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15 Little Life Hacks

A stunningly good blog

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I rarely devote an entire entry to one blog, but this one deserves it:

Road to Forbes: ksblog

She’s witty, cocky, entrepreneurial–and unbelievably smart. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

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3 Comments on "A stunningly good blog"

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10 years 8 months ago

Thanks Ramit it indeed is a great blog.

10 years 8 months ago

oh boy, I noticed that after you made a mention of it.. it went from 4 subscriber (on blogline at least) to 40.

good stuff. I like how she described it:

That’s what I want for this blog.
I want you to read this post
and say
“I knew that”
but be glad for the reminder.

10 years 7 months ago


How the H*** did you find me,
Nahh, don’t answer that.
Keep it a strategic secret.
Maintain your title as master of the obscure sites.

so from Cap’s post,
it seems that you have 36 crazy people reading your blog.
I’ve added them to my 4.

99,960 more and it’ll interest one of the major pharma companies.
(Though I suspect that my 4 are all the same person.)

Thank you…I think