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I was giving a talk in Boston recently and I made a joke that nobody has ever accused me of being humble [laughter]…but I was humble enough to know I’m wrong at least 50% of the time.

And the only way I can figure that out is to TEST my theories.

For example, Aziz Ansari and Chris Rock do this before they ever record a huge comedy showcase. They go to out-of-the-way comedy clubs, trying different jokes on different audiences. (Aziz even specifically tests certain jokes on certain audiences. Recently, he’s been filtering his audience to have a set amount of single people, plus a set amount of people in relationships, to see how different audiences react to relationship jokes. Fascinating.)

Why do I focus on testing so much? Because you can get huge wins from small tests.

Even the words you use every day could be tweaked for a 10x result. Like, how do you introduce yourself? What do you say when someone says, “What do you do?” (What if I could show you how changing a few words around would make their eyes light up…or get bored, say, “Oh, that’s nice,” and wander over to the celery?)

To help, I put together a free mini-ebook on testing that you can download today.

More Life Hacks

(In fact, last year, I put together an ebook called 15 Little Life Hacks that Could Change Your Life. It was so popular that I’m launching the sequel to it today.)

You don’t have to pay me a cent. It’s a free download because I wanted you to learn about some of my favorite tests. And as a special thank-you for reading my material, I went out of my way to get the help of some of my best friends, who shared their own tests:

Here’s the lineup:

Inside, you’ll find how these experts used testing to cut back on snacking…follow up on to-do items…master the 15-minute nap…save $30,000 on a graduate degree…and much more.

This took my team over 100 hours (and several thousand dollars) to do, but I wanted to share it as a gift to you for being a part of the IWT community.

All I ask is that you tell me your best test, and if you like it, share the ebook with your friends. (No annoying DRM or anything — just forward it to them if they’d like it.)

Click here to get your copy, free.

I’m also giving away a $500 gift card if you download the ebook and tell me your best test or “life hack” here:


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