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Random links I think are cool

The Carnival of Investing is up. The article about ETrade surprised me. Amazon Credits You New URL: Amazon Credits You. Cool new service: If you buy something from Amazon, enter the info here, and you'll be notified if they reduce their prices within 30 days. How much frugality is too much? Totally agree--except about the shampoo/water thing. Every Indian ...

Minutiae and toothpaste

Spend all day deciding which toothpaste to get? Or...just brush twice a day and floss?

Is it gaudy to post your own Amazon wishlist?

Yes, it is totally unnecessary and gaudy. So here we go!!!!!!!! What does Ramit want for Christmas? Ramit's Amazon wishlist.

Book giveaway winners announced!

We had 19 stories for the "What's the best/worst networking experience you've ever had?" contest. Here are the stories. And here are the winners: I love this first winner because it shows how easy it is to get huge results. Sometimes, all it takes is one email. (And if one doesn't work, send more.) #3, by Scott Andrew: I've ...

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Why is networking a dirty word?

The bottom of this post has a free giveaway. Read on! Everybody hates the word networking. Once, at the dinner table in college, I surveyed 20 people who lived with me. I asked them what they thought of "networking," and 19/20 said they had negative connotations. Networking is sleazy, they said. You can't argue with that. I hate when ...

I’m speaking at MIT tomorrow

I'll be in Boston tomorrow to speak at MIT on personal finance and personal entrepreneurship. If you're in the area, you're welcome to join us. 12/8/05 8:00pm-9:30pm in 4-163 More posting when I get back.