A special kind of hell

Ramit Sethi · November 8th, 2005

From a chat I had yesterday:

Friend: dude so this EASY ASS JOB
Friend: but i didn’t want to go in tomorrow cuz i need time to prep for thursday’s interview
Friend: so i said friday
Friend: and he was like well the position prob won’t be available still on friday
Friend: and i said well i’ll call u thurs night to find out

Friend: if it weren’t for u
Friend: i wouldve jumped at this fucking easy ass job
Friend: but i thought
Friend: no where will this get me after a year or two
Friend: nowhere
Friend: i will have learned nothing new

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Friend: so i called my friend and referred him to it and he wants it
Friend: dude he is fucking filing right now full time for $12/hr
Friend: so this would be a big step up for him

Friend: fucking going to college so u can alphabetize
Friend: and they treat him like crap
Friend: they keep refusing to let him do more difficult work
Friend: but he’s too lazy to look for another job
Friend: so he stays there

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  1. Ahhh… The ignorance of youth, sometimes it’s refreshing.

    This time it isn’t.

  2. Demian Farnworth

    That’s classic.

    I have to say I was living in that type of hell six years ago until it dawned on me if I wanted to make anything of my life, I was going to have to put my shoulder to the plow, and DEFINE MY OWN FUTURE.

    (The conversation cracks me up because how true it is.)

  3. Your friend says “dude” and “fuck” too much. He/she would probably be more suited to working as a bartender in some low dive joint.

  4. stonercreekkentucky

    I was stuck in that kind of hell a couple years ago. I suddenly saw what I was doing and simply quit. Everyone said I was stupid for quitting such a solid job. A week later I accepted a new job with a little more money and more responsiblity. Then six months later the department had a big shake up and now I’m the Dept. Manager! I’m so glad I quit my crappy job to take something better. I’d never have made these career jumps at my old job!

  5. I say “dude” and “fuck” all the time…to my friends. I work as an engineer and would never use those use to a boss or coworker. Know who you are speaking to and use common sense.

    Anyways, my roommate is like your friend, Ramit. Has a BA in marketing from a prestigious university, and he does customer service for $12/hr. He is three years out of school now, and is too lazy to find another job, but would rather complain to his girlfriend about it every night. Sad