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The 3 easiest ways to make more money

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3 easiest ways to make more money
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In the seemingly infinite universe of ways to make more money, there are really 3 easy ways to make money that are relevant to you.

Learn these and you’ll know 90% of the basic options to make more money.

Most people who say it’s impossible to make more money don’t realize this. Some insist that it’s flat-out undoable, while others take an all-or-nothing approach. “You’re not going to invent the next Google, so what’s the point.” Yet, in reality, there are 3 easy models virtually anyone can use to make more money:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Productizing
  3. Getting a higher salary

Let’s cover them so we can have a shared understanding of how to earn extra money as we go into more detail.

3 Easiest Ways to Make More Money infographic

I’m a big believer in not making things harder than they need to be. Sure, you could embark on a long, frustrating (and probably fruitless) quest to invent “The Next Big Thing” in social media or online gaming. But if you’re looking for the EASIEST and BEST way to make money, most people would be do well to stick to these three models.

The false ideal of originality

Originality is greatly overrated when it comes to earning more. Famous copywriter John Carlton once said that, in marketing, “the pioneers are the ones laying by the side of the road with arrows in their backs.” He’s referring, of course, to the delusional dreamers who thought they were inventing the next hot product but got burned by lack of research. Nobody wanted what these people were selling (no matter how much the creator loved it) and their quests to make more money became huge failures.

Think about it: isn’t that why we see so many reports about companies like Google and Facebook in the first place? Precisely because it’s so rare for people to get rich that way – and so common for people to fail? If creating the next Internet phenomenon were a reliable way to make more money, it wouldn’t be newsworthy!

That’s why these 3 models work so well. Not just because they’re simple, but because they’ve been TESTED by thousands of people before you. You aren’t staking your future on some random scheme that you “hope” will work. Instead, you’re applying your own talents to a proven model – which cuts your risk dramatically.

Which model is best for you?

Your job (now that you know about these 3 models) is to identify which one fits YOU best. Everyone is different. We all have unique circumstances, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in front of us. For example: a college student working at a local grocery store probably isn’t going to negotiate a huge raise…but he could absolutely freelance. Conversely, a recent graduate who is two years into a corporate job is PERFECTLY positioned to negotiate.

The best way to make more money will vary depending on these types of circumstances. In any case, you should now have a much clearer understanding of HOW to make more money. The seemingly endless possibilities that overwhelmed you before are really just variations on the 3 models.

Thanks to Rasteroids for the great design. If you’re looking for a designer, use them!

Next steps to make more money

Now you know the basics. So how do you turn it into a consistent side income of $1,000+/month? Join my private Earn1K insider’s list to find out:

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  1. Hey Ramit, you spelled “generate” with an “m” in the first bubble of “productizing.”

    • No he didn’t. s/he spelt it correctly, get your eyes tested man.

    • Hey Bill, I think it is not letter “m” but it is “n”. Maybe it is on your computer screen, cause sometimes it gone blurred when our eyes where tired.

      By the way, I love points you hit here Ramit. Very detail. Now I know what numbers I am doing right now and it is on number 2. Productizing is a much work at start but when you finish the product, it’s like snow ball effect.


      EVE of BloggerBux

    • this one helped me a lot as amateur i m lol
      nice guides methods to make money without investing a dime

    • Sir I am Ashok Dixit and I want to rich man

    • Vincent joseph Gadacho Link to this comment

      Is the spelling really more important, or the content for the readers?

    • Earn money not Easy but if you can learn our article it,s increase your experience..Than experience make easy way to earn money online.s Are you want to earn money Easily .Plz…visit It,s relay helpful for beginner…………

  2. Ramit, you should consider those of us that work on salary plus earn overtime. With most companies “right-sizing”, asking to take on more responsibility and assignments allows for more hours to be worked, and also looks good in the eyes of management who ultimately control your upwards mobility.

    It has the upside of freelancing and a job, with less downside.

    • Hey guys just for your own info, I think the best and the easiest of all ways to earn online is through watching ads or clicking ads , less work with a strategy and quite good earnings too , they aren’t get rich quick schemes or nonsense typoos but if u learn the strategy you will get good cash for less time , I am working with these sites and roughly I earn like $56 daily, it might not be much but I reached this with no much work really

  3. Nice graphic Ramit and great information. Thanks!

  4. I’m happy for you that your blog and book have done well, Ramit. I own a copy of your book, and I like it. But your blog stopped being fun to read not long after your book came out, or maybe even a little bit before. It’s like it’s lost its soul or something.

  5. Clear and concise. I like it.

  6. Nicely presented!!

  7. I think freelancing is a good idea however unless your skills or portfolio are really good there is a lot of people to compete with, just do a search on elance to see how many graphic designers are out there… Need to have a unique selling point.

    With a bit of research, creativity and work a product like an e-book can be a great way to make money online.

  8. Sexy graphic, well done. I especially like the “most products are a piece of crap, especially online.” Low barriers to entry mean flooded markets. Obviously, someone can combine these strategies to make an income cocktail that gets stronger over time. Future post?

  9. A problem a lot of US freelancers face is competing with people from lower cost countries. One of my best tips for US freelancers is to look for clients who are making enough money to afford to pay for quality.

    If your clients are beginner Internet marketers, they are not going to be able to afford to pay you a lot. However, clients who are already malimg more money can afford to pay for higher quality services.

  10. My goal for 2010 is to beef up my freelance income to half of my office job by December 1.