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$1,001 Contest Winner (and Twitter posts)

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We have a winner!

Congratulations to J. Money, the winner of my “How would you spend $1,001?” contest.

Here’s how he said he’d spend the cash:

  1. The first thing I’d do is dump $500 of it into our baby’s 529 college fund.  Which we have yet to still open, haha… though I reckon this would certainly help speed up the process! 😉  And I feel like $500 is a nice solid number to plop in for all future months too, but we’ll see how business and life continues… no matter what we’ll be putting in *something* every month!
  2. Then we’d use $300 for a nice trip out to a bed and breakfast somewhere in wine country, Virginia.  Every year we try and do this for our anniversary, and those things are always so expensive in the time frames we want to go (mid to late May). It would be awesome if we got this year’s trip covered for completely!
  3. Then another $200 towards charities of my friends’ choice (since I don’t really connect with any myself).  I’ve gotten pretty bad lately of donating money or giving time to any charities now that our own wrapped up in December, so this would be a great way to get back into the good habit of it all again.  I miss not having a place I believed in 100% 🙁
  4. And the last $1.00 would go to a new lottery ticket! (In May, of course ;)) I figured if I got lucky enough to win this $1,001 in the first place, I should probably try and extend my good fortune!

And a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the word. I’m mixing up some more crazy social experiments, so you’ll have more chances to win soon.

Some interesting links for your Friday…

Each day, I post short insights on about psychology, testing, personal finance, investing, the best links I’ve found, and stupid people.

You won’t find these on my blog.

Here are a few of my favorite recent tweets:


Teller, of Penn & Teller, reveals how magicians manipulate the human mind: Mar 21 16:53:11 via Timely by Demandforce


The man who broke Atlantic City, with some fascinating insights about how top bettors get advantages others don’t get: Mar 15 13:32:16 via Timely by Demandforce


Uh this might be my favorite YouTube video ever. How did I never see this before? Mar 06 18:50:52 via Timely by Demandforce


“‘We Wish Like Hell We Had Never Bought’: Voices from the Housing Crisis” — Mar 05 19:59:12 via Timely by Demandforce


“The best nanny money can buy.” This nanny earns $180K/year: Mar 21 15:50:09 via Timely by Demandforce


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  1. Congrats J. Money!

  2. Congratulations to J. Money. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy–at a better time. When J. Money wins, everybody wins:)!

  3. I’ve got to point out some irony here:

    “You won’t find these on my blog” – posts favorite tweets on blog

  4. Michael Guzman Link to this comment

    Congrats, very creative.

  5. Is it creative? Most people chose only one thing, he put all together. I expected something more creative.