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A day I have long anticipated

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I am the #2 Google result for “frat boys.” Oh, how proud my parents will be.


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  1. Ummmm, you may want to be more careful with this sort of thing in the future. The #2 result I see from clicking your link is the fratboys.gaypornaccess.com one. You’re #4 from my computer. Not sure why, though!

  2. I’d be more concerned with that, and any possible -tenuous- links with result number 1!

  3. If you want be number 1, act more like number 1.

  4. Before I even looked, I knew the listing that nudged you off the top spot was going to be gay porn… 😉

  5. does google scan your comments for ratings? if so do lots of comments about http://www.fratboys.gaypornaccess.com help or hinder your rating 😉

    but seriously, you’re number 3 on my ratings – my guess is that its something about google remember previous searches ? Obviously this means we’ve all been spending our time previously searching for items like #1 😉

    I think you should start a post on “money porn” – like photos which connotate vast wealth and how it is displayed. Mention & link your frat boy post (and Paris Hilton) and see whether you can make #1. You’ve gotta have goals

  6. If you make the search in quotes you’re not even on the first page right now… But that might not be a bad thing since the first page is quite heavily populated by gay porno.

  7. Any explanation as to WHY you were searching google for “frat boys”?


  8. I’m new to the blog and I like the topics