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4-minute video of me talking about personal-finance startups

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A while back, I attended FinovateStartup 2008, a conference on personal-finance startups. While I was walking around. I met the Wisebread guys and they pulled me into a side room to interview me with some off-the-cuff questions. So here’s the video!

Ramit Sethi at Finovate Startup ’08Click here for funny video clips

:08 — “What do you think of all these new personal finance services?”
:45 — “Does this Web 2.0 social media approach work with finance?”
1:04 — “If you launched your own personal finance startup, what would it look like?”
2:15 — “Best advice for a new investor?”
3:04 — “Is that an invitation to email you?”
3:14 — “Your worst financial habit?”
3:31 — Besides Mint, what other personal-finance services do you like?
3:49 — “Last bit of advice for Wisebread readers?”

Also, check out 39 videos of the personal-finance startups that presented that day.


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  1. no sound on the video

  2. Jeff, I just re-checked and the audio works fine. Can you check the audio on your side?

  3. Works fine.

    Question, Ramit.. You mentioned Mint and another site, I couldn’t quite pick up the name, something like Wasabay?

  4. @Ben,
    It’s Wesabe — great social aspect to financial aggregation. (http://www.wesabe.com)

  5. Great video!! It’s great to see and hear sound and honest advice. This is my first time stopping by and I totally enjoyed yhis experience!! Thanks!

  6. Great to see you speak!! Video was short and concise, with a lot of good bits of information. It was also nice to see how you comport yourself and not to just rely on static photographs. All around cool. Thanks!

  7. Hahahaha YOU will teach me how to be rich? Man look at you! First get a haircut. Second get some clean clothes. Then ‘teach’…LOL

  8. Abdulah….you should read “The Millionaire Next Door” 🙂

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great interview, and great advice! I particularly enjoyed the last bit of advice – get your information from a number of different sources. So true! I’ve found some of the best plans are actually a combination of several different financial plans. Picking the best aspects from three or four different plans and creating your own is probably the best approach.

  10. Very nice!

    I have the same “bad financial habit”. I’m learning to cook for myself though…. It’s, ah, a work in progress.

  11. Why wasn’t Yodlee mentioned? Mint.com uses Yodlee under the hood. Yodlee has been around for years. It has more features, and no fluff.

  12. good advice. thanks.
    but I still can’t change my spending habits.
    also how do I say no to the kids?