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10 things about yourself that would surprise you

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What would happen if you tracked these things?

1. How much $ you spend per month
2. How long you spend talking to your family per month
3. How much time you spent working on the thing you say is your “passion” last month
4. How far you walk every day
5. How much you read NOT from a computer
6. How much time you spend organizing your life (bills, etc)
7. How many calories you eat per day
8. How much time you actually work at work
9. How much time you spend watching TV per month
10. Which of your goals you accomplished last year

(Thanks to Kimen for her ideas on this.)

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  1. Ouch.

    I’m already surprised with the 2 things I started tracking this month (1 and 4, if you’re interested).

    Ramit, this list hurts. It cuts to the quick, because these are the things we’re SUPPOSED to be paying attention to.

    So, what the heck ARE we paying attention to?

  2. That is a good set of questions. I need to look at #7 for myself and suggest #11: How much time per week you exercise or have real physical activity

  3. Ramit – Those are terrific questions to ask oneself.

    I am going to create a small subset of questions that I would ask myself everyday before going to bed.

  4. You mean other than feeling disappointed? Definitely good questions to use for the future…

  5. I’d be curious as to how much I work at home to turn #8 around a bit;)

  6. My #11 would have to be, “How many times while reding this list of questions did you realize you’re a lazy, slacker?”

  7. Don’t be disappointed!

    As this site is aimed at young people, I am sure many readers will feel gloomy on reading these questions. That’s natural. These questions focus on things we should all be working on. But don’t worry, you’ll naturally get better at these things as you get older. At least, you will if you work on them.

  8. 1. Started using Quicken last month, and that hurts!
    2. I e-mail my mother constantly if that counts? Otherwise, not much
    3. Several things are my passion, and I spend several hours each week on all of them
    4. I walk to and from class and work, probably a mile or so a day
    5. Very little, maybe a book a month
    6. A few hours per month, probably 5?
    7. Don’t care, its more about the ratio of calories consumed to calories used
    8. No comment
    9. 15 Hours or so
    10. Not sure I set any goals? I did what I wanted to do.

    Now I know you didnt really need us to answer all of the questions and post them here, but I figured if I did it, maybe someone else would follow suite and actually do it.

  9. 1. I have an excel spreadsheet called Monetary Control – I’ve been keeping it for 3 years now.
    2. Maybe 5 hours on the whole. I don’t really care to extend it beyond that.
    3. 100 hours, maybe.
    4. Not far. I spend many hours a week dancing though.
    5. 2-3 hours a week.
    6. An hour every two weeks (when I get paid).
    7. I certainly don’t care about that. I look & feel wonderful.
    8. Four hours probably. Maybe if they gave me more work, I could actually spend longer at it.
    9. Zero.
    10. All of them. I have one goal, to enjoy my life. I reach it every year.

  10. Awesome. I blogged about your post too.

    My life is extremely disorganized right now – at least I feel so very much. Hope these questions will clear it up significantly…