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WSJ: Teaching your kids about money

Ever wonder how to raise your kids if you have money? Here's tomorrow's WSJ personal-finance article--and a question for you. (more…)

One step closer to a free flight: How to negotiate with airlines

I fly to New York pretty often and I almost always take JetBlue. On top of being cheap and having a great customer experience, you get bonus points for booking online that translate into a free flight pretty soon. But I had a problem with my flight points last time. Here's how I got it fixed. (more…)

How mutual funds make tons of money for themselves, not you

Just because mutual funds are popular doesn't mean they're the right choice for everyone. In fact, there's a lot of trickery surrounding the entire industry. (more…)

Things I treat as investments, not spending

A lot of people are really cheap. They'd rather not spend $1 than spend $1 knowing they'll make $5 back. That's not smart. On the other hand, smart people know they should treat certain expenses as investments, not discretionary spending. Another way to look at is that it's ok (even preferred) to spend money on anything where you'll make a ...

My Free Insider's Kit will show you how to earn more money

A new IWillTeachYouToBeRich! is totally revamped starting today! You'll now be able to post comments (even on old posts), easily see articles by category (see the Table of Contents), and not be blinded by the ugliness of my old site. One quick note: I worked with Kamil Pelka from Helldesign and had an EXCELLENT experience. If you have any design projects, ...

WSJ: Americans fail to plan for retirement

From yesterday's Wall Street Journal: "The study, by Prudential Financial Inc., found that seven out of 10 Americans are more concerned with near- and midterm goals -- paying bills, buying computers, making home improvements -- than saving for retirement." (more…)