My class at MIT

January 31st, 2005

I had a great time teaching my 1-hour class at MIT last week. Here are some pictures and things I noticed... (more…)

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How to lose money every single day with your bank account

January 12th, 2005

Having a savings account at your bank is a good start. But did you know that you're actually losing money by keeping your savings there? (more…)

Quicken vs. MS Money? It doesn’t matter!

January 12th, 2005

My friend Ian sent me this email a while back about which program was better, Quicken or MS Money. (more…)

All about mutual funds

January 04th, 2005

Most adults in America invest in some kind of mutual fund. They’re an easy, hands-off way to buy and diversify part of your portfolio. But there are costs to handing off your investment decisions to someone else. Here I’ll cover the basics of mutual funds, the secret most investors don’t know, and what fund I invest in. ...

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