2 startup jobs (engineer and product manager) + $2,000 in referral bonuses

Ramit Sethi · April 1st, 2008

My startup is hiring! If you’re interested in working at a Silicon Valley startup, read on…

Last week, I wrote about life at the startup I co-founded, PBwiki. We’re based in San Mateo, CA (near San Francisco) and offer free lunches, free espresso, 32895123 energy drinks, stock options, and more. See more about life at PBwiki.


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We’re hiring two positions, with some special perks:

  • $1,000 referral bonus. If you refer us someone that we eventually hire, we’ll pay you $1,000 in cash. Hell, if you’re in the Bay Area, I’ll even deliver it myself. Refer yourself if you want! Or send this post to your friends. (The person has to stick around PBwiki for at least six months.)
  • $1,000 for a K-12 classroom. If we hire someone from the iwillteachyoutoberich post, we’ll also donate $1,000 to a US-based classroom for supplies or a special project. And we’ll include your name in the press release/announcement.
  • We’ll pay for your moving expenses. We’ll pay relocation expenses for extraordinary candidates (we once shipped 3 cats from the East coast). So if you’re not in the Bay Area, don’t worry.

I wrote earlier about how well things are going at PBwiki.

So, if you’re interested in working at a startup, read on…

* * *

Product Manager

Have you ever used a breathtakingly simple and clean web application, and immediately started wondering how it was built? Did you start calculating the tradeoffs in the product and guess at the future product roadmap?

If so, we’d like to talk to you.

The product manager is a senior part of the PBwiki team who works to define what the product should include. In other words, the product manager collects inputs from the executive team, marketing, sales, support, and engineering to define the scope of PBwiki. S/he will also be customer-focused, communicating and collecting user requests and understanding key customer pain points. And the product manager will understand the competitive landscape to build a better product.

The ideal Product Manager will be deeply familiar with SaaS environments and their unique properties, have a technical background, have experience in startup-style environments, understanding how to sketch out storyboards of feature implementations in conjunction with Engineering, and ideally even be able to bang out crude prototypes. Preference will be given to candidates with 3+ years experience in Product Management.

Send us your resume today. Include links to webapps you’ve helped build, including any screenshots and process documents you used.

* * *

Web Engineer

What makes us tick? We love building useful tools for the web. We develop new features on Monday, and deploy it to hundreds of thousands of real users by Friday.

What makes you tick? We want you to be energetic, full of ideas, know what a wiki is, and enjoy working with a small team of brilliant people. You should thoroughly understand web technologies. You know how to prototype things and quickly make them real with XHTML, Javascript/AJAX, CSS, and/or PHP.

Send us your resume today! Please use your cover letter to either provide a URL to a web app you’ve built ground-up, or describe a project of yours that would impress us.

To apply to this position, send your resume to Be sure to replace the “404” with the correct HTTP status code for “OK”.

If you have any questions about these positions, leave a comment here and I’ll reply ASAP.

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  1. Keonne Rodriguez

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m a long time reader of this blog… and I am considering applying.

    My question is living in California is very expensive. Will the compensation package be competitive and concurrent with the cost of living in California. I ask because I know this is a start-up and money might be tight.

    Look forward to my application tonight.


  2. Ramit Sethi

    Keonne, great question. Yes, the compensation is extremely competitive for extraordinary candidates.

  3. Keonne Rodriguez

    Ramit, Thanks for the quick reply.

    I will be sending my application tonight.

    PS – Nice touch with the HTTP status code 😉

  4. Stephanie @ PoorerThanYou

    Oh hey, I referred someone to PBWiki who was hired just a few months ago…

    Guess I should have waited! 😉

  5. Ramit Sethi

    Stephanie, who’d you refer?

  6. I Will Teach You To Be Rich » Life at a Silicon Valley Startup: PBwiki

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  7. Stephanie @ PoorerThanYou

    Ramit –

    I referred Brian Kirchoff, from an email I got asking if I knew anyone at my school who might be interested in the job. He just started yesterday and seems really happy to be there – so either way, I’m glad I could connect him to you guys!

  8. Ramit,

    It is great to hear about PB Wiki, but I read your blog for the financial advice not the job postings. With so much activity in the economy as of late and you having been on vacation recently I thought you would have a ton of entries informing me what wise decisions I could make with my money. I would love an entry about how the Fed’s recent interest rates cuts have actually helped those in debt while hurting those of us who do our best to save diligently (or something of the like, my ING rate is dropping so quick it makes that 3.5% CD from 6 months ago look like a real winner).

    I think your blog is great and i check it daily, and between it and Get Rich Slowly I have found tons of information on how a 23 year old recent college grad can stay out of debt and stay on the right course to financial security. Thanks again.


  9. Saravanan

    Hi Ramit,

    I am interested in working part time for you. I would be glad if you can mail me your mail id so that I can mail you my details. Since my profile and the one that you are looking for does not match at all I am requesting you this. But still I look forward to work with you guys..

    Hope you respond back to me.. Eagerly waiting for your reply..


  10. I don’t fit those profiles, but I really like how they are worded.

  11. credit addict

    Heh. I love the http code ‘riddle’ in the e-mail address. Nothing like throwing a small barrier in there, huh?

  12. Sebastian

    Do you also pay relocation expenses when moving from Germany? 😉

    It might also help PBWiki to enter the German market.

    Would you also support people who are looking to achieve a Master’s degree in a part-time program?

  13. Ramit Sethi

    Yes, we’ll pay moving expenses from anywhere (for exceptional people), but these are only fulltime positions.

  14. Sebastian

    I know about the fulltime positions, but that is how I got my bachelor degree. Having a part-time program next to a full-time job as marketing and product manager.

  15. Ramit Sethi

    Ah, I understand — sorry for not reading clearer. Unfortunately, we won’t financially support a master’s degree, but we may be able to offer a flexible schedule for your classes.

  16. I will apply tonight itself 🙂

  17. PBwiki Entry-Level Jobs | One Day, One Job

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  18. Phil Bundy

    Hi Ramit,

    I am a frequent visitor and love your work!

    I am referring Aaron Brazell, the author of and former Director of Technology at b5media, a network of blogs. He is an exceptional person with amazing technology and personal skills. I have sent your telephone number and email address at to him. If you wish to contact him directly, please visit his blog or reply to me for contact info.

    Good luck!

  19. Yogesh

    I m woking as a software Developer (in c++) Wih a MNC in India from last Five months .Can i apply for any position?

  20. Johnson Kang

    Hey Ramit,

    I’m currently a sophomore at Cornell University, and I am currently looking for a summer internship this summer. I’m not exactly sure if you have an internship position available open. But I’m willing to apply as an unpaid intern just to gain some startup experience.

    I have recently (August 2007) started my own company, SunKissed Financial Corp to help other college students start up their own companies. I would like to take this opportunity this summer to gain more experience regarding startups.

    Please let me know if an internship is possible at PBwiki this summer. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  21. Hey Ramit,

    I know this coder, a freelancer, who is very good. Is there more information I can give him before he submits his resume? Any details regarding the pay?