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What’s easier now than later? Meetpaul Singh responds

Reminder: Last week, I wrote a post called It Never Gets Easier Than Now. This week I'm featuring responses from people I admire on what's easier to do when we're younger. Meetpaul Singh, Stanford BS, MD, and MBA, founder of a healthcare company, and analyst at venture-capital firm MDS Capital, writes: In your early to mid 20s, ignorance is bliss. ...

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What’s easier now than later? Debbie Newhouse responds

Debbie Newhouse, Training Specialist at Google, writes: To sure to take the chance to travel in those "in between" times... just before starting grad school, before you start your first job. Take a few months just for yourself and explore. Don't worry much about the money. You'll have more money later, but you won't have time. Deb (who ...

What’s easier now than later? Mark Hurst responds

Mark Hurst, founder of Creative Good, the premiere user-experience firm, writes: Most things have gotten easier in my 30s, but not stretching. When i was in my 20s i got way into taekwondo - a great experience, by the way - and i could stretch quite easily - sometimes getting to full splits. These days, no chance. I'm sure it's ...

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