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$105 million in one day?

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Found on Reddit a while ago:

Insider Filings – GATES WILLIAM H III (Microsoft)

16-Nov-06 1,000,000 MSFT Sale at $29.20 – $29.54 per share.
(Proceeds of about $29,370,000)

15-Nov-06 1,000,000 MSFT Sale at $29.11 – $29.35 per share.
(Proceeds of about $29,230,000)

14-Nov-06 1,000,000 MSFT Sale at $29.07 – $29.4 per share.
(Proceeds of about $29,235,000)


3-Aug-05 3,874,126 MSFT Sale at $26.92 – $27.37 per share.
(Proceeds of about $105,163,000)

See the full schedule/amounts of Bill Gates’s stock sales here.

PS–Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Bill does this every quarter, cashing in typically $100-200 million. I suspect some of that may be on behalf of his foundation as well.

  2. Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

    Officer 59,764,325 Indirect Sale at $49.14 per share. $2,936,818,930

  3. That must be on the days he ran out of toilet paper. Hey, what else is a filthy rich man supposed to do?

  4. The number is just mind numbing but the fact that he can sell a million shares or even a couple million without causing panic in the share price means that he has so much more that he can’t possibly sell it fast enough. I wish I had his problem.

  5. It’s interesting to see it this way: we all know Bill Gates has billions and billions of dollars but it gets hard to grasp.
    But think about that: if he were to give you only one percent of *one* of these transactions, you would be set for some time…
    Whereas one percent of what I make in one month can pay you a reasonable dinner but not much more… 🙂

    And he still has 934 of these million-share transactions waiting!

  6. Looks like some one is really running out of ideas for a blog post!

  7. Heh, you really think that?

  8. Yup, I do. I remember I used to be excited every morning to read your blog but I don’t any more. I think the last good post was Save money, impress girls..something like that & its been a few weeks since that post. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude!

  9. Ramit,

    Some constructive criticism, based on some negative comments I’ve read here recently and the content in recent posts:

    1. The “Car Debacle” multiple-post story should likely have been written as one post, once all the back-and-forth email between the parties had ended. But the story had good advise on not being a dumbass.

    2. The two posts following the Car Debacle were basically welcoming readers from other sites… no real content.

    3. Then came a post about your archives and font size, again, no real content.

    4. Then, a few posts later (after some good content/questions from readers), you throw out a dangling carrot about your newsletter.

    5. This post, about Bill Gates, although interesting, provides no helpful information for the average Joe.

    I think people want to see more “what can we do to sharpen our personal finance skills” and less “here’s what’s coming up soon”.

    Personally, I’ve rather enjoyed the recent “here’s what I’d do if…” posts, because they’ve generated numerous comments that have been though inspiring and entertaining.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the unconstructive criticism get you down.

  10. I’d bet if you started reposting some of your old posts, a lot people wouldn’t even notice. How about the one where you talk about why you don’t crank out posts? Ah, nostalgia. That was like almost an entire year ago!Those were such simpler times.