do — is to get paralyzed by so many choices and end up doing none of them at all.

  14. Anca

    I conquered procrastination, my usual self-defeating beliefs, and on-camera shyness, but I did it…I completed the application. And a day early. If you knew me, you’d agree that’s already an impressive amount of success. 🙂 I hope you like the surprise ending of my video…it never occurred to me you’d one day know about it.

    • Anca Scaesteanu

      Oh clever, you’re filtering out applicants who didn’t read all the instructions, right?

      My dream job is to be on the Google Green Team and manage the on-going/future greening of their European offices. I want to focus on bridging the gap between sustainability and people (green building user experience).

  15. Susan Siegel

    An opportunity that has no age limit, no requirements just a dream, what more can a person ask for. Thank you for not putting limits on a persons DREAM JOB but an opportunity to possibly have it.

  16. Christopher Montone

    Here is my video:

    I want to be a lifestyle design expert with a focus on healthy living. I will be helping people get past their own personal psychology about their lifestyles that hold them back from losing weight, eating healthier, etc.

    I would do this in two ways:
    1) With free content online
    2) in 1-on-1 and small in person group classes or sessions.

    Similar to a personal trainer but instead of focusing a particular diet or exercise routine I would be creating weekly action plans founded in behavioral psychology based on their goals, providing feedback, and keeping them accountable that goes beyond typically motivation tactics. I basically want to create sustainable healthy habits in my clients.

  17. Michael Staudenmeir

    Hello Ramit!

    Thank you for surprising us with the opportunity to have a scholarship for the Dream Job Elite Program.

    My video link is included here:

    I’m one of the many people unsure about what I want. I’ve been working towards the goal of being an aerospace engineer, but now I’m looking for something that is more uniquely me, something I can excel at. I am in love with communicating; presentations and speeches do not feel like work to me. I am also technical, and enjoy making spreadsheets (which sounds really weird, but I accept that). Lastly, I want to be creative, and I want to be involved in something that is growing and attracting new appreciation. Perhaps the best example of my dream job would be one of the animators in the early days of Pixar, but I need to find a relevant equivalent.

  18. Michael Staudenmeir

    Hello Ramit!

    Thank you for surprising us with the opportunity to have a scholarship for the Dream Job Elite Program.

    My video link is included here:

    I’m one of the many people unsure about what I want. I’ve been working towards the goal of being an aerospace engineer, but now I’m looking for something that is more uniquely me, something I can excel at. I am in love with communicating; presentations and speeches do not feel like work to me. I am also technical, and enjoy making spreadsheets (which sounds really weird, but I accept that). Lastly, I want to be creative, and I want to be involved in something that is growing and attracting new appreciation. Perhaps the best example of my dream job would be one of the animators in the early days of Pixar, but I need to find a current equivalent.

  19. Jessica Schoonmaker

    Here is my video,

    Here is the link to my video.

    My dream job would allow me to spend more time with my husband and focus on our family. I am currently working a job where our shifts don’t overlap, and I am going to work for the paycheck. I am hoping that DJE will help me find a position where I am excited to go to work most mornings.

    I have thought my dream career would be as a Supply Chain Manager, but since you have started releasing materials about finding your dream job I have started analyzing this. I am no longer certain that is the case. I would like a position in the business strategy area of a small company where I can make a difference.

    As I said in my comment earlier, you have helped us come a long way. We got our preapproval for our mortgage today though, and we are going hunting with the realtor on Saturday.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and I look forward to learning more from you!

    Jessica Schoonmaker

    • Jessica

      Attempt #2

  20. Megan Sanguinetti

    My dream job falls somewhere at the intersection of humanity, design and education. I am pursuing this course (with the scholarship) because everyone has endless fantasies of the future and life and what it will look like; you spend a good amount of time in your youth with all the possibilities open. Anything can happen. I am at the age where, very slowly, doors feel like they are starting to close. Granted, these metaphorical doors are still very distant and not really doors I was interested in anyway, but I know as time progresses, more and more of those opportunities will fade away. I believe this program will refine my skills and give me the tools necessary to successfully accomplish so much and to move forward with no regrets.

    • Megan Sanguinetti

      Youtube video (also included as website link in original comment):

  21. Vinay chinni

    Name – Vinay Chinni
    Link to the video –

    I want to be an A-list Hollywood actor.
    Of all the jobs I have had so far, I loved my acting jobs the most.
    And I ask myself why wouldn’t I want it and other people jump in give me million reasons that spring to their mind … I want to overcome all those obstacles … one by one and make it to the top!

    When you set your mind and heart, impossible is just a word.

  22. Urgent: $12,000 Dream Job Elite Scholarship Giveaway -- Ramit Sethi | Money for College Project

    […] The deadline is 11:59PM pst TODAY, Oct 14th! I Will Teach You To Be Rich — Dream Job Elite Scholarship […]

  23. Angelo "Alf" Pardo

    My name is Alf Pardo and here is the link to my scholarship video:

    My dream job would be related to education and training as well as art and design. I want this type of job because I enjoy teaching others what I know, and I love making people smile through my art. I remember countless times reciting passages from Four Hour Body, and I would educate my family about eating healthy and exercising. Drawing is fun and is a healthy way of developing the creative side of your brain; I enjoy drawing for others because it gives them a chance to see something new. Laughs, smiles and tears keep me going.

    • Alf Pardo

      Some companies I would enjoy working for: Google, Facebook, Indeed, IDEO
      Some people who I would enjoy working for: Oprah, Tony Robbins, Prime Minister of Japan, Lady Gaga

  24. Angelo "Alf" Pardo

    Sorry, I had to repost my video; I mentioned an incorrect math figure, and I want to continue to uphold the stereotype that Asians are good at math, lol. Here is the updated video:

    Thanks for not judging me! 😀

  25. Tom

    Hi Ramit, another Aussie here. New York is a bit far for me at the moment, plus I got my dream job search under control. I have been taking people coffee and 2 have already said they would like me to work for them. Man it feels so empowering to turn down job offers. (I want to work with experts not for them so I’ll keep working until I get to that)

    There are a couple of things I notice checking out some of the applicants here. There are some in the wrong place. Those talking about freelancing should be trying to get into earn 1k. Some of the others are aiming too low. You don’t need to work at a start up to get authority and responsibility, you just need aim higher in larger organisations. Stop thinking entry level, start thinking executive.


    • Jessica

      “Some of the others are aiming too low. You don’t need to work at a start up to get authority and responsibility, you just need aim higher in larger organisations. Stop thinking entry level, start thinking executive.”

      I am going to respectfully disagree with you here. This is these people’s dream job, not yours. Maybe part of what they like about a start up is the atmosphere of everybody knowing all the employees, for the president to work closely with the person at the bottom of the work chain. Larger organization does not necessarily mean it is more a a dream fulfillment for each of the applicants.
      Just because it is a start up does not mean that it makes no money or is entry level either. There are start up companies where the employees that have been with the company for a short period of time are making salaries equivalent to that of “larger organizations”.
      Yes part of this is in defense to my video and my post from before, but I have no desire to be in a large company. I want to work in a place where everybody knows each other and there is a connection between employees that can not be found in a big organization. I have worked in both, and I don’t feel like I am “aiming to low” at all.

  26. Douglas Jones Jr.

    Great Post and Great Blog. Thanks for extending an invitation for one individual to win a scholarship into your program. I think it serves as a excellent opportunity to learn and grow continually through direct coaching from you. I don’t know what I want to do, but I do know what I don’t want to do. I definitely see myself (soon) working for myself or starting a small start-up. I see myself traveling both domestically and internationally. In addition, I see myself contributing something of value to the neighboring community and within the Washington D.C. area. I see your program as a tool to help me narrow down a million interests that I have into one solid idea. From there, I have access to the resources to proceed.

    Doug Jones


  27. libby

    Tears,tears I can’t commit to the call times because I am in class at that time. I love the opportunity you are presenting to others.

  28. Reed Shea

    Hi Ramit (and IWTYTBR readers!)-

    My “dream job” is goal that has gone mostly unchanged for the past two years: to work in venture capital. The opportunity to find and to back entrepreneurs and to help them grow their businesses sounds to me like one of the most rewarding careers one could have. Truly adding value to growing companies, and therefore to society at large, is something that I absolutely want to do. The quickly-moving world of tech (although granted, investments have long time horizons) is an exciting place to do that type of work.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply to this scholarship.


    • Reed Shea

      (And, of course, I have to forget *something*!)

      Youtube link:

  29. Andrew D. Smith

    Andrew D. Smith

    Video Link:

    My dream job is going to be centered around helping people and having an impact on their lives, most likely through improving their health and wellness. I would love to be location independent. I really enjoy traveling, learning about other cultures, finding out what other cultures can teach us, and bring the information back home and sharing it with people. I would also love to be able to have some passive income streams that allow me to travel and enjoy myself. Consulting, for mid- and large corporations is another activity I’m interested in.

  30. Carlos P

    I want to use all my skills in some unique/ninja combination that will get results done. Whether it’s technology related or writing related, I don’t know yet. But there has to be some combination out there that generates a lot of value…for someone…somewhere!

  31. Natasha Smith

    Youtube link:

    While I haven’t narrowed down the field I want to work in, I know that I want to be directly involved in finding and solving complex problems. When I worked on an IT help desk, I really enjoyed the fact that every question was different and I learned a lot on every shift. I was constantly looking things up and then explaining them. I’m good at breaking issues down and putting them into terms that others can easily understand, and putting things into perspective. And I love to learn, so on-the-job training or other educational opportunities are essential.

    And, as I discuss in the video, I want to keep building on my newfound “failure” skill. Failures are opportunities to analyze and grow, and I think they should be celebrated!

  32. Josh


    Great to hear this opportunity for someone out there. Too bad you didn’t have this about 10 years ago, I found my dream job and have been moving up the ranks since. I have had massive empowerment by finding and doing what I love. It is easy to advance when you love what you do.

    Now, on a serious note, I want to be a male dancer for all the ladies can you help me out on that?

  33. Jacob Fishman

    Hey Ramit,

    My name’s Jacob Fishman. I want to be a part of Dream Job because I was preparing myself to go to graduate school in economics, and have had a change of heart. The closer I get to understanding the theories you learn in graduate school, the more turned off I am by the idea of going.

    I have double majored in economics and finance with a math minor, and I want to use what I’ve learned to make long-term international investments in developing Latin American nations. When I land my dream job, I will increase your impact on the world in two ways. First, I will mentor at least 2 people during the first two years, and at least one thereafter. In addition I’ll give 10% of my salary to the Access Fund and the Surfrider Foundation, two causes that make a significant difference in the environment.

    Here’s my video:

    All the best, and I look forward to working with you next Thursday.


  34. Tracy Cubbal

    I have no idea what my Dream Job is. That is to say, I have no idea what field it’s in or what my job title will be. But I know who I’ll be when I’m doing it. I will be learning new things every day. I will be surrounded by people who not only accept but value my quirkiness. I won’t be the first person who people look to for guidance, but to a certain few my feedback and encouragement will be vital. While I’m drawn to the entertainment industry, I loathe the spotlight, so my Dream Job entails working cooperatively with others, while still maintaining my independence. I will be fulfilled in this job to the extent that I’ll have trouble believing I’m being paid to do it. I believe I have a purpose in life, and I know my Dream Job is part of it.

  35. Kimberly Friend

    Hi Ramit,

    Here is the link to the video for my application:

    My biggest dream is to figure out what the secret formula is to finding one’s dream job and pursue a career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I’d like to work as a consultant, eventually owning my own consultancy to help for-profit companies and smaller non-profit organizations optimize their operations by increasing employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction, and performance. My ultimate Dream Job, however, would be to take all of that knowledge and start an organization targeting high school students, college students, and working adults in three distinct ways to help people in each group find their dream job. I think that people are so overwhelmed by choice that they don’t know where to begin and at some point just give up and settle for whatever path is in front of them, and I want to start a movement that will change that and lead to many more people finding their dream jobs.

    The thing about this is that right now it is only a dream. Ramit, I hope you will help me make it come true!

    Either way, thanks so much for all the material you give away. I think more people are taking action than you know about.


  36. Livia

    Hi Ramit,

    Here is the link to my video:

    Wow, talk about psychological barriers. I must have talked myself out of doing this video a hundred times. I finally committed and it took me about 10 tries to feel normal so by the time I was finished I was sweating bullets. Sigh…

    I completed my master’s degree in Education Counseling a few years ago but have not been able to get into the field. I’m not sure if getting hired on as a counselor will be possible with all the budget cuts to the California educational system.

    I do know that I want to help people overcome their barriers and beging or complete their education. I’m not sure what that will look like. Maybe consulting or doing consulting online were some thoughts that I had…

    I really enjoy helping people with their dreams as well.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity,


  37. Ryan Hart

    Hey Ramit,

    You rock! Thank you for the scholarship opportunity!

    Application video:

    My dream job is to be a full-time professional racecar driver in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. The process of becoming a racecar driver is in fact identical to the average job search. There are key decision makers, networking and experience requirements to deal with.

    I have had multiple interviews with racecar team owners over the past year with much promise, but no results. My racing career spans over 17 years and I’m a multiple time champion in a non-professional series. There are many opportunities available to me, but I am struggling to make my dream a reality.

    Your program will take me to the next level in my career. Can’t wait to get started!

  38. Bennett Johnston

    Hi Ramit:

    Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

    Here’s a link to my video application:

    Dream Job Description – My dream job involves waking up and thinking about better ways to add value at my job, rather than dreaming about doing something or being somewhere else. It involves meeting lots of new people, getting into their heads by figuring out what they really want in life, and then going out and making that product to sell to them. My dream job’s compensation is based on how much value I add and not on how long I’ve been at the company. My dream job has relative autonomy, not constant scrutiny because I can be trusted to perform. My dream job can be done either in the office or from home, there’s no reason to be tethered to the same desk every day at my dream job.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from you as well as watching the other scholarship applicants’ videos!


  39. Amy Calhoun

    I’m not exactly sure what my dream job is yet, but I am anxious to find it. My dream job is going to put in front of many people. I’m going to be making my own connections as well as connections for others. My knowledge of non-profits and entertainment will be utilized as well as my planning and organizational skills. This may keep me in the performing arts field or it may direct my path in another direction. Either way I’m anxious to see where this takes me.

    Video link:

  40. Chiu

    Appreciate the great opportunity given. Having received several scholarships throughout my education, I fully understand what this life-changing opportunity means.

    Thank you.

    *P.S:Receiving your email blog updates is like breathing in weekly doses of fresh oxygen to keep us going in life, and a kick in the ass when we slow down due to too much green house gases pollution.

  41. Matt Atkinson

    Yo Ramit.

    My dream job is to make a living writing. Ideally I’d like to tackle this on two fronts – sometimes writing personal development stuff and helping people conquer their fears like I try with Fear.less, and sometimes writing a novel or some other form of sellable story because once in a while I’m really good at that. I could also see myself indulging in consulting-esque work that involves precisely breaking down the tactics someone will need to employ to achieve their goal, or in editing, which I am demonstrably good at and which precisely breaks down the words someone needs to use to convey their message. I’m seeing a pattern here. I want to leverage my language ability to make life easier and more enjoyable for people, and my dream job would comprise the numerous forms that could take. And here I am. Thank you.

  42. Zak Katz

    Hey Ramit,

    My dream job is to work for the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League. Being a marketing professional, I have a list of projects that I dream about undertaking working for my re-born hometown team. Hockey is my passion; I eat, sleep and drink the sport every day. Thinking about being surrounded by ice, sticks and picks is an idea that drives me to do anything to make that dream a reality.

    Check out this video to learn a little more about me, and why I would be a great candidate for the Dream Job Elite program.

    -Zak Katz

  43. Jason Glaw


    My dream job is to be the Chief Science or Technology (CSO or CTO) of a major company (or the Gates Foundation). It’s a wonderful blend of all the things I’m interested in in a job – challenging problems, the ability to relate science on a high-level to a non-scientific audience, plenty of talking with others, and the potential to direct and oversee truly significant scientific progress. My dream for a while has been to merge business and science, my communication skills and analytical background, my ability to relate to others, and my desire to advance science (that impacts everyday people) in a meaningful way. It’s many things that I’m good at combined with many things that I love to do. I can’t think of a job that would have me more excited to get out of bed every day.

    Here’s my video:

    • Anita Dalla

      Dammit! Your video is so good, it’s not fair 😀
      I really loved the skeptic wife.

  44. Efren Espinosa

    Hi Ramit,

    My dream job is to be a healthcare management consultant. I’m interested in this job because I feel it meets the criteria I’m looking for in a career, and therefore will bring me long-term career satisfaction. I also think this job would allow me to use my work related strengths, and this would make my job more enjoyable.

    This is the link to my video:

    Thanks for the opportunity,


  45. Matthew James Miller

    Hi Ramit,

    I am in the group of many who know what their passions and joys are but not quite sure exactly what the dream job we all seek looks like exactly. I want to use my creativity and passion to inspire people particularly orphans around the world. I know there are many avenues to reach my ultimate goal which is to empower, inspire and create self-belief and purpose in orphans. I know I want to use play, books, art and love to reach this goal. I would love to come alongside you and the others and work together towards fulfilling my dreams and contributing to the future of countless young lives.

    Here’s a link to my Dream Job Scholarship Video:

  46. Matthew James Miller

    Oops!…this is the link to my video submission:

    • Matthew James Miller

      Oops again! Sorry for mess-ups. Here is the link to the Dream Job Submission video:

  47. Kate Powers

    Wow, there are so many great posts here. I found this application process really clarified a lot of my thinking about my own career; I hope other people had that experience — I’d love it if we all found new ways to pursue our dream jobs because of this opportunity, even though only one of us can get the scholarship.

    My dream job is working as a staff writer on an hour-long drama. It’s a goal I’ve been working towards for the better part of six years, through graduate school and a series of invaluable internships and jobs that have given me a ton of hands on experience and helped me build a network of mentors. Originally, I was inspired by great television shows — programs that pushed the limits of everything that had ever been done before. But now that I’ve worked in the industry, I realize I didn’t know the half of it. Television is the most challenging and rewarding modern venue for telling stories, a way to bring together millions of people in a single hour, and bring them along on a journey. I’ve since discovered that the creativity, the intense focus and the sense of community in a writers’ office is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, which only confirms my belief that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. (And needless to say, I am completely addicted to writing; when I’m working on a script, the whole world falls away.)

    Here’s the link to my video:

  48. Anita Dalla

    My name is Anita Dalla.

    Link to video:

    I’d love to be an illustrator, but I have no idea where to start and who to show my stuff. I want to do it because when I draw I am at my happiest, I lose track of time, and that’s what I wanna do 8 hours a day all my life.

  49. Evan Kleiman

    My dream job is to be the human human version of LinkedIN.

    A human hub of connection.

    It is apart of my “hard wiring” to see the potential synergy between people, ideas and opportunities.

    There is an indescribable joy that comes from the connections I have made . I dream to realize this in extraordinarily exciting ways…

    • Ramit Sethi

      This video is absolutely incredible. My favorite part is how you get the name of my site wrong multiple times.

  50. Albert Nguyen

    My dream job would enable me to personally help as many people as I can. I believe my passion lies in medicine, but I am unsure if that is truly my passion. Maybe the thought of the schooling process, maybe the HMO’s, or maybe it’s just me holding me back.

    Thank you for this opportunity that has allowed me to take that step in clarifying my passion, and thus, finding my dream job.


  51. Kate Sutlive

    Hi Ramit,

    After years and years of uncertainty about how to combine my many interests, I’ve finally found my dream job. Over the past year and a half, I’ve narrowed my focus and taken steps toward achieving my goal of working as a leader in the expanding field of museum education. I’m looking for a job where I take learning theories and academic research and turn them into opportunities to really engage with artwork.

    While I’m a big fan of art history (I have two degrees in it) and enjoy helping others see the value in it, the other side of the experience is even more exciting to me – guiding visitors closer to an understanding of what connections can be made between great art and their own lives, validating their opinions and viewpoints, and building their visual literacy skills so that they can look critically at images in their everyday lives. My dream is to work in a position that balances gallery experiences for first-time visitors with some type of long-term program such as a school partnership program, a young adult internship program, or a teacher training program.

    I’m close, but I can’t make it past the final hurdles. I hope that we’ll have the opportunity to work together to change that.

    Here’s the link to my video:


  52. Vinayak Maheswaran

    Hey Ramit,

    Link to video:

    I would love to be in private equity. Somebody like Mitt Romney is an inspiration to me. I really enjoy having a lot of money. It is much more important to me than being famous. I prefer to be humble and maintain a low profile.
    However, money is a motivating factor and so is access to people who have lots of it.


  53. Jessica Curtis

    Although I have many ideas, for my dream job I would love to be an event planner. I want to do this because it allows me the freedom and income to travel all over the world, complete tasks that allow problem solving, allow mental stimulation and, above all, do something I love.

    The link to my video:

  54. Michael Rippe


    I’m the best choice because I’m young, independent, have no commitments, intelligent, focused, driven, and simply don’t just talk about doing. I do. I have a history success. I created thejetblueadventure in a 3 week span and then completed it while gaining an extensive database of knowledge about me, others, and skills that are marketable in any aspect of life.

    See the video link here
    and my trip at,


  55. Michael Rippe


    Please see my video : here.

    My application tells the story of Michael Rippe, a motivated 26 yr old who is stuck in a financial career for the money at the current time. My dream job involves sports/media and traveling. When you review my application, please critique me. Even if I don’t win a spot in your bootcamp, I’ll get feedback that would be priceless. I sincerely hope I’m at the first video class on the 20th.


  56. Zena

    Ramit- amazing opportunity thanks!

    My dream job would be to run my own online start up business whereby I could combine my background in the creative arts with my passion for activism. When successful, it would provide me with the opportunity to write a top selling book, travel the world, mentor other young women, setup a social business in East Timor, pay for my parent’s retirement, and work flexibly so that I could enjoy having a family.

    Here is the link to my video:
    The audio in my video lags a bit, but my commitment to the program won’t.


  57. Christian Faller

    Full name: Christian Faller
    Link to my video:

    Hi Ramit —

    this is a great opportunity for all of us and very generous of you. I highly appreciate it, you rock!

    What my DreamJob is: I see myself working in a marketing or advertising related field with some really smart colleagues. This is where my passion lies, this is what I do while I procrastinate and this is what I’m good at. I don’t care much about my paycheck as long as it pays my bills and seems appropriate. I’m working from whatever country or place I want. The beauty of my Dream Job is that it never gets boring as we’re pushing to innovate the industry we’re in.

    Why I want it: I can’t stand the thought of getting up more than a few days in a row NOT looking forward to what I do. Above anything else, I value fun and passion for what I do. I’m willing to work my ass off to achieve this goal and I am committed to do whatever it needs. Now.

    Thanks again, Ramit. I hope you enjoy my video and I’d be thrilled to speak to you soon!


  58. Krista Boivie


    The link to my video is:

    As for my dream job, I have no idea what I am looking for. I do know that I want the following items in my job:

    1. I have to feel like what I do makes a difference.
    2. I like to be efficient and see quantifiable results for my work.
    3. I would like autonomy in my job, yet the ability work in a team environment so that I can continue to grow and develop. I like to be challenged by others.
    4. I would like a job that allows me to express my creativity.
    5. I love working one-on-one or with small groups of people
    6. I would love to be paid a salary that matches my talents. In my present job that will never happen.
    7. I would like an environment that would reward my ambition.
    8. Stability

    Thank you for the consideration.

  59. Karen Woodin-Rodriguez

    Karen Woodin-Rodriguez
    Dream Job Video:
    My dream jobs are to be a musical theater performer, while running a business/non-profit on the side, which positively impacts Mexico’s development.

    • Karen Woodin-Rodriguez

      Hi Ramit,

      I wrote this in an email to you, but I just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. It’s incredible that you are giving back in this way, and I aspire to give back in the same way you are doing now.

      All the best,

  60. Steve

    Hey Ramit,

    I don’t know what dream job is, but I know it is a job that I will be proud of, a job to tell my grandchild about.


  61. Diogo Andrade

    Hi, my name is Diogo Andrade, and I’m from Brazil.
    my video link is:

    My main goal with this course is picking one of my vast list of interests and build a solid carrer around it. I really want to make a positive contribution to the world, leave a legacy, something that my grandchild would be proud of, a really big fix on the greatest challenges we face as humankind. “Do you know there used to be traffic jams 20 years ago? Well, my grandpa fixed them”

  62. Alex Graham

    Hi Ramit,

    Here is the link to my video:

    I’m not completely sure what my dream job is, but I feel like it would be a combination of many of my passions. I love the creative side of engineering and design, I’m incredibly passionate for sport, and have a interest and knack for the science behind it; yet at the same time I would want to be involved in the business and operational side of things.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Dream Job Elite Program.

    Alex Graham

  63. Lisa Delmar

    Hi Ramit,
    My Dream Job is to be a clothing designer. I love color fiber and texture, and combining them in a way to create clothing that is comfortable and makes people feel good.

    I have made several attempts to create a clothing business. I am wanting to take advantage of the Dream Job Elite program to move to the next level.
    Thanks so much for offering this scholarship opportunity.

    Here is my video:

  64. Greg Yeutter

    Hey Ramit,

    I’m a engineering student looking to design light shows for Disney Parks. I love lights, and have worked on projects focusing on their technical, health, and psychological aspects. I believe a company like Disney would give me the liberty to try out some of my big ideas, given their large budget. I really want to finish off that day at the park with a show that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

    Here is a link to my video:

    Thank you for this incredible opportunity!
    -Greg Yeutter

  65. Ramit Sethi

    So far tons of great videos and submissions. Nice job everyone.

  66. Juliana Brodsky

    Hi Ramit–

    What a great opportunity this scholarship is! Thanks for offering it.

    My dream job is an intern architect position at a midsize firm that is producing really excellent work. Everyone who works there should have the chance to try on different hats and develop new skills. It should be the sort of place where it’s as important to learn the detailing and get it right as to submit it on time. Basically, a dream firm, and yet I know of several here that exist.

    It really is my dream to have that job and to grow professionally from there. I hope you’ll choose me to be a member of the Dream Job Elite class so I can prove that I will do what it takes to get (and keep) this job!

    Video link:



    • Juliana Brodsky

      YouTube removed my video link, here’s another version:

  67. Gloria

    My dream job would be working for Rosetta Stones homeschooling division in marketing because I love education, learning languages and working with homeschoolers. Homeschooling is on the rise by 10-15% annually and I noticed that Rosetta Stones’ Homeschooling is neglected compared to its corporate, government and personal departments. If I were to be hired it’s an aspect of the company where I can make a big impact and be a professional accomplishment for me.

  68. Yvonne

    Ramit your the man. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Dream Job Video:

    My dream job would be a world traveling photographer working for a fashion label or fun brand within the entertainment industry. And in addition to that I’d play a big role in being the creative marketing person for that company. I eat, sleep, and breath marketing. I’d like to be on the team that created the Old Spice campaign, whoever executed that was a genius! And or Lady Gaga’s Team….she might be a bit out there but her team definitely knows what they’re doing.

  69. Steve Henzel

    Hello Ramit!!

    I have been very excited about this program, but was not in a position to financially attend it. I was very excited when I saw you were going to offer one scholarship.

    My struggle has always been finding what my dream job is. This is where I feel this program will be most able to help me.

    The link to my video is:

    Thanks for the great content Ramit!!

  70. Michelle Oh

    Hi, Ramit-

    Thank you for this really great opportunity. My Dream Job would be to implement the ideas that I’ve already submitted via the Briefcase Technique and other scripts I’ve already learned from Earn 1K. Two of the projects are related to marketing in financial services and the other is art investment, which is a long-shot, so it would be really great to gain some specific insight as to how to convert these current leads into long-term paid clients. I know and believe that if I can convince you and the existing elite group members, that I can convince these people as well, since they are a high-level, very scrutinizing group who want to see value and results on a large scale.

    So, thank you for your time and consideration of my application and I am excited for the potential opportunity to be a part of the Dream Job Elite group!

    Cheers and Best Regards,

    -Michelle Oh

    Link to my video:

  71. Ravi Narayan

    Hi Ramit

    Thank you for the opportunity for scholarship. I have both technical and management skills in computer software industry. My dream job would be find a technical management /executive job where I can use my mufti -functional skills.

    My Best Regards

  72. Pat Harris

    My name is Patricia E. Harris, people that know me call me Pat and my family calls me a special name.
    Video Link:
    What is my Dream Job?
    I am not exactly sure what my Dream Job would be but I think it would be something in process improvement (Six Sigma) or Project Management. My dream job would allow me to have autonomy but work with people. I would like to teach, train and mentor people also. My Dream job would also allow me the opportunity to take coursework on an ongoing basis; I LOVE to learn, teach and do things with my hands (like working on my 1973 vintage VW Beetle, which I have owned for 33 years).

    Thanks for reading this and GOOD LUCK to all,

  73. Marisa Silver

    My dream job is to start a technology-based education website for teachers, designed to help them to create a stronger repertoire of instructional practices through the use of video.

    I would love to be a part of the Dream Job program to help grow my network and create connections to technology entrepreneurs. I have the expertise and experience in the education world, but I need to link up with those who have the technical and business savvy to help make my venture a success.

    I’ve learned a lot from Ramit and used his strategies for both my personal life and my professional career. I can only imagine what the lucky Dream Job participants are in for- I certainly hope I will be one of them.

  74. Steve Henzel

    Hi Ramit!!

    My video link :

    My first attempt did not seem to get submitted, my apologies if this is a second comment.

    I am not yet sure what my dream job is. I am yet to find my true passion, and this is where this program will truly offer me the most value.

    Thank you for this opportunity, and considering my application.

  75. Paul Gallo

    Hi Ramit –
    Thanks for the opportunity to potentially be a part of Dream Job Elite!
    I have no idea of my dream jobs title, however here is where I think I would best fit in:
    I would be an individual contributor or build partnerships across teams –
    It would have an impact on others lives – In a similar way that your products have helped the financial lives of your readers
    It would be project based as opposed to process based : currently I run others processes, which lead to stagnation. Projects solve problems, they are always different, always interesting and always changing.
    It would allow me to network with other as opposed to the same people day in and day out.

    Paul Gallo’s Scholarship video :

  76. Patrick Kanaley

    First of all, here’s the video link:

    As for my dream job, I have a slightly different notion of what makes a dream job. For me, learning new skills solving new puzzles, and overcoming new challenges is one of the biggest parts of my interest in a job. As such, I don’t have an ultimate end-goal dream job in mind, but rather my current dream job, and then we’ll see where it leads once I’ve attained it.

    That said, my dream job is working as a film and theatre producer and/or director. I love the creative arts and the opportunity to be involved on so many different levels and in the many ways that producing and directing offer. I also love that it requires a lot of problem solving and is rarely dull. The chance to completely throw myself 100% into a project for months, and then see it come to fruition and affect an audience is what really drives me. Creating art that both entertains and influences lives is what I plan to do, and is the most important aspect for me. Of course money is never unwelcome (Ramit, as you noted before, an IWTYTBR educated artist doesn’t have to starve).

  77. Frankie Lacayo

    Hi Ramit,

    I really really want to join a tech startup disrupting the payments industry (Square, Stripe, etc.) in a business development or product management position.

    I want this dream job because I think college grads (because of all their debt) are wondering “what can I do with this degree?” instead of how can I try to solve important problems in the world? I’m passionate about the latter. My dream job is to work for a company that is actively solving problems and providing value to many (in this case small business owners) around the world. I want to have fun while doing it too and prove to my parents that I don’t need to sell out for the first job that comes because of money.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity,


  78. Amit Baria

    Bravo Ramit! – Offering a scholarship spot in your exclusive program is a mighty benevolent gesture.

    My dream job(s) involve giving back to the environment and/or to innovators. I’d like to be involved in eco-friendly boutique hotel development (specializing in retrofitting) which gives back to the global citizen or early stage venture capital, which would help bright minds move toward enriching the world we live in.

    Thanks for taking the time to review all of our applications, I’m sure it will be difficult to decide from so many talented individuals.

    Here’s my 3 minutes –


  79. Joseph Cavanagh

    Hello Ramit,

    My dream job is to be a general manager of a baseball team. People often say, “find your passion” and you will find a career. Alot of people think that’s bogus. In fact, you said as much in one of your videos. However, I’ve got that piece of the puzzle already figured out. Baseball is my passion and general manager is my dream job. I eat sleep and breathe baseball statistics and I follow every team and player in the major leagues.

    However, the technical aspects of obtaining this job are what’s holding me back. I’m an extremely outgoing person, so I’ve got great networking skills, I’m also well educated. So, I know I’m qualified. However, I just don’t have the network piece. I’ve come to think that sports management is this locked frozen field where zero new hires take place.

    Now, I know that’s not true, but as you’ve said in your videos, give people enough negative results and they give up. Therefore, I’m applying to dream job because I want a fresh start at my dream. I want new ideas, new principles to follow and I want to believe in my ability again. You’ve got me hooked on the belief that alot of what holds us back is psychological and that line of thinking really speaks to me. That’s why I’m a good candidate for your program and that’s why I’m applying to dream job elite.

    Thank you for your time and here’s a link to my video:

    All the best,


  80. Krystin Parkinson

    Hi Ramit,

    My Dream job is being a business auditor or project manager. I love details, problem solving and playing detective to people’s behavior. I’d love being on contract and being able to change work environments and methods. Best of all I’d get to make recommendations and write up a report at the end of a problem solving investigation.

    I’m not sure how to get there. I know that I value flexible hours, have skills that are very applicable but I need to learn how to target the market and target my script. I want this so I can start feeling like my time spent working wasn’t wasted. I do the same tasks, on a deadline, everyday and it is killing my thinking processes. This is me showing up and taking a risk. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Video Application:

  81. Ian Jones

    My Video:

    My Dream Job: Working in the private space industry in almost any capacity- but preferably assisting teams of engineers working on their projects for space so that I can LEARN and some day enter the industry with my own venture.
    PICK ME! 🙂

  82. Nicole Magnelia

    Hi Ramit,

    My dream job is to work as a Junior Designer/Intern Architect for a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and research-based architectural practice engaged in urban work and the pursuit of performative architectural solutions.

    I’ve spent three years (to the date!) in limbo – not really sure what I want to do or how to get there – but have recently had a couple a-ha moments which have brought my dream job into focus and underscored the need for me to get out of my job-search comfort zone.

    What really excites me about our built environment is its potential to do social engineering and I want to contribute in a meaningful way to the discourse about – and hopefully design – buildings/landscapes/infrastructures/cities that do things, rather than represent them.

    Here is my application video:

    Thanks for your time and consideration!


    Nicole Magnelia

  83. Christen Schweizer

    Hi Ramit,

    Here is the link to my video:

    I don’t know what my Dream Job is. I think it should include the following:

    1. Use my analytical mind to solve puzzles on a large scale. I love logic puzzles, tannegrams, stuff on IQ tests. I’m teaching myself programming when I have time at work since it helps my in my job.
    2. Somewhat physical. I was a personal trainer at one point and a waitress and a dance coach and I like being on my feet.
    3. Flexible hours. I wish I could work two 4 hour shifts a day.
    4. Something I really believe in. I think personal eating habits and local farms are very important but I don’t want to be a farmer (my husband and I tried that, we apprenticed on a farm for 6 months milking cows and other farmer actions but it wasn’t for us). I signed up for Earn1k to start a local food business but…I don’t like to cook and actually providing food isn’t the best for me.

    I want my Dream Job because I know my skills can be applied to better use, I want to love my work, and I want to make good money.

    Thanks Ramit! You’re going to help many people!

  84. Shannon Walker

    Dream Job: Shannon Walker

    Enjoy! Make sure to click through FIRST page to see video.

    I desire a dream job and this opportunity because it would make my life more enjoyable and I can make a mark in this world. My dream job at this point is somewhat plastic and lucid, lacking definite direction but I surely have the drive to go once I can understand it better. However I do have a few “dreams” that I would love to pair with a Dream Job career:
    – Working with ideas to create programs or projects
    – Upper level work with a respectable salary
    – Respect and trust represented by freedom and Independence in the workplace
    – Contributing directly to the community, improving self-worth by being proactive
    – Opportunities to learn while in the workplace
    – Finding coworkers to be like-minded, bright and pleasant

    Ramit, thank you for your time and consideration.

  85. Frank Magnotti

    My Video:

    My dream job is to be an artificial intelligence engineer. I’m on the fence on if I want to work on robots for government projects or on intelligent programs like in Google, but I’m hoping this course will help me clarify what vibes best with me on all levels.

    Either way, I want my contributions to make a huge impact on society (and hopefully humanity) in making life easier and more pleasant for the common good. If I create robots, I want my machines to facilitate everyone’s lives like in iRobot (minus the hostile takeover). If I assemble intelligent programs, I’d like to create smart home technology the user can customize to their lifestyle, allowing it to automatically adjust thermostats according to occupancy and future predicted occupancy, smart lighting that adjusts to your usage needs in the space, etc.

    I want this dream job because robotics and AI have been an interest and hobby of mine ever since I was in middle school. Obtaining such a job would be extraordinarily satisfying emotionally and mentally challenging. It would be work I would love to leap out of bed for and drive 2-3 hours just to be able to develop systems like I laid out above.

  86. Chloe Gray

    Chloe Gray
    Application video:

    Hi Ramit,

    My Dream Job is something that inspires me to get out of bed each morning and something for which I do not mind staying late at the office. It is intellectually rigorous and pushes me to expand my mind and my capabilities each day. It makes me a more interesting, thoughtful and inspiring person to be around. It involves leadership and collaboration with a skilled and creative team. My Dream Job will be at a company that has a start-up feel to it, no matter how many employees it has. I thrive off fast-paced environments where I can take on a multitude of responsibilities and work with people to create and innovate. And it pays well. Really, really well.

    I want to find my Dream Job because for me personal happiness is inextricably linked with happiness in my career. I’m not exactly sure what field my Dream Job is in, but I know it will possess the above qualities, and I hope to have the opportunity to find it through your Dream Job Elite program.

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful material you give out for free, and thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

  87. Paula Pant

    Here’s a link to my video:

    My dream job is to host a syndicated radio show or a television show relating to personal finance. My role models for this include Clark Howard and Suze Orman. I want this dream job because I achieved early success as a traditional journalist — as a newspaper reporter and editor — but I want to escalate that into becoming a media personality who focuses on one very specific niche. I believe I can communicate with, and help, the greatest number of people through this dream job.

  88. Jane Long

    Hi Ramit,
    My dream job is to work as an editor at a major publication. This is my dream job because it combines creativity and a drive to think big with precision, accuracy, and detail-oriented tasks. I’m in the earliest stages of my career, with gusto and drive, but could use coaching on where to go next.

    Jane Long


  89. Erin Knut


    Uploading video now! YouTube taking a hot minute. Will comment again when it uploads….

  90. Jane Long

    Hi Ramit,
    My dream job is to work as an editor at a major publication. This is my dream job because it combines creativity and a drive to think big with precision, analytical thinking, and detail-oriented tasks. I’m in the early stages of my career, and though I have gusto and ambition, I could use some coaching on what steps to take next.

    Jane Long

    Video Link:

  91. Antonio Lazo

    My dream job is to be able to work and live abroad and to have an amazing life. ¡Nuevo! Editar este vídeo

  92. Michael Alexis

    Here’s my video:

    So, I don’t think of it as finding a dream job as much as it is infusion of life: I want to find the right balance of directly helping people and earning a lot of money (so I can help more people). Maybe with writing, maybe through business – maybe much like you or Tim Ferriss. It feels naive to think that I can touch a billion hearts alone, but I’ve got this idea where connecting with leaders, or new leaders and showing them how to change the world – can eventually reach my number indirectly. So: writing, video interviews, creating content that is so simple to follow that anyone can lead their own tribe for “good” – and connecting with people one on one to make sure it sticks. If there is a selfish part – it’s that I will always have complete control of where I go and what I do.

  93. Alex Freeburg

    Ramit –

    Here is the link for my video.

    My Dream Job:

    Right now I am licensed to practice law in the United States, speak Portuguese and am interested Brazilian oil and gas regulations. That trifecta is hard to replicate and I think in the right context is very valuable.

    I would like to work in the energy business in Brazil as a regulatory advisor to foreign or Brazilian companies. If a foreign company is acquiring a Brazilian asset, I want to help them evaluate the risks and structure the deal. I want to help Brazilian companies identify capable partners in the US. Ultimately, I would like to start my own consultancy doing the same work.

    My dream is to be part of the rise of Brazil, one of the great global stories. I want to work in the oil and gas industry there because it will drive a lot of the economic growth and opportunity within State of Rio de Janeiro.

    Thanks for taking a look,

    Alex Freeburg

  94. Houtsin Diep

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for offering this opportunity to everyone.

    Here is the video link for my application:

    In terms of my Dream Job, I think that it would be related to business and technology, much like a CTO or IT Director. In this position, I would be able to make decisions that help improve the businesses and ultimately the lives of many people through the products or services that they provide. I have a passion for technology and the many ways that it can be adapted to help support the betterment of human life and I think this dream job would allow me to do that.

    Best regards,


  95. Jung Fitzpatrick

    Hi Ramit,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I am looking for a job that leverages my nonprofit marketing and communications background and allows me to flex my leadership and management muscles. Currently, I think that dream job would be a role in a strategic communications agency that works on social cause campaigns. I want that job because I believe it will allow me to learn about and work on a variety of great causes that make the world be a better place and allow me to be in a creative, entrepreneurial and fun environment.

    Here is the link to my video:
    Thank you,
    Jung Fitzpatrick

  96. Josiah Choy

    Here’s the link!!:

    My dream job is to be an investment banker. More specifically, a financial analyst. My passion is to analyze stocks, and to find good companies, and good trades. So I know where I’m going, and you’re the perfect man to help me get there.

    I’m a good listener, too. You told us to be different, so here’s a Haiku I wrote:
    What is a dream job?
    Waking up to happiness.
    Now that’s what I want.

    Ramit, ur perfect
    You are just what I need now
    Dream job elite right?

    I’m the perfect man
    For your scholarship program
    And I’ll tell you why

    Here it goes, listen
    I’m the man who gives results
    With me there’s no fail

    I got some tricks too,
    But with you, we make a team
    We’re the perfect team

    I got the passion,
    You got the brains and talent,
    Is that great or what?

    Is that it, you ask?
    Well I got experience too
    Ill get results fast.

    Finally, last one,
    I wrote a Haiku for you
    No one else did that

  97. Tracy Cubbal

    Has it occurred to anyone else that maybe those of us who don’t get the scholarship should get together online to help each other find our Dream Jobs? Our collective wisdom perhaps can’t equal Ramit’s, but 50 of us working together has to be more effective than each of us struggling on our own.

    Just a thought.

  98. Neil Shah

    I want to be self-employed. My dream “job” would be to start my own social venture fund such as the ones like Acumen Fund and Endeavor. I’ve applied for jobs at both organizations in the last two months. Acumen offered an unpaid internship and Endeavor said reapply in the spring 2012.
    I want to help contribute to solving global poverty issues by being the self-starter and inspiration to those around me. While I would LOVE to gain the foundational experience working for one of these organizations, I felt like I wasn’t qualified for a job there because they rarely hire entry-level people. Maybe this is just a psychological barrier and I can find a way to self-educate myself into a job such as these.
    I’d also honestly be interested in becoming a journalist. I literally know everything that goes on everywhere. Did the Libyan rebels make progress in the battleground city of Sirte today? WTF is going on with Assad in Syria? And will Yemen’s president just die or give up already? I love international news and affairs. I am an English Al Jazeera freak. And, I read, read, read everything related to history, politics, social disparities and all that stuff. I would be open to becoming a war-zone correspondent. I love the thrill of bringing on the ground, REAL news to people. Screw the mainstream media.
    I think I can be the diamond in the rough you are looking for. To me, it’s not just about finding my dream job – its living my dream life. I believe that is possible, I just need the invisible hand of IWTYTBR to help me get there. Thanks.

    • Neil Shah

      Here’s the link:

  99. Megan Crookham

    I’m not sure exactly what my dream job is but one where I am helping others to be successful while traveling the world, making a memorable impression, teaching or providing others with something of value would be great. (Yeah I know it is sort of a beauty pageant answer…at least I didn’t say promoting world peace.)

    Video Link:

    Megan Crookham

  100. Benjamin Manns

    Hi Ramit,

    Here’s my video:

    My dream job is to work in a web start-up with new technologies such as Ruby on Rails. I do this at my current job, but I’m looking to take a leadership role on the team and get a pay raise along with that. I applied the techniques in your free material when I was getting this job, and had great success. I want to learn more to apply with benefits to be reaped both now and down the road at later opportunities. Later on, I’d like to work at leading tech companies like GitHub, Heroku, and Twilio.

  101. Paul Gillespie

    Paul Gillespie

    My 3-minutes of fame:

    The one-sentence answer to why I want this scholarship: I need help getting from “not having a problem getting up to go to work” to “WANTING to get out of bed and get to work”…and I have this sneaking suspicion this is where it’s at.

  102. Mark Bonicillo

    Link to video:

    My dream job would be starting my own consulting company that helps recent veterans make the transition from the military world to the civilian world by teaching them skills that go beyond the conventional wisdom of writing resumes and interviewing. It would be similar to Earn 1K and IWTYTBR, except tailored to veterans who have a vernacular and culture completely different from the civilian world. I have always enjoyed teaching and training others, especially willing but unprepared veterans. And as a former Marine officer, I learned that a good leader must be a good teacher. That lesson has stayed with me ever since.

  103. Cynthia Yao


    Full name: Cynthia Yao
    Video link:

    I don’t know what I want my dream job is, but I know that it involves me working where I can travel the world on field assignments. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know that I want to decide on a path to figure this out before I graduate. Your program will help me do that.

    Thank you for this opportunity,

  104. Rebecca Meiers

    Here’s the video!

    My name’s Rebecca Meiers. So what’s my dream job? I have a lot of dream jobs, and I have a problem in finding the common theme would help me narrow my interests down! I want to be a gallery curator, an art buyer, an art director, a photographer, an activist, a director for some worthy non-profit concern, an accounts manager, an executive in publishing, a world traveler, an art and film critic, a labor organizer, and so much more! I have expertise in art, art production, photography. I have a passion for improving institutions and the lives of others. Maybe I simply fit into the category that many people find themselves – undecided.

  105. Troy Frappier

    As I said in my application, I’m not sure quite yet exactly what my Dream Job will be but I have a rough idea.

    I want to be a “guru” or “subject matter expert” where my value would come from providing expertise in a specific area. This should be in a technical field of some sort, particularly IT as that is my primary interest. My job should involve travel, so it’s possible I’ll travel around to different sites to provide this service, whether as an independent contractor or working for a corporation that has multiple locations.

    Your material has already been so much help to me. I really hope that we are able to work together. This would be a complete life changer. If not, I look forward to the free material.

  106. Santhana Souksamrane

    Hey Ramit,

    I’d like to apply my web skills in an industry I’m interested in: small-to-medium size ecommerce in fashion/luxury/beauty.

    Here are some other traits of a place I’d like to work at:
    -is a collaborative environment (instead of top-down management)
    -has co-workers I wouldn’t mind hanging out with after hours
    -hires managers who like mentoring
    -makes/sell products I like and use

  107. Anu Parvatiyar


    Anu Parvatiyar here.
    My video:

    (I know you hate me for sending this at 11:30 PM – sorry)

    My dream job is to be designing medical technology and systems for patients in the developing world; to expand health capacity at the bottom of the pyramid.

    I want to live the kind of life that enables other people to live richly, and to me, the work I’m passionate about is a huge part of that.

    Thanks, Ramit.

    • Anu Parvatiyar

      And I know you hate me more for sending you the wrong link – sorry! I’ve been traveling and got back in time to submit my stuff and make a video. I told myself I wouldn’t let that be a barrier to let myself not apply, so here’s the right one:

  108. Fraz Ismat

    I would like to work in job where I am exploring cutting-edge scientific questions, engaging with smart, driven colleagues, and doing all of that with the aim of improving the lives of people en masse. Frankly, working in drug discovery fulfills all of that. However, I also want to be better positioned to drive my own questions and improve the stature of our work in society. This can best be accomplished in a higher position within the field, either at my current company or at another peer institution.

    There was a time in which pharmaceutical development was respected. For some reason, our work is now considered by large swaths of society to be borderline criminal, on par with extortion. I want to work to change that.

  109. Jennifer Vo


    My dream job is to be the next Derek Sivers, and then to be a full-time novelist. That’s it in a nutshell. 🙂 I want it not only for me, but for the people I love and the people I want to inspire. Thank you, Ramit.

  110. Angelica Olstad

    Hi Ramit,
    I would make a good candidate for this scholarship because after working a corporate job I was seriously inspired to take charge of my life and create my career as a musician and yoga teacher. Right now I’m working on developing my own personal teaching/artist philosophy and a following both as a teacher and as a performer. I’m working on networking to teach yoga to stressed out teens so that they can deal with the of and I work with musicians to help them make mind body connections and deal with stress through yoga. As a performer I make classical music accessible to a modern audience through multimedia. All this is leading to me opening my own yoga music studio where students can learn music through yogic principles and yoga classes are offered to the public with live performances from the students.

    In addition, I am tired of being in debt and stressed out about money and want to get my finances under control. I am ready to take active choices to managing my finances and putting hard earned dollars to good use so I can continue creating beautiful works of art and helping people get their calm on.


  111. Michael Gioia

    Marketing/business position in a small to medium sized fast growing technology company. Preferred location in NYC area.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  112. Neil Shah

    the link….again?

  113. Jennifer Vo

    That’s odd. I posted my comment, but I don’t see it.

    Trying again:


    My dream job is to be the next Derek Sivers, then to be a full-time novelist. That’s it in a nutshell. 🙂 I want this not only for me but for the people I love and want to inspire. Thank you, Ramit.

  114. Sarfaraz Rydhan

    Ramit, thanks for the opportunity for the scholarship. My video is below. Still trying to figure out what my dream job is, but I know it will be a position where I’m setting strategy and an expert in “something”. Possibly something commerce related.

    • Sarfaraz Rydhan

      Oh ya, and I wasn’t going to apply but I was watching Gossip Girl and had an epiphany. Watch my video for explanation!

  115. Jennifer vo

    That’s odd. I posted my comment twice, but I don’t see it.

    I think the site isn’t letting me post the video link in the comment. I put it in the WEBSITE field instead. Please click there. 😉

    My dream job is to be the next Derek Sivers, then to be a full-time novelist. That’s it in a nutshell. 🙂 I want this not only for me but for the people I love and want to inspire. Thank you, Ramit.

  116. Almighty Janitor

    Name: Christopher Rai

    My dream career would allow me to perform my services no matter what location I was in, whether in the comforts of New York City, across to the west coast in San Francisco, in the beaches of the Bahamas, or in the elegance of Venice. It would also involve using my written talents inspiring countless people, whether to take action to achieve their life goals, to teach them about the world they live in, to impart morals and aesops to become better people, or to make someone smile even when all their chips were down at the end of the day. I love to serve my clients, customers, and fans as best as possible and fix whatever approaches didn’t work on reaching out them. Money is important to me, for without it I cannot be fully independent, but I do not desire in excess. As far as hours are concerned, I care not how long I work, but rather how productive is the time I use.

    I thank you for going the extra mile to offer such an incredible scholarship for us Ramit, and I wish the best of success to all the Dream Job Elite candidates!

    -Chris R.

  117. Ramit Sethi

    Thanks everyone. The application is now closed. To get more info about the program, you can check out

  118. Pedro Castro

    Dream Job Elite Video link:

    Dream Job: I think that working helping entrepreneurs and businessmen to expand their business and at the same time working with experienced mentors who can teach me how to fund and execute the expansion and growth of small and promising companies in Mexico or Latin-American, I have thought about the private equity or venture capitalist field but not 100% sure I would need to test it, this field is booming in Mexico and Latin America, but the major players are US based with Mexican partners, I have heard it is hard to get in, but to think about it makes me feel energized and excited, two things that I don’t have in my current job.