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7-question survey: Are you spending less because of the economy?

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[Update: This survey is now closed, data to be presented soon]

As I did with my research on gender and finance, I’m going to be collecting original data, analyzing it (with the help of a professional analyst), and presenting it on iwillteachyoutoberich.

Today, take a 7-question survey: Are you spending less because of the economy?

[Update: Oops, it’s actually 9 questions, heh.]

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  1. The economy does not affect my spending, my job and other incomes sources do.

  2. I believe that the economy does alter my family’s spending…
    We have decided to tighten up our discretionary spending so we can put more in savings and investments. An uncertain economic future makes me more comfortable with more personal savings set aside… especially thinking about our two son’s future.

  3. We’ve tightened by bumping the heat down a couple of notches, joined the “Grocery Game” (wife saved $56 yesterday), have begun researching a cheaper alternative to the beach trip we always take in the summer, and have installed CFL’s everywhere.

    I’m looking at installing an on-demand hot water heater, too. They say that 25% of your electric bill goes to heat the hot water.

  4. In your employent question, there was no choice for stay at home mom so I couldn’t answer your survey.

  5. Regarding the employment question, where is the option for “self-employed”?

  6. I think that peoples spending always changes in January. New Years resolutions and trying to fix the overspending done during the holiday season. And the economy is always slow at this time of the year.

    I think that the political scene and media make things feel all doom and gloom.

    When the weather picks up, people will start spending again.

  7. The economy has not changed my spending. I have changed my spending because my goals have changed.

  8. Can I deduct part of my airplane if I also use it for business and how do I determine that usage.

  9. Not so, because I can still spend the same. And maybe if ever things comes worst on our economy thats iI will start tightening my finances