Ask Ramit: How do you practice improving social skills?

August 30th, 2013

Earlier this week, I was at a dinner party with a few friends. As I was sitting in my usual position of reclining, drinking and telling dirty jokes, I spotted my mortal enemy: an avocado. “Hey,” I asked my friend, “can you show me how to cut an avocado?” Twice this week, I got an avocado sent to me. The ...

Will I raise my future kids as spoiled brats?

August 26th, 2013

Is it really fair that I have a special number I call to get impossible-to-get reservations and concert tickets? Or that I get to cut in line at the airport and Vegas clubs? Or look at this email I got from my bookkeeper: Hi Ramit, I am in the process of setting up an appt for you and XYZ at ...

Be the Expert: What do you say to a partner to help them lose weight?

August 23rd, 2013

All right, today we’re doing a VERY challenging “Be the Expert.” This is the series where you try to take my material, apply it in the real world, and usually end up miserably failing. Then I shake my head and clean house. Here’s the scenario: You’ve been dating your partner for 3.5 years. Man, woman, straight, ...

I’m paying your rent or mortgage for a month

August 19th, 2013

Every so often, I run a fun contest to share part of living a Rich Life. In the past, I’ve given away things like $1,001 cash (Indians always add an extra $1) and 2 round trip tickets anywhere in the USA. Recently, one of my co-workers sent me this recent study showing that over 75% of Americans are ...

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7 things I learned from 9 years of IWT

August 16th, 2013

I’m not a sentimental dude. But this week, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” turns 9 years old, and I’ve been thinking about the last NINE YEARS of writing hundreds of blog posts, thousands of emails, and millions of hilarious jokes. In 2004, I wrote my first blog post. IT IS HORRIBLE! I say that Step #1 ...

New live webcast: “3 game-changing strategies for finding your dream job” (Wed night)

August 12th, 2013

If you want to skip ahead, this Wednesday night I’m giving a live webcast on new strategies to find your Dream Job. RSVP here. Last week, I tweeted these 2 things: “See how stupid my last tweet sounds? Kind of like online nerds who search endlessly for the latest productivity app” Productivity nerds don’t like to hear this, ...

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