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The Secret History of the Credit Card

Here's a great Frontline documentary by PBS: Secret History of the Credit Card Check out the interviews if you get a chance.

Socially responsible investing

When it comes to mutual funds--and index funds to some extent--there are thousands and thousands of options. A wise man once wrote this: can pick a mutual fund of almost any imaginable type, based on many factors (e.g., risk, return, sector, geographic area of investment, etc). For example, you could invest in a value fund, an emerging-markets fund, ...

Innovations in research on spending and popcorn

Hmm...sometimes it IS worth it! In the varieties popped, the percentage of unpopped kernels ranged from 4 percent in premium brands to 47 percent in the cheaper ones. CNN reports on groundbreaking innovation in the home popcorn market: Scientists solve unpopped popcorn

How to really read a finance report

Check this out: I'm going to add a little skepticism to the many, many articles that are floating around the Internet right now, bemoaning the condition of stocks and the market in general. Background: Lots of companies are reporting their earnings and, combined with inflationary worries and a possibly slowing market, everyone is throwing their hands up in worry. Everyone ...

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Emails like this make it 100% worth it

Hi Ramit, I stumbled upon your website a few months ago and have so far benefited immensely from your writings. I am 20 and have been earning a decent living since I was 17, but always managed to live from paycheck to paycheck. Recently I've turned things around and have been mercilessly attacking my old spending habits. I setup a ...

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You aren’t good at picking mutual funds!

Remember when I wrote about how foolish actively managed mutual funds are in most cases? (Link: Don't some active mutual funds beat index funds?) I've also written broadly about mutual funds: All about mutual funds (more…)