A behind the scenes look at the tools we use to grow our business

Ramit Sethi

If you follow along with my work, you’ve probably heard me mention the mysterious things that go on behind the scenes at IWT.

Often, people ask about these things, especially about the tools we use to power our business.

For example…

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  • “What systems do you use to create high-quality content?”
  • “How do you improve your conversion rates & sales results?”
  • “What technology and tools do you use to grow your business?”

But I rarely give away this private knowledge to the public — for free.

Until today.

Today, I’m giving you exclusive access to some of the “secret sauces” that’ve helped our business grow through the years.

These are some of the most important things for your online business’ success.

If you get these few things right — no matter what stage your online business is at — you can 10x its growth and reap the rewards for years to come.

These tools and strategies have helped us grow our revenue, year after year:

revenue2009-2014Our revenue growth from 2009-2014

And helped us get dramatically more traffic — which directly led to more profit in our business.

iwtweeklytrafficA snapshot of IWT’s weekly traffic numbers, growing month after month

So if you’ve ever wondered what engines power our traffic, conversions, and sales at IWT, here’s a sneak peek:

5 Free Tools To Boost Traffic, Subscribers & Sales


Below you’ll find some of the exact tools and strategies we use to grow our audience, generate leads, and the exact email scripts we’ve used in a $400,000 product launch.

Since I already use LeadPages, I partnered with them so you could get access to their library of tools and resources, as well.

Together, we’ve built an end-to-end online business bundle to help you grow your audience and get more sales.

All this is free for IWT readers. Just go here to get instant access to the entire collection of resources.

Here’s a snapshot of some of what you’ll get:

  • IWT Insider: The $400,000 Funnel: The exact email scripts and funnel we used to earn more than $400,000 from a single product launch. You can model this same structure for your own business
  • The Facebook Advertising System: A blueprint that walks you through how to get more leads and clients from Facebook…without spending lots of money. This is the same strategy LeadPages uses to get more than 4,000 leads and over 250 paying customers every month
  • An Email List Building Course: A 9-video course showing you the shortest path to growing your email list. You’ll also learn how to turn your readers into paying customers…faster and without making all the typical mistakes

Thanks for being an IWT reader, and I hope you can start applying these 10x insights to your online business today.

Click here to get your free tools and resources →

P.S. If you’ve been an IWT reader for awhile, you know that I’m very selective about the tools and software I recommend. I wouldn’t send you this email or partner with LeadPages if I didn’t actually use and love their software. LeadPages has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars by bringing tons of new leads and paying customers to our business — one the most critical parts of our business success.

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