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Here’s how I set up my financial accounts

Ok today I'm going to break down how I've structured my bank accounts. If only that sounded cooler. Anyway, I have 3 main accounts: 1. Wells Fargo Checking account: This is like the inbox of my financial infrastructure--it's where I deposit everything first, then sort it out. My checking account earns no interest, so I move it stuff out of ...

The details are important, but they’re not everything

Do you ever notice how on The West Wing, they say things like "send that to my office" and "take the meeting and fix it"? They don't say "my office is in room 314 and my assistant's name is Donna Moss and her extension is x4685." That's because as we get more experience, we don't worry about logistics as much. ...

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There is nothing so fine as a finely ironed shirt

Apart from my love of Ramen noodles, pens, personal finance, and viral marketing, I have a not-so-secret love of ironing. My goal is to iron the creases so sharply that they'll cut your face. I have been searching for a business model for this skill of mine. Some of my friends suggested putting together a quick Web site showing people ...

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Maybe real estate isn’t such a good investment

One of my favorite things is reading an article that takes some fundamental assumption we all make, calmly demolishes it with data and statistics, and then handily concludes like Jackie Chan would after beating someone's ass. Last week, the NYTimes ran such an article. The housing boom of the last five years has made many homeowners feel like very, very ...

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