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Case Study: “How I Nearly Doubled My Salary as an Introvert”

Last year, an IWT reader named Andre emailed me, asking to write a guest post about overcoming his barriers as an introvert. He was originally going to write about his quest to manage being an introvert -- which a lot of my readers would benefit from -- but the initial drafts were too focused on himself. I passed. In January, ...

Is the 401(k) a failed experiment?

New York Times writer Joe Nocera recently penned an article decrying the 401(k) as a “failed experiment.” As he writes, “...I’m not planning to retire. More accurately, I can’t retire. My 401(k) plan, which was supposed to take care of my retirement, is in tatters. [...] The bull market ended with the bursting of that bubble in ...

Who controls the money in your relationship?

Indian culture is patriarchal in most ways. Yet interestingly, women control the money. Men come home from work and hand their paychecks to the mother of the house. And since multiple generations usually live in one house, the mother has impressive power and collects multiple paychecks, doling out money where appropriate. That’s why I love this email I received ...

Something a lot of my readers need to see

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Case Study: From $0 to $2000 per month in 3 weeks

“I have too many ideas...I’m not sure what to do.” “The idea” is one of the classic barriers that keep people from earning more money: They have too many ideas They have no ideas anyone will pay for Here’s the story of one of my students who overcame analysis paralysis to find a profitable idea in 3 ...

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The 3 Most Effective Ways to Earn More Money

When I went on book tour in 2009, I met readers from all over the country: Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, and all over. I remember meeting them and asking what they wished I wrote more about. The responses surprised me: “Your automation stuff is great,” they said, “but I want to know how to earn more money.” This was the most ...