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A piggy bank for the kids

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Jonathan Y. writes,

“I came across this piggy bank for kids, which has separate “buckets” that allow kids to set aside money for different things. As a kid, I always just thought you put ALL your money in one BIG bucket…and decided where it would go later on. I imagine many young people have this mentality out of college. Sticking to a plan is much easier when you decide where the money will go, then dole it out to accounts. Can you imagine the way (hopefully) this type of toy could change the way a child thinks about money?? Amazing!

PS- “Now 40% larger!” I could give the manufacturer a hug!”

A piggy bank

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  1. Since you didnt post a link, I believe that is the Money Savvy piggy bank.

    I think that also comes as the Moolah Cow 🙂

  2. This is great. I’m going to buy a couple for my kids. I think it will help make it fun for them. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Wow, kids these days saving money to donate. When I was a wee lad, I never did donate much and yet it looks like it’s the biggest section on this piggy bank. Man, my priorities are all screwed up. I would probably put an “XBOX 360” sticker over the “DONATE” section.

  4. Money Savvy Generation? MSG? Hmm…

    All in all a great idea, except I wouldn’t have donations be such a large category. For god’s sake, if I donated that much out of my paycheck every month, I wouldn’t be able to afford rent.

  5. what really caught my eye was how the “donate” bucket appears larger than the “spend” bucket…

  6. Woah, I didn’t notice that. I guess when you think about it, what do kids really need to spend on?

  7. Imagine how great it would be if most ADULTS thought of money this way! I think kids using this piggy bank could give advice to many adults I know.

  8. This is a good idea in theory and maybe I’m a selfish jerk, but those ratios appear to be very out wack.

    For a kid, they should really be saving and and investing the majority of their money. Spending and donating should be minimal expenses.

    Now maybe once an individual gets older (30-40 yrs. old) and they’re well established they can afford to donate and spend that larger of a portion of their money. But I suppose if you’re 30-40 and you need a bank like this to delegate your spending, you’ve got bigger problems.

  9. The idea is great the only problem being the sizes of the “donate” and “spend sections”. Beside that the piggy bank looks fine and I guess it will draw some attention from the kids.