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5-minute video interview: How do you get rich?

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Here’s an interview I did with Piers Fawkes of PSFK last week and I thought you guys might want to check it out. (RSS readers, click here to see the video.)

0:00 — Why I started I Will Teach You To Be Rich (skip this if you’ve already heard it)

0:35 — Do young people really care about money?

1:10 — We feel guilty about our money

1:33 — What people do when they read iwillteachyoutoberich

2:00 — My favorite result when people read this blog

2:15 — What is rich?

2:20 — Can’t people just find this information by going to a bank? (This is where I crack up.)

2:45 — People who just read my site vs. people who take action

3:00 — How I scale iwillteachyoutoberich, monetization, and a little about PBwiki

3:55 — “The voice of 10,000” to scale beyond just one person

4:50 — Why it’s more important to spread the word about personal finance than to make money right now

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  1. Perhaps add an entry for 0:54?:

    0:35 — Do young people really care about money?
    0:54 — Assuptions of racial prejudices of those young people.

  2. Nice video. Young people tend to only care about what is happening in their lives today. You do seem start changing when they have to pay their own bills and then they realize at there is more month then there is money.

  3. Nice short interview.

    @Mark, I agree that many people have a whole new world opened to them when mommy and daddy cut them off. It’s a guilty pleasure but I can think of a few people I’d like to see it happen to. 🙂

  4. I love the idea, one voice for 10,000, we think alike in so many ways. Liked the interview, looking forward to the future. -Debt Free Hispanic

  5. Interesting comments in the interview. You guys would all love John Assaraf’s new business book “The Answer” … talks about how to change your mentality to become successful… … Thanks for the great interview!

  6. Never bring up race unless you’re making fun of your own race.

  7. Hehe, new readers..
    Jeff, and anyone else, HE IS INDIAN!
    Another thing that makes me question your intelligence, is that he’s not even making fun of them.. He’s complimenting them, and even suggesting that they have a stronger sense of value, in multiple forms..
    Ok, I feel superior now. My job here is done.

  8. Jeff is Indian and looks cute in the interview *hehehehe*. Anyway, I love the idea of what he’s said about a common voice for 10,000.

    Ramit: You’re doing a great job! Just found this site from alltop


  9. Brian,
    As you question my intelligence, I feel the need to reply…
    The stuff later in the interview about Indians having famous negotiation skills rests just fine with me, even though I’ve not heard of that stereotype before but it seems a harmless one.

    This quote is from 0:54 : “we’re not necessarily interested in learning from some old white dude”.
    It’s that single word ‘ white’ in that sentence which makes me believe when he is deciding to listen to people he pays attention to their race (and age) in preference to their experience.

    – K

  10. Love the interview!

    Short and sweet, but packed with lots of great perspective.

    Keith, am I perplexed by your comment. Do you mean that Ramit makes an assumption that young people are prejudiced against old white males? Last time I checked, the overwhelming, vast majority of experts on the topic of finance fall into this category. I don’t see this as prejudiced at all, just fact.

    Ramit, I am totally with you on wide reach vs. exclusivity. To me personally, that feels so much better.

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and the IWTYTBR book comes out in Jan? Why didn’t you tell me? I need to work on the Oprah connection. 🙂